Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Baby!!

A big Happy 26th Birthday to my man today!

Love this guy! And here's a few reasons why (I'll have to show him for extra brownie points too huh):

* He always says how much he loves me and says I'm beautiful. Always makes me feel good about myself :)

* He works very hard and very long hours to make money and take care of this family.

* He has a quirky sense of humour and makes me laugh.

* He loves his family and his kids and I know he does the best he knows how to do!

* Did I mention how hard he works for this family!? I really appreciate that!

* He loves the Lord and tries to serve him to the best of his abilities.

* He loves many of the same things I love doing - laughing, being with friends, playing games etc.

* He makes cute babies :D

* And most important of all, he has a CUTE BUTT. hee hee hee

Love you baby! Have a great day!!

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Good morning!

While we were pottering around
this morning about 6.30am I heard a really strange sound like a - well I don't know what - and we went outside to investigate, where we saw right above our house, these!

By the time we said Wow and I ran to get the camera, they'd moved, so I ran back to get the zoom lens and got these pics. They must have been right over our house when I first heard them! Jaidyn and I have both never seen a balloon this close to us!

Anyway, thankyou everyone for all your comments on my last post. Lol, I didn't know I had so many visitors still, gee, my blog must be pretty boring otherwise for no-one to want to comment, lol. Please do!

Well, today we are up early again, and for once, I've done most of my housework (well what I'm actually going to do today!) done already. So we will actually get to the shops on time this morning I imagine! Going to exchange some Chrissie pressies, and pick up Greg something little for his b'day tomorrow (have already got him a bar fridge with his parents).

The I'm taking the boys to Currimundi Beach after lunch with some friends from church. Should be a good afternoon, so I'll try to get some pics too. Haven't got any of Eli at a beach yet, although we did take him on our overcast holiday a couple of months ago.

Not sure what we're doing for New Years yet - if anything! Its Greg's b'day so cooking bacon and eggs for breaky, yumm.... and he wants to sleep in so we might skip church this week too, have a really nice lazy day.

Hope you all have a happy Saturday and New Years too, whatever you do!

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Why does 'being successful' seem to depend on what job you have or how much money you make?
Or if you own a house or a nice car?
And how does/did the enemy make me feel like I'm not successful because I don't have these things? (nasty piece of work)

I was at my grandparents yesterday and Aunt and Uncle and Mum and Dad chatted about all us kids - and other cousins too -what we're doing with our lives etc. And somehow in it all, I started feeling that what I do and how I've chosen to have kids first and all that, well that its not as 'good' as maybe what my cousins are doing by having a good-paying job and buying houses etc.. don't you just love it how the devil seems to make us feel crap. don't worry, God got in my ear pretty quick and affirmed my life choices - ultimately because I have life in Him! - and it made me think why I AM successful!! So here goes:

I am successful because I finished a degree, while mostly a single mum, trying to support myself and my son!

I am successful because I moved out young and have supported myself and my son well.

I am successful because I have a great marriage.

I am successful because I have two great kids and I enjoy my time with them, and they fill my life with joy.

I am successful because I have deep friendships with people that care very much about me and my family.

I am successful because I have a ministry and I am a leader in my church.

I am successful because I have good relationships with my family members.

I am successful because I enjoy a hobby and do it well (when I do).

And most of all, I am successful because I have a relationship with Jesus Christ, He lives inside me. He provides all my needs, and at the end of time, I will not be able to take my job, money, house with me to Heaven, but will be judged on the difference I made on earth in people and in the Kingdom of God, and hopefully I will hear my God say 'Well done, good and faithful servant'....

So there! I am successful! And mostly through Christ my Lord!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Christmas!

So I hope you all had a wonderful, blessed and very fun day yesterday for Christmas Day, celebrating the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ!

Mine was crazy, but wonderful all the same! (being pregnant I was double tired!)

Elijah's first Christmas and what an exciting time. Unfortunately he went back to bed right in the middle of opening presents, poor little tike couldn't keep his little eyes open any longer, but he did get to 'open' a couple of gifts first (and we opened the others, he is only 7 months anyway). Did manage to get a few cute pics of him throughout the day - in all his presents having a grea time - mainly with the paper - and in his custom-fixed (paperclip job) christmas hat! so cute!

We all got spoilt! My gorgeous husband bought me a beautiful big cross necklace with cubic zirconias in it (he said he could have got diamonds but the cross was so small, but I'm happy with this gorgeous one I have!) He even hid it in a ultrasonic jewelery cleaner he got to go with it - and to clean my rings and glasses too. From my babies I got a bottle of perfume - Still by JLo. I haven't had a real perfume in ages, so its nice to feel pampered! I also got another perfume - Echo Woman - from my sisters. And some clothes, shoes, books - what else could a girl want for Christmas I say! Thoroughly spoilt rotten by my beautiful family :)

We started at church, and I did the christmas message this year. First time I've really done anything like that but I stayed in my comfort zone and did a kids story that the adults enjoyed too :) Apparently I did ok, so I'm glad of that!

We had a great lunch and afternoon at my parents house. My sister and her boyfriend were slaving away in the kitchen from 8am cooking a yummy roast turkey and many other treats. Always eat so much on Christmas! Unfortunately I was sick last Friday so I don't think I (my stomach!) was quite back to my normal self, so didn't eat as much as I might have normally - which is probably a good thing!

As a first ever for me, we spent the evening with friends! We took the long walk a few houses down the street to our friends Marty and Melinda's and just had a chill-out relazing evening, a few left-overs and great company. I bought Greg the game Cranium so we played a round of that too. The kids had a ball playing around and Jai wa still wide awake at 10.30pm when we came home - sooo late for him - needless to say he slept in till 7:40am this morning!

This afternoon we are having friends around for a relaxing BBQ and games afternoon! So I better shoot off and clean this dump up!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Been a while...

Well, its been a couple of weeks since I blogged. Been a bit busy chaotic around here, and then wasn't sure what to really blog about, so just didn't bother!

Week before Christmas craziness happening here. Have still got a fair bit of Christmas shopping to do - hopefully a bit today and the rest tomorrow. Still have Greg, Elijah, my two sisters, and grandparents to buy for. Usually just give the grandparents something photo-related, but I don't have my family photo yet, so not sure I'll be able to do anything there. (Deb, if you're reading, do you have time to email me that pic pretty please??)

School holidays have started well here. On Monday took Jaidyn to the movies with a girlfriend down the street and her 4 kids... was an interesting morning getting kids in and out of cars, forgetting Eli's bottle, so having to occupy him other ways till the movie finished. He was fairly well-behaved considering. We went to see 'Open Season'. Pretty good, but not high on my fave kids movies really. The kids all enjoyed it though - even Eli was quite enthralled by the big screen - he seems to like TV - must be just like his brother there...

Jai has a couple of sleep-overs at his grandparents this week, going to the airport to pick up my grandmother who will be down for Christmas, he's got a b'day party this morning and going to Vacation Care tomorrow to do some christmas cooking. He'll be exhausted by the weekend and hopefully I will have had enough time to myself to finish the christmas shopping!

Mum's been back in hospital again, but cam out yesterday. This time it was an infection (absys) which may have come up from the last op, but its all good now, and she's just gotta wait the time it all takes to heal now.

Am off to get my hair done this arvo. Definitely needs something before Christmas. Not sure if I'll get anything overly different though. Am trying a new girl at the salon - a friend of a friend who also has curly hair and says she does a good job, and she's much cheaper coz she's just finished her apprenticeship I think. So we'll see how she goes.... and hope it still looks decent! Oh, and some nice clean eyebrows too! Will be looking all smashing (well as much as possible) for my christmas photos.

Elijah is growing up so fast. He's well and truly getting around now. Not really crawling 'properly' yet, but he moves alright, especially if he's got his mind on reaching something in particular - usually something he shouldn't be into!
He is also starting to sit up this week. He's done this all on his own, so we're happy that he's starting, as everyone has been saying he's doing it all backwards - as long as he does it right! He does a lot of standing on his feet, well straightening his legs, when he's on all fours - sticking his cute little butt in the air, hehe... so cute!!

Well, will try to upload some pics later maybe. Don't have a lot, but a couple. Tried to take a photo shoot of the boys last week, which was mainly a flop. but hopefully I can get at least one half-decent one out of them...

Off to get showered and ready to take Jaidyn to his friend's party - and buy a gift on the way, oops...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Random catch-up

Well I have lots of little things to say so I'll just do it in dot-form I think.

* Thanks for the prayers and well wishes for my Mum. The op went really well, better than expected I think, and she's slowly recovering in hospital. She's quite happy that she got a little tummy tuck out of this too (they pulled her skin/fat over the wound and joined it to the other side - no more hole in her stomach I assume). will appreciate ongoing prayers for recovery, thanks.

* Poor hubby has had a dreadfully long week. His assistand manager (Greg is manager) resigned on Monday, so he's had to try to cover 50 hours in the store. Instead of 50 hours, he's done about 70 this week and he's SO EXHAUSTED!! So he'll be sleeping and lazing around most of today no doubt... still gonna try to get him to church though. And I hope the next coming weeks (still with no assistant manager - AND this close to Christmas) are not as bad for him. The poor dear. He already works so hard.

* We went to the local Christmas Carols last night. Love em! We almost didn't go, as Greg didn't want to (after working 70 hours) and I was not so happy going without my hubby, but he changed his mind and we trundled down there with our candles in cups and Jaidyn wearing a Santa Hat and Eli wearing (sometimes) some reindeer ears).... and had a good time. I just love Christmas carols, so I'm so glad we went. As its organised by the local churches, there's a great emphasis on the birth of Jesus still, so that was so good to see - and a small message from one of the pastors about Christ, what he meant to the world and how easy it is to give our hearts to Him. Greg spent the evening pouring hot wax onto his finger tho, to make a 'finger glove' - someting he said he used to do when he was a kid, but still, he was there.... lol... teaching all the children how to pour hot wax onto your hands - thanks Greg!

* Had a big storm here last week and it whipped up so fast all the windows and doors were still open. Needless to say, the computer got wet, and the keyboard is stuffed. (I'm using the mac right now) I think Greg trundled down to find the old keyboard off my old computer, so hopefully we won't have to buy a new one this close to Xmas when there's not exactly any money!!

* Had a nice day yesterday scrapping with Sarah, one of the SOF girl's daughters (my age almost) who came to the big crop we had in Bris in Sept. It was great to have a good girly chat about lots of stuff, and we even got a bit of scrapping done. I didn't finish mine of course, so that will be a challenge in itself to do this week! I do like this one though so want to get it all done!

* Trying to organise a street christmas party this year. We have friends from church in our street so together we're inviting the street down to the park at the bottom of our street for a quick and easy sausage sizzle and iceblocks (provided). hopefully we'll get a few of the street people come along so we can meet them all - have only met a couple of ppl so far and would like to make it more.

* Just last night realised there's only 3 weeks till Christmas... eek.... and we have a fair few presents that need to be POSTED... so I have to get my butt into gear this week and get these ones away!

* Need to take some more photos of my boys. Haven't taken any of Eli in about a month so need to do that.... and I was thinking, with their Santa Hat and reindeer antlers, a good excuse!!

* Putting the Xmas tree up this arvo - yay! Hoping Greg can put pur icicle lights up on the verandah too... last year we had them on the edge of the roof, but without owning a ladder ,they stayed there till March, so we're thinking somewhere more accessible this year.

* Eli is very nearly crawling! He is 'caterpillaring' along the floor, slowly, but he does get there. He hasn't quite got the idea that he has to move his hands at alternate times, so he gets up on his knees then moves forward onto his belly to move a bit further along the floor. Or sometimes he just slides along the floor. I'm sure he'll get the hang of his hands soon enough.

* He's also started making a really cute 'kissy' noise this week. He kinda sucks on his tongue a bit I think, but I'm trying to associate it with kisses for him. So I say "kiss?" and do a proper kissy noise, or just imitate what he's doing to try to get him to do it again. He does it all the time, but with all the hours Greg's been doing this week, he hasn't seen it yet - hopefully he'll have a few 'kisses' for his daddy today.

* Ooh, got Kim Archer's Christmas Extravaganza this week - yay! Can't wait to see what she has in store for us :) Hopefully I'll get a few little gift ideas out of it.

Think that's quite enough. If you made it to the end, good for you! Happy Sunday :) :)

5 Things that make me happy today:
1. That Mum's operation went well - and that God is working in her body right now!!
2. Its Sunday! Love Sundays :)
3. Christmas Carols :) Love the traditions of Christmas...
4. Greg is finally home to spend some time with us today :) If he doesn't sleep most of it
5. I'm cooking a ROAST tonight - now that hasn't been done in years!! Wish me luck :)