Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A chill in the air...

Well, we are now down in Mt Gambier, South Australia and enjoying a week off with Greg's family. I thought if I can't update on holidays, when else am I doing anything interesting..?

We arrived in Melbourne on Saturday morning after leaving Brisbane at 6am at probably 16/18 degrees. Two hours later, in Melbourne it was a lovely and mild 8 degrees! My type of weather!! However, the cold down here is so different to 8 degrees in Brisbane. The air is so crisp and so cold, not like the humidity we get in Brisbane, making everything that bit warmer. Still, its a nice change from sweating! Was quite a strange sight to see everyone in Melbourne airport rugged up in coats and scarves!! Much to say, we needed a change in clothes when we got in... fishing through the suitcases for jackets and a change of shoes for me out of my thongs! LOL... Has surely been a stretch of my maternity wardrobe trying to keep warm... most of my normal coats don't cover my belly (don't do up) and I only have one pair of long pants and no socks.... lol.... good thing this house is heated inside!

So far we've done a lot of relaxing really. Not a great deal of sight-seeing or anything just yet. Today is my MILs b'day (and Anzac Day) so I don't think we'll do a lot today.. and we're having famil;y around for dinner tonight. We bought a yummy scrummy jaffa mudcake - I can't wait to try that - makes my mouth water just thinking of it.

It's lovely and sunny outside today, so we may have to make the most of that and do a walk around the Blue Lake or a photography excursion to the cemetry just up the road. Cemetries are most interesting to walk around - but during the day, thank you!! The Blue Lake in Mt Gambier is just that - a brilliant blue colour that you wouldn't imagine to see from a natural body of water. It is an old volcano and I believe the limestone or something makes the water that colour. Its best around November, but even now its still a nice rich dark blue, rather than the normal browny poo colour of lakes in Qld!!

Tomorrow we are venturing into some caves about 30 mins away... there are a few around, so we'll have to sus out which ones will be more appropriate for me in my 'condition', but I'm hoping the steps at the big one aren't too steep coz it has the best things to see and take photos of!!

Friday afternoon we leave Mt Gambier and fly back to Melbourne. Unfortunately we're only going to be there for 2 nights and one day, plus a little on Sunday morning, so I'm desperately trying to cram everything and everyone I want to see into that time!! It will be a very busy, running-around couple of days. Friday night we will going for dinner with my cousins who we are staying with... then Saturday we are going to the zoo and I'm possibly meeting some of the scrapping girls (Tam and Lou - boo hoo, Brookie can't come anymore) or a friend who moved down there recently. Sat night will probably be dinner at my aunt and uncle's house. Sunday morning may be breakfast with the scrapping girls (if we can all come Sun morning) or with my formerly mentioned other friend. Then we fly out on Sunday at mid-day. Goodness! Kinda wish we'd left here on Thursday now, just to give us a bit more time in Melbourne!! But it will still be great to see whoever I can!

Will uplaod some pics from our trip when we return. Surely with taking lots of pics, I can get some updated ones of my growing belly huh... can you believe there's only a little over 4 weeks left till we have a baby!! Can't wait to meet him/her.

Well, take care, might update again soon. Hope those of you who have today off work are enjoying the time with your family :)

Nat xx

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easy update...

I'm going to cheat with the long rattling-on update of what's been happening in my life, by only filling out this little questionnaire I found on Tam's site - thanks Tam :)

10 Favorites
Favorite Color: pink or brown or teal
Favorite Food: at the moment I'm really enjoying marinated chicken wings :)
Favorite Month: May because it will be my b'day and Bubby's due date!
Favorite Song at the moment: Cry out for Jesus, but Third Day
Favorite Movie: Love Actually
Favorite Sport: if any, basketball
Favorite Season: late Autumn
Favorite Day of the week: Sunday
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: choc-mint or choc-orange
Favorite Time of Day: probably morning

9 Currents
Current Mood: a little sleepy, I should have stayed in bed a bit longer...
Current Taste: coffee (what kind of 'taste' does that qn entail anyway??)
Current Clothes: pink 'too-small coz its not maternity' nightie
Current Desktop: me, pregnant belly @ 7 months... need an update of my family pic though I think :)
Current Toenail Color: nothing, I don't own any polish!
Current Time: 8.35am
Current Surroundings: very VERY messy study
Current Thoughts: coffee top-up time

8 Firsts
First Best Friend: can't remember primary school, but Mel in highschool, for about 5 years.
First Kiss: My first boyfriend in grade 9 as far as I remember...
First Screen Name: don't remember
First Pet: dog Terra
First Piercing: ears
First Crush: Don't know! Probably some boy when I was 5.
First CD: Michael Jackson - Dangerous... heehee...

7 Lasts
Last Cigarette: probably not in about a year
Last Drink: Cruiser Ice a couple of nights ago
Last Car Ride: home from work yesterday afternoon (how exciting!)
Last Kiss: hubby, last night
Last Movie Seen: Harry Potter (latest one, can't relelber what its called!)
Last Phone Call: to Mum last night
Last CD Played: probably NewsBoys or Black Eyed Peas

6 Have You Evers
Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Guy/Girl Friends: Didn't really date but kinda fooled around a little...
Have You Ever Broken the Law: Only speeding fines - havne't had one for a couple of years though
Have You Ever Been Arrested: No
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: I don't think so
Have You Ever Been on TV: Yes, on Agro's Cartoon Connection as a kid, and on Extra when I did Work Experience there when I was 17.
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: Yes

5 Things
Thing You're Wearing: glasses
Thing You've Done Today: eaten breakfast
Thing You Can Hear Right Now: air-conditioner and computer
Thing You Can't Live Without: my family
Thing You Do When You're Bored: read or watch TV

4 Places You've Been today
1. to the toilet - and that's about it so far! lol
2. PLANNING to do today - work & easter egg shopping

3 People You Can Tell Anything To
1. God
2. Greg

2 Choices
1. Black or White: black
2. Hot or Cold: cold - weather that is, so I can rug up and be warm, not sweaty

1 Thing You Want to Do Before You Die
See my children grow up