Saturday, March 31, 2007

Update your blog!!

Sorry, been a bit AWOL. Got to that stage when I've been busy, then its been too long between posts, and then it doesn't really seem like all the little things are that important anymore... so I guess I just didn't blog anything!

Thought I should. So here's a few snippets of whats been happening the last 2 weeks of my life.

Have been really busy (well my brain has been) with things for Kids Church. Thankfully I don't work full-time coz I would have booked myself into a mental hospital by now. I think I have finally got to that point of taking on too much. I'm a little burnt out, over it, exhausted.

Have had Sundae Arvo at church on Sunday gone. Our now bi-annually family outreach event. It went well, but can definitely say I'm glad its over for a little while again. I guess its not a heap of organisation, but when my mind is also on other things, I think just being in charge of an event wears me a little thin. My mind has defintely been chockas with stuff lately.

I think the good I've got out of being a little 'overwhelmed' with stuff is that God has certainly been showing me this week that its just too much for me to do. No, I don't work, but I do have 2 kids, one on the way, a house and a few hours work to juggle. Lately, I've been spending much of my time sitting at the computer, searching (biggest time waster), cutting, pasting and creating things for the kids. Yep, the kids are my passion, but if I do too much I won't have any zeal left for it. So I think its really about doing a great job of a couple of things (monthly family services, Hillz Kidz, Sundae Arvo) and not being in everything. Really just picking where God wants me right now - where my heart is and maybe just giving away the other parts. For now.

So anyway, other stuff....

Greg is still at home. No job yet. I think him being here *may* just contribute to my craziness too. I need 'my space' even if that is with a 10-month old at home. And I'm really not getting any 'my space' with Greg here. So I'm hoping he finds something SOON!! He's put in his application for the Australian Federal Police finally. This will be a looooong process though, so he'll be doing something in retail until that all goes through. So now its just getting some. He's registered with an agency, and they've got him onto one job so far. But I think our problem is going to be finding somewhere that pays anywhere near as well as Aldi. They really did pay well, so it seems in the retail world, but it wasn't worth the heart-ache that business! so yeah, he needs to be a bit more picky than normal maybe coz we still need to get enough to live on! thankfully we don't have a mortgage, don't know HOW we would survive then. But I do know whatever it is, we'll probably have to take a pay-cut, and therefore have to be a little more careful where the money is going now.

Pregnancy is going well. I think I'm 27 weeks now, or maybe its 28... got my second check-up at the Birth Centre the week after Easter. Getting a bit of heart-burn again, which is my worst symptom of pregnancy usually. Also getting really sore, achy feet of a night time. All day up and down on my feet I guess. Even not working much, I'm still always running around this place.

Got a bit of a yucky cold right now. yuck. Hate being sick. Got the whole sore heavy head, sore ears, yucky snotty nose, blah! Hope it clears up soon!

Greg and I have been filling much of our days in the last week or so watching episodes of Stargate Atlantis. We used to watch this a while ago when it was on TV here (and LOVED it!), but they only showed Season 1 I think, and we forgot to check when the rest came out in USA.. until Sal mentioned it to me, so we've downloaded all the episodes now... have just finished watching Season 2... good stuff.... and the new boy on the team is oh-so-fine (Ronin or Jason Momoa IRL).. great to have a bit of eye candy too...

Eli turned 10 months old. How did that happen? Gosh, he grows up far too fast. He's a terribly cheeky little monkey. And gets into EVERYTHING. Definintely have my work cut out for me with this one. Jaidyn was so placid and un-inquisitive in comparison. And I'm going to have to deal with Eli AND another baby very soon! Yep, I'll be in that mental hospital yet... Eli is doing lots of new things, I really should get onto that 10-month letter to go in the blog for future reference.... in a nutshell... He's getting closer to standing up on his own. He's stood a couple of times for a few seconds.... getting there... probably be walking before we know it really... He's really good at waving now, and its oh so cute. In the morning when I come in to get him out of bed, he waves. He waves at everyone when we first see them and I think he's starting to grasp waving goodbye too. So cute! ... The middle top two teeth have sprouted! He's still a little vampire boy but they'll grow in before too long... ummm what else.... oh I'm sure there's lots I've forgotten, oh well, update more about the little man later!

And speaking of teeth, Jaidyn finally has his first wigglers! Thing is though, he's had two wiggly teeth for a week or more now... he's too scared to give them a bit of a yank "in case it hurts".... sook.... so we have the whole 'tooth fairy debacle' to deal with too.

We are staying home for Easter this year. Which will be a little strange coz I think we've been away somewhere for the last 3 or 4 years. So nothing planned at all really. Will be a little strange just having the Sunday to ourselves. I think many people are off galavanting with family lunches etc, but we'll just be doing it by ourselves, nothing fancy. Having coffee with Mum, the sisters and the ring-ins that are staying with Mum at the moment (exchange student, and a friend of Shanny's who she went to Holland with)... Dad will be at basketball carnival which they always hold over Easter weekend.... We'll probably do a nice little easter egg hunt when we get home from church... will be cool to do it in our own backyard... so far we've done one the last 2 years at Toowoomba and one at the Bunya Mntns where we were with church families... and I never had egg hunts when I was a child so its still exciting for me.

But i'm also really conscious about keeping the focus on Christ. We are not having too many eggs this year. We'll be at church Good Friday and Easter Sunday, nad hopefully will do some little bible reading or some kind of fun family tradition of our own too maybe - not sure what I'd like to introduce yet though!!

Anyway, enough rambling I think. I've been so tired so early at night lately.. the cold may have something to do with it, or just being pregnant and not getting any day naps lately. So I think I'll just head off to bed!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

For Hayley :) Baby bump...

My gorgeous fellow preggy friend Hayley has asked me when I'm going to take some baby bump pics - and I know - about time! So while I was dressed up to go out last night with the blogger girls, I got Greg to snap a few. The lighting is pretty terrible, and I have no idea how to edit them to make them better, so these will do for now, and I'll try to remember to get Greg to take some more for me outside one of these days soon.

So this is me at 24 weeks. And Sandy, I'm NOT poking the belly out - I made sure I was standing up straight just for you!!

And this one is just for funnies. Eli got himself stuck half-in, half-out of the toybox this morning, and of course I just *had* to get a snap before I rescued him. Heehee, sooo cute!! Big nappy bum...

Hope you have a great day all. We have a rental inspection here today, so I better go do a tidy-up!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Birth Centre and dinner with friends....

I had my first appointment at the Birth Centre yesterday. Wow, I was so impressed. Had never even walked in there before, and well it hardly felt like I was even in a hospital. Have a REALLY good feeling about it all, such a blessing that I got in! My midwife, Karen, showed me one of the rooms (so big, so nice!) and we had a chat about the birth centre etc. One thing I am a bit sad about though is that I'm too heavy (read FAT!) to use the bath during labour or for a water birth. Embarrasing yes. But I understand they need to have a limit in case they need to get me out in a hurry or something, and I'd be a dead weight for sure. So next time I'll be making sure I'm trim and taut before I get pregnant (if again, and let's see if we can actually 'plan' one this time) so I can experience that water birth I was kinda hoping for. But there's plenty of other options really - showers, using the birthing stool etc.
After my appointment, I had a look at all the photos, frames, cards etc on the walls of past 'clients'. It was so lovely to see all the happy families who had such wonderful experiences with the natural birthing ways of the Birth Centre. There were quite a few amazing photos too - of babies heads half-out etc - wow!! A little graphic but you don't really mind when its in the context. It gave me such a wonderful feeling about it all and I look forward to learning some more about the centre, about active birthing and really finding out what I WANT in my labour experience - and having a midwife that knows and cares about me!

Hails, thanks for reminding me I need to take some belly shots. DEFINITELY showing now and really should have taken my first ones a month ago probably! I will get Greg to take some for me when I'm dressed up tonight.

Speaking of tonight, I'm going out for dinner with some of the old WW blogger girls. FINALLY get to meet Brookie Chook and Jade who i've emailed with for a couple of years now. Get to see Deb again and meet a few new girls too, whom I've read their blogs on and off. So I'm looking forward to that - thanks for organising it Deb! Will have to take my camera for sure.

Things have been nice with Greg at home. Elijah is used to seeing his Daddy every morning now, and having him here, poor little tike when he goes back to work though - he won't know what's happened. Greg's even started pulling his weight around the house (shock horror!) and its much easier on me during 'witching hour' of an afternoon. And that I can just leave Eli at home if I need to go out for something. So convenient! Pity we need one of us to work to survive though!! Greg has only found one job to apply for though. starting to get a *little* worried we'll get to the end of our payout and have no more coming in :(. But ultimately I know God will provide, but we will also just have to be really careful!! Appreciate anyone who is praying for us.

Oh and I wanted to mention how cute my baby is. He's really starting to do 'random babbling' now. So cute! Since yesterday he has started saying 'Doi Doi Doi Doi' instead of just 'Da da da da'.... yesterday he was sitting there looking at a book, for like 5 minutes just chatting to himself about it all, was SO CUTE to watch! Can't believe he's almost 10 months though!! Where's my 'baby' gone :(

Well I gotta go to work shortly, so better finish this off.

5 things i'm thankful for today:
1. That I am going through Birth Centre :)
2. That Greg is home
3. That my muffler is FINALLY fixed PROPERLY!
4. That I have a gorgeous gorgeous family
5. Seeing some friends tonight :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Coffs Harbour....

We had a nice few days away together in Coffs Harbour at the beginning of last week, Mon-Thurs. It was quite a long drive with one full-on 6-yr old and one teething baby, but we made it! On the way down we sang to Hillsong Kids, played car cricket, sucked on lollipops and Jaidyn amused himself with a few activities books I bought him. Eli likes singing to Hillsong Kids!

We got to our hotel at about 2pm on Monday. We unpacked, then headed into Coffs to do some food shopping for the few days. When we came out of the shops it was absolutely BUCKETING down with rain, which it continued to do for the rest of the day and most of Tuesday too. So we spent more time than we would have like to indoors over those two days. I did take the boys for a quick walk onto our beach at Korora, only to be rained on while walking (read now running!) back to our unit :) We went to The Big Banana on the Tuesday, and had a look through the Puzzle shop (cool stuff there!) and the Candy Store before coming home due to rain. It was really fascinating at the candy shop as we got to see them making those little round sugar candies with the writing inside them - that ppl often get for wedding bonbonneires etc. We had no idea that was how they did it and it was really great to watch them make them. And of course we got taste tests too - so yum! I said to Greg I want to get married again so I can have them! lol... and of course we couldn't leave without buying a mixed bag of fruit flavoured candies :) Yum!
So the rest of Tuesday we spent indoors playing Scrabble, Guess Who, Xbox and drawing/reading. I think we managed to venture out to our pool for a quick 20 minute swim but it was pretty cold and bleak!

Thankfully on Wednesday it fined up enough to go out. So we decided we'd cram all we could into this day! We started out by heading to the Go Kart tracks. The boys went together in a double kart and Jaidyn just loved it!! They looked so cute in their little overalls!

On the way back from go-karting we dropped in for a quick look around the Clog Barn. It was mainly a little souvenir shop with a clog workshop (no demos when we went through though) and they have this little miniature Holland village out the back. You walk through a path looking at little replicas of some of the buildings around Holland. Complete with little trainsets too. We also so quite a few water dragons!

After the Clog Barn we went back to the Big Banana to finish looking around. We had a nice lunch (complete with yummy banana smoothies!) at the cafe, then headed up the hill a bit for the Toboggan Run!! And yep, as you can see, even I went on it! It was great fun - zooming around the corners (not too fast for this pregnant old thing though!) and screaming! As you can see the boys were going a fair bit faster than I was! hehe... We both doubled with Jai - so he had 5 turns altogether! Great fun! After this and karts, won't surprise me if Jaidyn turns into a little adrenalin junkie!

And then we just went to take a couple of nice snaps before heading back to the resort. (or not so nice with the boys pulling silly faces - its so hard to get Jai to have a 'nice smile' these days - he seems to not know how to do it - so we usually just tickle him!)
For dinner we went out to SSS BBQ Barn... yum... a real Western Saloon experience! Looked great all decked out with pics of cowboys, indians and bulls horns among other memorabilia. Jaidyn was kept happy with a colouring sheet (why don't all restaurants have these?) but Elijah was a bit of a pain in the bum as he was teething, grizzly and tired but didn't want to go to sleep! We both had a steak and ribs combo - yummmmmm.... I hadn't had ribs before, was sooo good, but Jai found he liked them too, so I had to share... would love to go to a SteakHouse again sometime I think.
Thursday morning we packed up and left. We were going to go to the beach fgor a bit but Eli fell asleep in the car and really needed the sleep, plus we were pretty ready to just get home asap so just drove home. We stopped at the Big Prawn at Ballina for some lunch. But it was good to be home to just veg for a few hours in the arvo! And an early night (well for me anyway - amazingly Greg managed to stay up almost all night gaming - I think he had withdrawals, lol)
Well that was our holiday. I'm off for a little nana nap now before having to get Jai from school - and good excuse to get out of this stinking heat and hide in my air-con'd bedroom.
Hope you're all having a great week so far xx

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ups and Downs...

This week has been a bit that way.

As of Saturday last week, my husband is now 'unemployed'... stupid Aldi. They decided that something he did (that most of the other managers also do) was worth firing him for... so here we are. But you know what? It's ALL OK!! God has a plan for us, He will never leave nor forsake us, and I believe when He closes one door He opens another. So we are happy and hopeful for bigger and better things for our family! Greg was almost fed up anyway with the crap he was getting at Aldi. Funny enough his best friend actually technically resigned the same day as Greg was let go.... they both had been getting the pressure heaped on them lately so we think the company was trying to get rid of them both anyway - just coz they don't suck up to their area managers and others, and stood up for what 'they' thought was right for them and their stores. So we are all actually happy to be out of Aldi. Our pastor actually revealed to Greg that he had always felt a bad presence around Aldi so he never shopped there. Must have been the whole disregard for family, staff etc... Greg is a lot happier in himself this week without all the stress. And that's ultimately better for our family. I know that God will provide for us if Greg can't get another job before we run out of the pay-out, but I believe God will get him into the right job before then. We are actually excited to be looking in different areas. Greg is actually thinking of going into Customs or even the Federal Police, as he did a justice degree years back. Ultimately that's where he'd like to be eventually. So its just now watching out for jobs coming up in those areas, maybe getting started on some fitness training if Greg decided to go to Canberra for the Feds, and maybe getting something temporary until these jobs come up. Its a new chapter in our life and God is walking with us every step of the way.

We were going to be going down to Sydney and surrounding areas on holiday at Easter, but due to Greg's work, we can't really go then anymore as we don't know if he'll have a job, be able to get time off etc. So.... we decided to go somewhere next week!! This is really exciting! A spontaneous family holiday which we are really looking forward to. We are driving down to Coffs Harbour tomorrow now, for 3 nights. We can't go away for as long as we originally wanted to in case we need the extra $$ but this is going to be great anyway! We are staying in a little resort right on the beach. We'll go to the Big Banana, to the beach everyday and just relax and have some special time together as a family.

We are leaving tomorrow morning, early, so I should be off packing and getting organised... busy day today too - church, a worship meeting, cell group and my family for dinner - as well as finishing the packing! Phew!!

Hope you all have a great week and Happy Sunday :)

Friday, March 02, 2007

The other boy...

It just occured to me that yes, I do have two sons, and that those of you who are family living far away probably haven't heard much about Jaidyn in a long while... so this one is mainly for Sandy (MIL) and Andrea (SIL) and to pass on to the other family if you want Sandy.... a bit of a catch-up of what's been happening with Jaidyn lately.

*And please excuse, I haven't really got any recent photos of him either (since Christmas) - bad mother - but will rectify that next week.

So Jai is now in Year Two. He really really loves school. Like lots! And that's good, coz I really really love it when he's at school too! (He's a very full-on boy our Jaidyn!) His teacher is a fairly new one - I actually went to uni with her and we graduated the same time (mid 2005). Her name is Miss Pfeffer (pronounced Feffer). Jaidyn really likes her and I like what she seems to be doing with the kids. Some parents may not particularly like 'new' teachers, but being one myself I know that we are really passionate about it, and also really passionate about finding fun and different ways to teach and learn. So she's great! His class consists of 3 other boys he was in class with last year, a mixture of other boys and all the girls from of the year one classes... there are a LOT more boys than girls in their grade - 2:3 I think or something like that.

Jaidyn's favourite subject is Maths. He also enjoys writing stories. His reading is coming along really well. The books they bring home in grade 2 are much more complex than last year and he's reading them well. Sometimes he still guesses words rather than using his 'strategies' so we'll have to work on that one a bit. But he really does love everything school.

They go to swimming lessons on Wednesday mornings. He says its sometimes a bit cold early in the morning (as they are first up for the day) but I know he loves it too.

Jaidyn loves getting to school at about 8.30am so he can have free-play with his friends, and I'm asked at least 10 times every morning "Is it time for school yet?" and "Am I going to be late!?" - drives me quite bonkers really...

At the moment they are learning about Aboriginals and exploring some dreamtime stories. Yesterday he was very excited because they were going to be writing 'Tiddlick' (the frog) stories in the morning. He came home saying he wrote 3 pages!

He has lots of friends at school. His best friends (this week) are Padraig (pronounced Padrake), Tomas and Josh. That really doesn't mean a lot to you or me though, just names really. I will have to get up there and meet some of these mums so we can have friends over to play.

At home Jaidyn is in his room making books, drawing pictures or playing with his lego most mornings. He also likes watching movies and playing x-box but not really during the school week so much. At the moment he's been banned from the x-box for a whole month, which I think is slowly killing him! lol... at least hopefully this time he'll look after is when he gets it back.

He loves having a baby brother, and Eli is really at an age where they can have some fun together. They play together behind the recliner (their cubby), sometimes do little wrestling games (usually ending in me telling Jai to get off Eli and be more gentle with him!), play in the curtains together (one of Eli's favourite places) among other things.

Jaidyn comes along to Hillz Kidz, our Friday afternoon cell group for kids at church. I run this so I'm always there to keep an eye on him. He's boistrous, loud and often distracted! A handful to say the least! You'd think he'd get rid of all his energy at school, but no, it seems never-ending most days! He likes to learn about God and stuff, but its sometimes hard to get him listening as he's very easily distracted (which I think comes from me!) He's pretty good at remembering things still though, so often knows the answer to the questions when we quiz them.

He still loves visiting his grandparents, and I'm asked most weekends when he can go to Grandma's or Nana's again. At Nana's he enjoys swimming, playing playstation with Shanny, drawing etc. At Grandma's he loves playing with their dog Tash, sometimes going on little outings and making things with Grandad (he's very 'handy').. he usually comes home with many odds and ends made from wood or cardboard which really drives me nuts sometimes coz we just don't have anywhere to keep them!! His room is a bombsite as it is! So now he knows he can bring them to show me but leaves most things at Grandma and Grandad's now.

Well, I cant really think of what else. I will update with some pics of him later.
So yep, that's my other boy - he does exist... lol.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

9 months now Baby...

My little man,

Here we are and you’re 9 months old. Slow down a bit baby! I can’t keep up with how fast you are growing up! It’s hard to believe the 9 month mark has come and gone.

This month hasn’t seen as many ‘new’ developments as the last did, but you are growing more and more into your own personality now. You are certainly one cheeky little boy, and a cheeky little boy that Mummy cannot resist.

You do not stay still now babe. If I put you on the mat in the lounge room, you’re up on your hands and feet ‘crawling’ around everywhere, or you’re straight up to the couch and walking along from one end to the other. You have also discovered behind the recliner this month, and love to go in then and then come around the other side and surprise us! Jaidyn and you have even made a little ‘cubby’ in there from time to time.

You favourite places still seem to be where you are getting into things you should not be! Around the fish tank where the extension cord is. The computer tower (but Daddy has now put it up on the table). Our bedroom where you like to eat keys, phones, coathangers or earrings. Jaidyn’s bedroom, with its wealth of little things to stick in your mouth. The TV and receiver with nice buttons to push. And the bathroom and toilet. It seems I am forever saying ‘No!’ or ‘Get down!’ to you these days Monkey!

Mealtime is great fun, especially lunch. You love to get a sandwich and squish it between your fingers before shoving it in your mouth. Your little teeth are doing their job much better these days, and you can bite off little bits. You are also sometimes having toast for breakfast these days or a piece of apple (carefully supervised) for afternoon tea to suck or munch on. And you are getting quite good at your sippy cup too. Unfortunately you are also good at holding it upside down or even throwing it off your highchair! I love to watch you as you put it up to your mouth and slurp away.

You now have 3 teeth baby boy. Your first had appeared in last month’s letter. Your second came a week later. And your third has come through in the last few days. I would have expected it to be a centre top tooth, but no, its one of your little incisors. And to look at your gums now, it looks like the other incisor will cut in before the centre ones too. I can’t wait to get a photo of that… my little vampire! I will need to get you a little toothbrush now.

Days come and go in the life of a baby. Our day usually starts at about 5.30am, sometimes you let me sleep into 6am even (so generous of you!). I am usually woken to a baby screaming at me for some attention, then walk in and you are there in the corner of your cot standing, trying as you might to get out I’m sure. There’s also usually a wonderful pungent smell first thing in the morning! Nice! If it’s before 5.30am or I’m finding it hard to open my eyes, I will give you your bottle in your bed and pray that you’ll go back to sleep. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. However, this might just become a more regular occurrence as the mornings get darker and darker heading into winter. If it’s dark, its still bedtime! After your bottle, its time for a big play (waking up everyone in the house as you go). Mummy usually has this time on the computer before Jaidyn gets up, to catch up on emails, forums etc. So you crawl around in the lounge room, or over to me at the computer, and usually find some cords to play with on the way… It is always fun when Jaidyn wakes up and you two usually spend some time together doing something, then you try to follow him to his bedroom, but only to have him shut you out (rules are you are not allowed in there as its too messy!)… you don’t much like that, but then search for any other rooms where Mummy has left the door open for exploring..
You usually have another sleep before we take Jai to school or when we get home. Sometimes another bottle after that sleep, but I’m trying to cut you back to only 3 a day, so this is more when you have your Weet-bix or if you’ve had them earlier, maybe some yoghurt or fruit for morning tea.
You really are quite easy to take out, and pretty much adapt to whatever I am doing. You love looking around if we go to the shops, or love playing with other kids if it’s off to playgroup or someone’s for a coffee. You now ride up in the ‘big trolley’ when we do the groceries, but you squirm to reach the food or try to suck on the handle, or reach for anything that is within arm’s length! Mummy has realised that you are not really so helpful at the shopping as you usually throw anything I give you to ‘look after’ on the ground! You are still well-behaved though, just ‘curious’ really.
Lunchtime is a favourite for you. You sit up in your highchair while I’m having my lunch or doing something on the computer. Lunch usually consists of a sandwich with vegemite, jam, honey, or I’ve even tried some peanut-butter now (thankfully no allergies have reared). You drink from your Sippy cup, usually water, but sometimes a bit of watered-down cordial or juice too. And sometimes we’ll finish with some fruit or custard or yoghurt.
Afternoons are pretty much the same as mornings. You have a sleep sometime there, some afternoon tea and play around the house or if we are out. Mummy usually gets out some of the bakeware and Tupperware and you have a ball with that. And you find it rather amusing to whack yourself over the head with a cake tin! Lately you seem to be dropping that last afternoon sleep, which is not so good for Mummy because you are cranky from about 5pm! Being home by myself usually at this time of evening, it’s chaotic to get you fed and bathed before 5 (I prefer), then get you into bed. If I don’t have any vegies made up, I usually give you some of what we are eating, which means you eat later. I like to feed, then bath you about 5-5.30pm. But it doesn’t always turn out this way. For dinner you usually enjoy some mashed vegies, and I’ve started putting some ham and cheese into it too. More and more you are eating what we are. In the last couple of weeks you’ve enjoyed Tuna mornay and rice, Apricot chicken with mashed potato and you even ate some of a rissole. Yum!
Bedtime is usually at about 6.30pm. Sometimes you’ll have another bottle now, or sometimes you won’t. Come 7.30pm after Jaidyn has gone to bed too, there’s peace and quiet again, with some special time with Daddy now! Being a Mum is a tough job and long hours!

We spent Australia Day on a little family outing. We went to the beach for a little while, but it was so hot that day that we dared not leave you two out in the scorching sun for long. We did snap a few pics on the beach though, and you looked so cute in your little swim set that Sal gave you. We then took the long drive home via the glasshouse mountains with some lunch at the Lookout Cafe.
You are talking more and more. No new words yet, but in the last couple of days you have hardly stopped the babble. “dadadadada…. Aaahhhhhh…. Dadadada……” is how you do it at the moment. The ‘aahhhh’ in the middle is almost a yell sometimes! I’m still waiting on the ‘Mamama’ though. L

Mummy has been doing a little bit of work again at the Daycare centre over lunchtime. This means that you have been coming along to play with me the other babies. You have really loved this so far! There is one other little boy in particular, Noah who is a month older than you, and you two have a ball together, crawling around, shaking your heads, clapping your hands. You are both doing roughly the same things, so it’s great to see you play together. You love all the new toys there and had particular fun going through the tunnel the other day! What fun! You were a little unsure about the sandpit though. You just sat there not doing much at all. Here I was, worried you would just eat the sand, but I’m sure that won’t be too far off! You don’t really like to go to sleep at daycare though, so 2 or 3 hours is our max with you in tow. It’s good to get a little money for the family and still be able to play with you, and you with other babies too.

You are starting to get more into church too. You love to sing along when we are worshipping. You are without a doubt, the loudest child at church though! But its great to hear you yelling along with the music when we sing. So cute!

And finally, you are learning how to wave. This is so so cute! Of course though, you never seem to do it when anyone else is around, so I’m sure they don’t believe me. But, I managed to get it on camera yesterday! You are so funny to watch. Here we are, waving profusely at you, saying “Hi Eli! Hi Eli!” (must look rather crazy really). You stand with one hand balancing you on the table or gate or something, and stick your other arm in the air. Sometimes you move it back and forth. Yesterday you seemed a little confused though, as you were shaking your head with your arm still, instead of the other way around! You’ll get the hang of it soon enough, and then we can wave at everyone when they leave.

Well, I didn’t think I would have this much to write about, but I’ve made it to 2 pages long! I love writing these letters, thinking about all the funny and wonderful things you are doing as you grow, and these will be so great to look back on in the future.

Love you with all my heart! Mummy xxx