Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter, cars and nappies

Well, its only a week late with my Easter photos!!
We had a really great weekend over Easter, which would have only been made better if Greg didn't have to work Saturdays (Easter included!).

The kids woke up eager for the easter egg hunt (well Jai did, don't think Eli really noticed much). So we got Greg out of bed, and Jai and I made pancakes for breakfast while Greg went and hid the eggs.

After eating breakfast, we headed downstairs for the hunt!! Jai was so fast as usual, we had to slow him down as Eli hadn't done it before!! Eli had a ball though, he thought it was so fantastic finding eggs in the garden and in his cubbyhouse and tunnel...

Here's a few pics - Greg didn't really get many of Jai as he was running and grabbing too quickly!!

In other news, we got our new car, FINALLY!!! Sorry, no pic yet - its grey and dismal here and my washing is kinda hanging over the top of it, so won't make for a nice pic. Will get Greg to get one on Monday... but anyway, IT'S. SO. GOOD!!!!! I am totally in love!! Its so good to drive a car that I can't hear over the radio!! I have a CD player, cruise control, it beeps at me to put my seatbelt on, tells me how many k's before I need more fuel, the indicators make a nice soft clicking, central locking, alarm... ohhh nice...... I love it!! If fuel wasn't so $$ I might go for a long drive somewhere!! Oh, and its a silver 2005 Ford Falcon wagon. I love it!!

Lani is now 9 months old - how did that happen!! In the last month she's sprouted FOUR teeth!! Hasn't had too much trouble with them thankfully. But she's growing too fast! She's a pro at crawling now, and pulls herself up on anything she can. She's just starting to let go and stand on her own and things she's the bees knees when she does. She's into everything just like her brother, and her fave naughty thing to do is play with the buttons and dials on the television receiver... I remember writing that exact thing not that long ago for Elijah!! We just got him not touching the buttons, and now we have to deal with it all over again! *sigh*

She's as cute as anything though.

PATOOTIES Nappies is going great-guns! If you go and check out the blog, you will see that the introductory prices that are currently offered are ending on the 5th April - that will be a month from when I started it all. The time has gone so fast, and I've been abundantly blessed with lots of customers and orders to fill, so thankyou from the bottom of my heart to all who have been supporting the business. If you've been thinking about ordering, get in and do it in the next week before the price-rise.

Well, half my Saturday seems to have melted away already, better go do some homemaker duties and look after these kids!!

N xx

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Friday, March 21, 2008

The REAL Easter story...

Well today brings us to Good Friday. (I still can't believe Easter is upon us already, so not ready for it really, mentally that is...)

I wonder if you all know what Easter is *really* about.
Forget the bunny.
Forget the egg hunt.
Even forget the chocolate (although it does taste great!).
Don't you know its really all about JESUS!!


God manifest into a man. Easter was the whole reason He even came to Earth. A real glimpse into the true heart of my great God.

If you don't know what happened today many many years ago, here's a brief run down:

Jesus Christ if Nazareth had been preaching the Good News, sharing Love and healing in the name of God! The high priests did not like this one bit, so they plotted to get rid of Jesus. One of his own disciples, Judas was the one they needed to get to him. Judas was paid for his time of course (and a terrible show of what the love of money can do) - and he betrayed his friend and our Saviour for it. Jesus was arrested, trialled and sentenced to be crucified.
He was mocked (because He was called the King of Kings) - they placed a crown of thorns around His head, a purple robe on Him and then spat on Him. They beat and whipped Him... then they hammered nails into his wrists and ankles and hung him up on a cross to die...

Do you know that He was innocent? (the only man ever to have never sinned)

And do you know that He did that all for YOU!! Yes, you.
Jesus Christ of Nazareth, son of God died so that you and I could have eternal life, through Him!!


It makes me realise just how much God loves me! Can you imagine Him having to see His son go through that? It says in the Bible that the sky went dark when Jesus died - I think God was pretty upset! BUT He gave his only begotten son so that WE could have eternal life! Amazing! Something that I know I do not deserve, but a gift that I thankfully receive!

But that's not the end of the story...

In three days time (Easter Monday), some women were visiting Jesus' tomb. But instead they were greeted with an angel of the Lord telling them that Jesus was not there! How it that so? Well, get this!!
Oh yeah!! Awesome huh.

So that's what Easter is about. The choccy eggs are a symbol of new life, because just like Christ, when you give your heart to Jesus, when you say 'Yes Jesus, I want you to be Lord of my life! I repent of all my sins and I ask that you come and live in me!' - you are given a new life!

If you want to read about it in the Bible (go on, I'm sure there's one lying around somewhere!), have a look in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. For starters.
Read from Matthew 26.
Have a read from Mark 14.
From Luke 22 the story is also told.
And in the book of John, read from chapter 17.

Acts 1 tells us of the glorious encounter when Jesus was taken up to Heaven, to sit at the right hand of the Father.

And Romans 6 will tell you a little about your new life in Christ.

Have a blessed Easter weekend, and may you and your family reflect on the REAL reason!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Newborn pack

Am about to send off an order today, but just had to share a piccie - so cute!!
This is a newborn gift pack with 2 all-in-ones (and obviously in girly prints) $27.00

Makes me want a newborn again!!

* Oops, I was supposed to post this on the Patooties blog but didn't realise I was signed in to this one - so now its on both - sorry if you have de ja vu by reading it twice! lol

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Almost forgot...

I almost forgot to mention that Jaidyn lost his second tooth last week... but not just any way. We were eating dinner when he realised it had fallen out.... he must have swallowed it!! We had a nice little chuckle about it....
We don't have 'the toothfairy' in this house, but I still gave him $1.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Just a quick update:

* Greg and Jai headed off this morning for Boys Brigade father & son camp. They were both looking forward to it, and I too - for them to spend some quality time together. So its me and the babes for the weekend. We've been to vote and to the shops today but the b'day party we were supposed to go to was cancelled as the little girl was sick. :( So we've just pottered around here, played in the sunshine in the backyard and the babes are both fed, bathed and lying down on the loungeroom floor watching a movie before bed (oh wait, no I think Lani is sitting up now!) Perfect - they'll be in bed early tonight - the joys of little ones not knowing how to tell the time!

My life has been pretty much nappies, mummy-ing, sewing, nappies, mummy-ing, sewing this last week. I'm swamped with orders, which is so exciting, so I gotta get to it! Have been cutting them out throughout the days at quiet times, but gotta put in a lot of sewing effort tonight! I'm looking forward to it :) I spent up big on fleece and a few more prints yesterday so I should be set for the next couple of months. Had a really great business opportunity yesterday, but haven't decided (or heard from God) whether to take it or not - really gotta assess what I can handle and how much time I want to be putting into it.

Not much else to report really - that's about for my life at the moment!!

Hope you're all having a great weekend xx

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yummy scrummy prints

Have updated the Patooties blog with all the yummy scrummy prints I have.. yum.. I could just look at and touch them all day (but I better cut them out instead!)

I have been inundated with orders - well enough that I think I can handle at the moment. So I gotta get sewing!! My mate Sarah is coming over tonight to sew up a storm together as she has 4 she needs to make too. Gotta get cutting out today, so its just the actual sewing tonight.

My poor hubby is still feeling a bit sore after he twisted his ankle on Monday playing golf. He says he doesn't know how he did it - I reckon he tried some big pro swing and clutzed it up, lol! But he came home yesterday from work, and has just gone to the doc to see what's up with it - so he might stay home for the rest of the day today too... poor bub.

Anyway, not a lot to report really.
God bless!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Look at this handsome young man...

Jaidyn started Boys Brigade a few weeks back, and they had their first church parade yesterday morning. We made sure we got the uniform this week so he could wear it for the first parade (just minus the badges which I haven't sewn on yet). And he looked so handsome! And so grown up!! Just look at this handsome young man would you!

Such a proud mumma I was watching him walk up to the front of the church :)

He's loving Boys Brigade so far, and Greg and him are off on a Father & Son camp this coming weekend. I'm looking forward to them spending some quality time together too. Will be strange not having them around for Sat night though - but I'm sure I can survive - Sarah and I will probably have a sewing night, as her hubby is the BB captain so he'll be off camping too.

In other news, GOD IS SO GOOD!! I have been blown away with the support and response I've had for my new business already in just a couple of days. I have a couple of orders on the go now already, so exciting!! I got a little stressed for a couple of moments yesterday thinking 'what if I get too many orders at once and I can't keep up!' (optimistic I know ;) but I know that God has not blessed this for me to get stressed out and overwhelmed... and that He will not give me more than I can handle at any given time. So I trust in Him that He will allow me to balance this well, and bring in the business when I can do it.

Greg bought himself some golf clubs off eBay last week, and he's going to play with a couple of his mates today - with his own clubs. We we were having a laugh about it, saying he must be getting old coz he's enjoying playing golf - not that you can't if you're young, moreso that he never thought he'd be interested in golf!

I'm off to Spotlight today to buy some more prints for the nappies. New fabric makes me smile! I love all the bright colours and cute prints. And now that I can justify buying more - coz it will get used - I'm happy :) And even better that Spotlight has 20% off everything today - great!!

Anyway, thought I would end with some thankfulness today -

5 things that I'm thankful for today:
1. Monday - Greg's day off - Monday's are good!
2. God blessing my new business! I'm still in awe of His goodness! Soooo thankful for this one!
3. Great friends
4. Coffee (been staying up late a bit lately, so caffeine is my friend :))
5. Matthew 19:26b - with God all things are possible!!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Business venture...

The last couple of weeks I've been working hard behind the scenes to get a few things ready to launch my new business! Yes, Nat is starting a business!

You probably all know of my latest obsession with modern cloth nappies, and sewing my own. Well, I'm taking it a step further and making them for you too (well your bub of course!). I have tried a wide range of styles with my two bubbas, so I'll be offering all of them.

If you're interested, please pop over to and have a little squizzie. I've had so many lovely friends interested already, and I'm so excited to see God blessing this little venture for me. It seems I've had little business ideas every now and then, but nothing has ever come to fruition, but God is totally blessing this one for me. Praise the Lord! Now just to get actual orders in and get to the sewing machine!

I have my friend Hayley to thanks for giving me the little push I needed, when she asked me a couple of weeks ago if I would make some for her little girl. Well, I sent her first lot to her on Thursday and was rather excited to see it leaving my hands. And I look forward to seeing them on Miette soon! Hopefully they fit.

So please, if you have bubbas, why not consider modern cloth nappies. You'll be saving both the environment and your wallet (saving an average of $1500 over the 2.5 years your bubba is in nappies - nice little family holiday huh?) and your bubba's butt will be the talk of all your friends!

Visit my new blog at or email me at if you'd like a product/price list.

Monday, March 03, 2008

A special day...

Yesterday was a very special day, as we had our bubbas - Elijah and Lani - dedicated to God at our church. It was a lovely ceremony with some family and friends, and the kids looked just oh-so-cute!!! I sang a song with my worship leader and friend, Paula - it was a song she wrote for her eldest son when he was dedicated, and it is just beautiful. My Dad videoed the ceremony, so I'll try to put up my song at some stage - if its any good! lol... and I'll be able to send the vid to some special people who couldn't make it - like Greg's parents and sister, and my Lusi...

Anyway, here are some of the snaps from the day:

My beautiful princess in her pretty dress -

Eli in his cuteness (OK so I cheated and took this just then!):

Singing the song with Paula:

A family snap (albeit not a really great one):

The cuppies Liss and I made:

Photo of all my family that was there: esp great to have my Nana and Gran and Pop and sis Liss there.

My beautiful sisters and I - Shan (left) and Liss (middle)

Jai, playing around in the playground:

Eli and Uncle Jeremy: