Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Prayers for my Mum...

To all those who pray, or whatever you might do, can you please have my Mum in your prayers, thoughts etc, today and tomorrow...

Mum is going back into hospital for an elective surgery to try and fix a few things that haven't healed properly from her ordeal in June.

So its a kinda scary thing, after what happened last time. I know how *freak* that accident was then, but I just ask you pray for guidance and direction for the surgeons, and that Mum feels the awesome power of God and His comfort and angels around her as she goes into hospital today.

Would also love you to consider my Dad especially and my family in your prayers. Dad was very stressed out last time, and I can only imagine how he must be feeling deep down this time (although he hasn't let anything on to Mum, which is probably good)... probably a little scared... so I just ask for God's angels to wrap their arms around him too, and for him to feel peace.

And my little sis is home now. She was away for everything that happened last time.. so I just ask for prayers for her too...

Nat xx

Monday, November 27, 2006

Babies everywhere!

For a moment there, I thought I was going to have this pregnancy to myself. By to myself, I mean, not sharing it with any friends - with Eli, I was sharing my pregnancy (down to a few weeks) with my friends Erica and Karen. So far now, I have two friends due in Jan and Feb, but still that's the majority of my pregnancy to myself.... however yesterday at church, some other friends announced that they are expecting #5, she is due 19 July, so there's 3 weeks difference....

And this morning my good friend Hayley, whom I've been friends with from uni for the last 5 years told me her and her boyf are expecting #1.... she is due around the 29 July... (this is me and Hails)

So it seems I will be pregnant with two good friends. A good thing though coz we can share stories etc and have little babies at the same time too. Thankfully also, my baby is due first again, yes... no way I want to be heavily pregnant, uncomfortable etc when close friends 'get rid' of their load! heehee

So congrats to Melinda and Hayley. They don't read my blog, I don't think, but anyways!

P.S. Was so great to see my sister yesterday, but strangely enough, having her thre just fel so normal that it didn't seem like she's been gone for 9 or 10 months... Roast was good too... yummm...

Have a fantastic day!
Today I'm having lunch at the shops with my Mum and both sisters, this will be something we have not done in a realllllly long time, so will be great! And I might do a spot of Christmas shopping if I can.

Nat xx

Sunday, November 26, 2006

So excited!!

As I type, my sister is now BACK IN THE COUNTRY! Can't WAIT to see her today! It's been 10 long months without seeing my baby sister, and she will get to meet her little nephew today too!

No doubt she'll have terrible jetlag (30 hours on a plane, yuck!) so I think Mum's gonna let her sleep a few hours this morning, then we are going over this arvo to see her! Apparently I heard Mum is making roast tonight, and as yet, we haven't been invited to stay for dinner, but that's gonna change! How rude! I'll giver her a call when they get home from airport... I don't mind making vegies or what-have-you to accompany... mmmm... roast....

So stay tuned for some photos of my wonderful sister and us, soon.

In other little news tid-bits, I got a couple of new clothes yesterday - yaya, sooo needed. Had a looky at the maternity stuff, but seeing as I'm not 'showing' yet (well no more than my already fat gut, hehe) I just look terribly fat in them, so will wait till the new year when showing a little... But I got one top that is super long (in the 'tunic' type style that's popular, so will be able to wear that in my pregnancy anyway, and a cute black dress, for wearing to Xmas party, Elijah's dedication and maybe Christmas day too... and its got room for belly to grow too...

We put up the gate and staircase barriers yesterday, so we're all ready for Eli to crawl now - he won't fall down the stairs! Its not overly pretty, with masonite and big ugly clamps at the top, but it was the cheapest option and with only 4 weeks till Xmas (and not much of the shopping done) we need to save as much $$ as we can... maybe we'll find another option in Jan, or just put up with it!

Greg and I watched 'Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Mans' Chest' last night... what is with that ending? Obviously they're making the next one! Still good flick though - I really enjoy these ones, funny, good eye candy and some adventure too!

So, off to church today. Greg now has every Sunday off work, so that is so great! He's been on the sound desk the last 2 weeks, so will be good to get to sit with him and friends today.

Thought I better do a 'thankful' list, it's been a while.. today I'm thankful for:

1. My sister coming home!!
2. Family
3. Greg having Sundays off - yay!
4. That I'm mostly over morning sickness
5. Going to church to worship my God - love Sundays!

Have a great day all xxx

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Jaidyn's birthday

Well, I really meant to post this on Monday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday, you get the picture. So now my boy is 6! I can hardly believe it. Where did 6 years go? How did he get SO BIG? Where did my baby go? I guess a Mummy's gotta let em grow up some time, but I do still like to baby him *sometimes*... a Mum's priveledge?

So he had a super fun couple of days for his birthday and got spoilt rotten of course. His birthday was actually Monday, but on Sunday we went over to Mum and Dad's for an afternoon tea, with my Gran and Pop too, and Jaidyn's other grandparents. He got so many things. Yay! Keeping him busy this week and outta my hair!

(We've been playing Guess Who EVERY afternoon after school this week. Thankfully he's gone to Nana's for a sleepover so SHE can play it with him... good game though, loved it when I was a kid...)

We let him have one of our presents one day early, a really cool Pirates of the Carribean costume. At first he was a little unsure of it (silly boy!) and didn't want to try it on, but after he had a swim he put it on and boy did he look swarve! Just look at this little man:

I had all sorts of problems with the cake! Eek, I'm just NOT a cake mum! LOL... I made two (coz we were going to ajdust the hat to be a bandana instead) but when cutting it, it all crumbled. So I chucked a little tantrum, threw the cake (onto the bench) and called Greg in tears. So wonderful DH came to the rescue and said he would do the cake. Now really it was only the whole cutting it bit that I dread, can't do, hate! So Greg managed to cut the circle cake into a pirate hat and head, and he also iced it too, then I helped with the lolly decorations - easy bit! We were actually quite happy with how it came out... this is as good as they get in this household!

On Monday, Jai got the rest of his presents from us (an outfit and book, how boring, lol) and from Greg's family. Then off to school he went, taking some of his goodies to show of course!

I played the wonderful Mum and made cupcakes for all his classmates and took them in just before they all went home, so I felt so proud of my little man (and me!) then.... had no dramas with the cupcakes - I CAN do cupcakes.... they were just iced with one smarty on each though, easy.

So yep, my little boy is now 6, growing up faster and faster! Love you darling!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

6 months old...

My darling little Eli,

You are now 6 months old. Oh my! Where has that 6 months gone? It seems like only a few weeks ago that we brought you home from hospital, a tiny little thing so dependent on us for everything. But now you are growing more and more each day, learning new things all the time and amazing us with your cuteness every day.

The last month has brought so many new experiences into your life. You seem to have grown and developed so much since you were 5 months old.

Probably the biggest milestone you are so close to now is crawling. At 6 months! Oh my, do I have my work cut out for me now! You don't quite have the hang of moving your arms and legs yet (thank goodness!), but are up on all fours and starting to 'rock' a little. At first, you found you could get up on your toes, in this cute little pose that I think looks like some pilates move! Your cute little bottom stuck up in the air... then you found how to get from your toes to your knees. And you do this a lot now. I love to just watch you - you reach for your little toys, and I can just imagine you're wanting so much to get there, but just can't figure out how! I am so proud to see you get from your tummy to all-fours. How clever you are! I know it will only be a matter of a week or so now and you'll be getting around the house, so Daddy and I are looking into getting the stairs barricaded with a gate or maybe popping you in a nice big playpen.

You love to talk and your gorgeous little high-pitched squeals of delight and excitement can be heard all over the house (and probably the neighbours house too!). In the last week or so, you've started what actually sounds more like a word... you say "Ahh-b" and the 'b' bit you stick your tongue out like blowing a raspberry. So cute! Daddy caught it on video on his phone and we love to watch it over and over.

You are particularly vocal with your brother Jaidyn. You two get on so well. He loves to talk to you, read to you, tell you about his toys, watch movies with you (you look at the TV a little!), and especially blow raspberries on your belly, which you think is just the funniest thing! One of your favourite times of the day is when we go to pick up Jaidyn from school. When I say "let's go pick up Jai", I am sure you are knowing what I'm saying, or just that you know the name 'Jai' now. He gets the biggest smile and excited little kick from you when he gets in the car.

You also love it when Daddy gets home from work. Sometimes he is rather late, so you don't get to see him before you go to bed, but most nights you are still awake. Its so special for me to watch. You are often getting whingy come 6.30pm but when Daddy walks in the door, your face lights up. And when he picks you up, you are happy again. You often like to have a little chat to him too, telling him about our day no doubt. I know it makes Daddy feel very special too.

Your little giggle would have to be the most precious sound. You are now starting to really get the hang of peek-a-boo too, and you love to be the one who comes out of hiding! Mummy throws your little blankie over your head and says "Where's Eli?" and your little hands pull it down so you can see me - "There you are!"... you kick and flail your arms around and smile and sometimes laugh too. You are also very ticklish and giggle and giggle when we tickle your little tummy.

You are still sleeping for at least 30 minutes every 3-hour feeding cycle. I don't know if this is still normal at 6 months, but you still get sleepy and have a little nap. And I feel blessed. You probably have one or two 'good' 1-1.5 hour naps too, and at the moment I'm trying to get a little sleep in there too if I can - usually after lunch time. You sleep soundly all through the night. I usually have to get up and move you and give you back your dummy once or twice in the early morning as you are moving around so much now and often get yourself in weird and seemingly uncomfortable positions in bed, plus I like to put your sheet back over you.

You love your food. At the moment, you are having a morning bottle, then after your sleep you have a bowl of rice cereal mixed with fruit. Often you'll still want more so you'll have the rest of the fruit tin too. We haven't introduced anything for lunch yet, apart form the bottles which you still have every 3 hours or so, but sometimes you'll chew on a rusk stick. For dinner you have a plate of yummy home-cooked vegies, usually followed by a tin of fruit or custard. Your little belly sticks out so much after that. So cute! A fat little pookoo. You often eye off our food when we're eating and have at times tried to grab Daddy's beer too!

You are still a dummy boy. Although you're not obsessed with it, you do like to have it to calm you down, and when you go to sleep, even if you often spit it out when you're asleep. Your thumb creeps into your mouth sometimes too, but its more of a thing to chew on when you're happy. Your hand doesn't curl into a fist like most thumb-suckers, but is splayed with just your thumb in your mouth, chewing and sucking away. Nana is not impressed when she sees it though, and she says, "no grandson of mine is going to suck his thumb" in her funny Nana, not-serious voice.

Exciting news in our house this month. We have found out we're having another baby! You are going to be a big brother! Which is quite a strange thing to think, when you are just a baby yourself. You will be just over one year old when your baby sister or brother arrives. So you better promise to be a good boy for Mummy coz I might just go a little crazy!

You are definitely a huge part of this family and this household now. Its bizarre to think what life was like before you - a little quieter maybe, a few less grey hairs too no doubt... but we love you so much my darling and that love only grows deeper every day. I pray that God continues to bless this little family, and that His plans for you are great my little Elijah. Afterall, you do have quite a biblical name to live up to. But I don't doubt at all that you'll do great things for His Kingdom.

All my love, Mummy xxx

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I hate morning sickness!

Blah! That's how I'm feeling. Haven't thrown up, so you may think I have it *easy*. But I get yucky headaches that just won't go away! And it makes them worse when I have two kids to run after (of which the older is very *loud*), plus a husband to cook for, and a house that needs to be cleaned every now and then. Yuck. Poo. Poo. Poo.

In other news, my little man is starting to try crawling I think! He's getting up on his toes now, and he seems to enjoy doing this, and thinks he's pretty clever.

Yuck, crawling. That means I have to watch him ever more closely, blergh. AND we need to get our butt into gear and get the gate for the stairs and some sort of barrier so he doesn't fall down from the space between the railings.

And these ones, just coz he's cute!

Friday, November 10, 2006

We have a due date!

And its 1st July 2007. Which makes me 6 weeks, 5 days along. I will be 7 weeks on Sunday! Cool! I am not really shocked with this coz it was about 6 weeks when I got the sickness with Elijah - so that's why I thought I was about that far along!

Super exciting!! OMG my bladder was soooooo killing me, I thought I was gonna wee all over the place! heehee... ended up having to do it interally anyway. Nice!! Not... nah, I'm not really bothered by these things....

I did get to see my little peanut! It had a head!! And that was about all you could make out - a little peanut with a head!! LOL.. I think somehow 'peanut' might stick as a nickname if I'm not careful! heehee

So yep, super exciting. We're having a baby on July 1. Now I wonder if this one will be early or late - early again I hope! I hate carrying over!

Oh Tam, thanks for the head-up about the pram. I will keep my eye out for a cheap price... even so, don't know if $500 is feasible even! But I guess to get a GREAT pram that you use over and over and over, and with the extra $1000 this year in mat payment, we'll have a bit to play around with, coz we won't have to buy a lot else!!

Ciao girls!!

Scan today!!

So excited. In about and hour and a half, I will get to see my baby for the first time, well my 'peanut' coz that's probably what it will look like this young. So I will find out how far along I am... I have this tiny little fear inside me though, that they won't find anything! And that I'm not pregnant... despite two positive tests and morning sickness... I'm sure there's a baby there, I just have that tiny fear inside me - NO! That is not from God!! He has blessed me with a child, a child that I get to meet (kinda) this morning. I've never had a scan this early before, so its really exciting. And I'm excited to see how close I am to Hayley and another friend who's having a baby next year too!! We could all be having babies together!!

So yep, hating this morning sickness though. Blah! Over it! The mornings have been rather pooey, which then means I'm in a lazy mood for most of the day, and NOTHING is getting done around here! Yesterday I was back to normal in the arvo/night, so I'm hoping its going away... Also thinking the headaches are from caffeine withdrawal as I haven't had any coffee for 3 days now - now going from 4 a day - none I'm sure will do my system in and its throwing headaches at me!

Well, better get ready! Can't wait! I hope Eli behaves himself...

So, we get to pick names again! Yay!

We have to organise what on earth we are going to do with rooms - will Eli go in with Jai? OR until bubs is about 5 months old and sleeping through soundly... what to do, what to do?

And, we have to find a pram again. I would *really love* one of the Phil & Ted E3s so that I can put both bubbas in, but don't think we'll be paying $650 so I'll have to pray and pray about it and keep my eyes open on Ebay for one!!

Anyway, off to finish getting dressed!
Have a great day all

5 Things I'm thankful for today:
1. Modern technology so I can actually SEE my baby today!
2. Ginger & lemongrass tea, yummm...
3. All the awesome girls who have supported me already in having these babies so close together
4. God, just in general coz He rocks!!
5. That He is with me every minute of every day, and that He wouldn't give me anything I couldn't handle :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bad blogger!

Gosh, I've been a slack one haven't I! Been almost 2 weeks since I blogged.

I did Kim Archer's gorgeous class this morning, and I was so please that I actually kept up and got it finished, minus my journalling... I will need to do that soon though, or it will get forgotten forever... here it is anyway... I chose 'Who would have imagined.. I would be the mother of boys... coming from a family of only girls, I never ever thought that I could maybe never have a daughter myself, and that I might just have boys! Good thing to journal about I think...

So thanks Kim for this class!
I had a ball!

In other news, uh... gosh, what have I been doing for the last 2 weeks...

A bit of a plug for my online class at Scrap of Faith. We are doing a Prayer Journal, but you could probably make it any kind of notebook, if you're not a Christian. We'll be using the yummy Junkitz papers, and altering a journal, complete with coverpages to make different sections in your journal... you could use it for an inspiration journal too I guess... Anyway, its on Saturday night 18th November @ 7.30pm AEDST, so if you're in Qld, that will be 6.30pm! Check out the website if you're interested... classes are $10 each, and $5 of this goes to charity, so you'd be helping our local community too! You can also purchase a class kit from Scrap Pile online store.

Did some cropping with Sal and Amy last Friday night and had a great night, even if I got not much done, and I was sooo tired.

Speaking of last Friday, did something else too..... involving a test with a 'two line' result.... yep I'm pregnant again! Its sinking and we're really excited again! But I'll surely have my hands full with two little babies - about 13 months apart I reckon... I'm off for a scan to work out my dates on Friday, and really looking forward to seeing 'my baby' even though it won't look like much this young. I'm thinking I'm betwen 4-6 weeks along, as I got sick about that time last time with Eli. So yep, Ive been trying totake it easy, get lots of rest, and eating lotsof all things ginger!

Take care all xxx