Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some piccies to share :)

Ok so I should really be packing or cleaning or sewing, but instead I've been editing pics in PS!

I took these ones this morning while the kids and I were playing on the front deck.

Lani is now able to stand on her own - she wobbles a bit but can hold teh stance for a while now! She thinks she's so clever - and she is!

And my beautiful Eli :) (I love this photo)
Karen Latham asked me to take some pics of the nappies I've been working on. I really must take more pics of the ones as they're finished, even just for my own reference!

Here's a couple I've been working on this week:
A couple of Extra-Large ones - back one is a pocket, front one is an AIO

Some AIOs in progress (I just LOVE looking at my labels on them... squeal!)
Yummy soft minky AIO - this is soooo soft and pat-able
Another newborn gift pack
Well, just wanted to update with a couple of things. Need to go and clean, and cut out hemp.

N xx

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


That's how many nappies I have to make between now and the end of June....

Holy Smokes!!

I think I'm a couple into that now.... but still!!

Therefore I probably won't be blogging much in the next couple of months. I really CAN'T get behind on my orders...

BUT I will try to pop in when I can, and I do still read most of your blogs too.

We are going on a 2 week holiday in just over a week... WE CAN'T WAIT!! We SOOOOO need this holiday, so we're going to thoroughly enjoy it! Going to Mt Gambier (a place we both love and hope to move to one day) to visit Greg's family, and celebrate his Mum's 60th, and then a few days in Melbourne to visit my cousins and a few friends too (and get a photoshoot with the lovely Katie Toland - can't WAIT for that, such a talented girl).

No, I'm not taking my work with me. I think I'll probably get withdrawals from sewing nappies, but welcome withdrawals I think! It will be good to know I shouldn't be sewing instead of whatever I'm doing... I might take down a few pre-cut ones to sew up for Lani though, as with all my orders she doesn't see a chance of getting any more any time soon - and she REALLY needs the next size up!

Anyway, gotta get these kids into bed and get to the machine!
Night xx

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Last Day...

.. to get your Patooties MCN orders in before the price rise....