Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas '05.

I've been on here the last 2 days, written half a post, then got caught up doing something else, so I'll finish it this time.

Christmas was nice. Great day with family in Toowoomba. Nice air-conditioned drive up (not in my car). Lots to eat (in fact, we counted 15 different desserts; only 17 people), lots to drink (not me of course), lots to talk about, swimming and opening pressies, yay! The day was over before we knew it, as we had to leave at 4pm to take my sisters back to a party at a friend's house. We then went and crashed Mum and Dad's place (who had stayed in Toowoomba) - a pool, air-con and foxtel. Nice...

Boxing Day was pretty much a write-off. We did nothing. At all. A few hours of foxtel in the morning, a swim, then home, Red Rooster, a sleep and watching Madagascar. My kind of nothing day. Only thing better could have been a productive bbq with a bunch of friends, maybe.

Got spoilt rotten of course. As you know, Greg and I bought us the 350D, which we are slowly learning how to use, still need some practical assistance though to do anything 'creative'. Greg also got me a nice little pearl earrings and necklace set. Got some outdoor chairs for watching the view, some cash (nice!), clothes and shoes, and a voucher for a whole heap of services at a hairdresser and beauty salon from my sisters. Niiice - I'll need the pampering!!

Now to get the house ready to have people over for NYE party. Greg has today off, so we are doing a dump run (if we can get hold of a trailer!) to finally get rid of all the extra crap we've accumulated over the years. De-clutter!! I love it! I'm tempted to just throw everything out, but know we need to keep some of it!

Have a good day xx

Friday, December 23, 2005

2 more sleeps...

Busy, busy, busy...

Today I have to:

* wash bed linen
* pick up photos from Kmart
* finish canvases for Gran and Mum
* wrap presents
* make a few gift tags for presents (maybe)
* grocery shopping

So, I guess I better get off the computer hey?

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Haven't done one of these in a while, thanks to Eck for tagging me :) :)

Never in my life: did I think I would be married with 2 children at age 24 (will be this year!)
When I was five: I was most probably a naughty little rat-bag. Mum and Dad always tell me what a terrible and embarrasing child I was... hehe...
High School is: when I lost my best friend. In year 12, he committed suicide.
There's this girl: that's thouroughly enjoying her life at the moment. A growing belly (for once it's ok!), a wonderful husband and family, a great new house and suburb and wonderful friends. (She's me!)
Last night: we had friends over for dinner. The first time since we've moved.
When I turn my head left, I see: another computer, a window and air-con unit and a few scattered boxes that haven't found houses yet.
When I turn my head right, I see: a CPU and a wall
A better name for me would be: Lazy Suzy.
I have a hard time understanding: how to use my new camera!!
You know I like you if: I clean the house when you come over.
My ideal breakfast is: at the moment, all I've wanted is peanut-butter on toast. But I can't go past a good cooked bacon and eggs, and tomoto of course!
If you spend the night at my house: you'd probably get lost in the boxes at the moment. Nah, we'd probably have a nice dinner, chat, play some board games and have a not-too-late night. If you're a close friend, I might just have to do a photo shoot with my new camera too!
I always make it a point to:
compliment people when they look great!
I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: do cleaning for a living.
And by the way: I hope you all have a fantabulous Christmas!!

I tag Brookie and Deb.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Family photo shoot...

So we finally got to use the 350D properly and I am so happy with many of the photos we took. I still can't get over how crystal clear they are! We decided to drag our crappy old downstairs lounge outside for the photos. The lighting isn't the best in some of them, but I guess I'm still learning. Didn't get any 'Christmassy' ones, but some much-needed and very nice family ones. I got my hair cut last week too, so I look much nicer in these pics than I would have with the feral hair I had before!

Here are some of my favourites:

The family shot I just love...
(oh, except maybe the crappy lighting)

Greg and I...

Oh, we're in love!!

My boys...

Jaidyn and I - I love this one!

I can't wait to start scrapping some of them. Have got a few enlarged and a few printed normal size. Think I'll have to make some even bigger coz they weren't as big as I thought. Then I can try some Erica-style, enlarged photo layouts! Yum, I can scrap again. Am using some today to make MIL a canvas, which I really needed to send like last week! Yikes. I think she'll have to have a late Chrissy pressie.

Jaidyn is off at Mum's for a couple of nights. A much-needed break for both of us I think. Greg has today off so we are doing the rest of the Christmas shopping - yes late I know, grrrrr.... will try to get to the shops as soon as they open I think, more chance of a parking spot, maybe.

Hope you're all having a great and not too hectic lead-up to Christmas. I can't believe its this weekend!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A girl's best friend...

Jewellery of course! I went to a gorgeous porgeous jewellery party last night. Oh, I was in heaven!! Rozzie, Eck and Carol-Lea, you girls would have loved it too, being the bling things that you are! It's a new company called 'Jadela Jewels'. A lady called Angela imports and also makes some of the collection, and much of it was to die for! Literally I spent an hour and a half walking around and around a dining room table filled with beautiful pieces. Prices are between $10 and $50. I found a present for my Mum and my sister and also 'just had to' buy a gorgeous necklace for myself... now just trying to see if my sister will buy it for me for Christmas, then it's justified (What with just buying the camera this weekend and all)... now, if I had a USB cable for the camera, I'd take a pic of it and show you, but that's something I'll probably have to get today.

Anyway, I'm going to have a Jadela Jewels party at my house, and if you love jewellery, you'll want to come (if you can of course). I now live at Ferny Hills. The date will be Friday 6th January, 7.30pm. Let me know if you'd be interested...

Well, I have just found fleas in our house, which would explain the hundreds of bites all over my feet, so I'm not sure whether its from the cat that we have 'adopted' (that the previous tenants left here - how nice you say! - still not sure if we'll keep him), or whether its that the curtains weren't clean (wouldn't surprise me) or something else. So today I'm going to get stuck into the rest of these boxes, so I can properly clean the floors and hopefully get rid of the little buggers. What else can I use, anyone know? And I'll take down the curtains, and wash them, which I wanted to replace with some that I have anyway....

Nat xx

Monday, December 12, 2005

I'm baaaacccckkk.....

Hello strangers. Well, if anyone is still out there reading my little blog.

We have moved house and are now back online. The house is still full of boxes but oh well, definitely better things to do, lol.

Other news - guess what!! I GOT MY CANON 350D!!! Sooooo nice!! Yum.... don't really know how to use it, but I want to learn soon. I seem to have a problem with reading a manual and applying it to the camera - most of the terms just go way over my head, so I think I really need some hands-on in person training with someone who is experienced... till then Greg and I will just fiddle around I guess. But I am am soooo excited that I FINALLY have the camera I've been waiting for about a year for!! Yes! Finally its MINE! (well Greg seems to use it as much or more than me at the moment... ggrrr....)

Don't really know what else to report...

Had a great couple of days with the girls last weekend, which most of you would have already read about on Roz, Erica, Nic, Ali, Carol-Lea or Shari's blogs. Love hanging out with this bunch!! Wonderful, funny and super talented girls.

After what seemed like ages, Greg finally got a weekend off and we had a nice relaxing weekend together as a family, not doing a lot in particular, but just relaxing. We put the Christmas tree and our new lights up yesterday (with Greg up on the roof, not me!) and went to the local community carols last night with a bunch of people from church. It was great getting into the Christmas spirit a bit more! I love it all!

Well, will update again soon, once I've caught up on more things I need to do around this net - gosh, so many places to visit and bills to pay when offline for nearly 2 weeks!

Take care, Nat xxx

Oh, P.S. Found a new scrap shop at Arana Hills today that only opened on Saturday. Her shop is yummy painted in pink and brown and even pink, brown and cream mini couches for lounging, reading mags! The lady who runs it has FREE classes, yes FREE to attend, you just need to buy your materials there... plus she said she might give me a job there after Christmas - fingers crossed!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm getting a REBEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, I've only been waiting a WHOLE YEAR!! But FINALLY, I've convinced Greg to get one 'for us'..... yay!! We went into Harvey Norman last night and there is a good sale coming up in the next couple of weeks on the 350D so we have ordered one in and will get it then!! I can't wait!!!!! Greg tried to say I can't have it till Christmas, but I need to learn how to use it before then right!!?? So hopefully I can start to fiddle around as soon as I get it!!!


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My weekend...

Well, we had a huge weekend, being Jaidyn's 5th birthday on Sunday. Saturday he had a party with his friends, and I spent the morning getting last minute ingredients and running around the kitchen like a chood with no head. I swear, it would have been funny on video - almost stressed myself out to the point of breakdown I think. Not hard for a pregnant woman mind you. OF course I left all the shopping till the Friday afternoon, and boy, didn't realise how much a kid's b'day party costs! $100 later, easily. But it was worth it. Jaidyn hasn't had a 'proper' party with lots of friends before, and he won't be having one next year (only every 2nd year) so better make it a good one hey. We went to a local park, where the kids ran rampant on the play equipment, and by the end of it, looked like Army Commandos or something - dirt everywhere! So he had a great time.

Sunday was his actual birthday, so more presents! And to think its only a month until he gets more at Christmas. We definitely need a toy-box cleanout!! He got enough new stuff to fill it all over again I reckon! Sunday we went to Mum and Dads for a yummy BBQ lunch. We always get so well fed there - yummmm..... steak....... even if I somehow picked the one that was *still mooing* (rather rare)... Jai had a great time with all his new stuff. But I tell you, after the weekend, I was buggered!

It was nice to not have to be places or do things too much this week, except for packing of course. I have not been too well today, so slept about 2 1/2 hours today! Opps, no packing though.

We move in less than a week now! Monday is the day. Lucky for me, Greg is having the weekend, plus Monday and Tuesday off, so he can help with much fo the packing on the weekend, the move on Monday, and I'm hoping we can get some of the cleaning done on the Tuesday so I don't have to do it all myself! I hate cleaning. And so far, Mum has steered clear of offering to help - thanks Mum.... gggrrrr....

So I better get stuck into it. We don't have enough boxes though, so think I might need to sort the crap under the house a bit. Chuck it and use the boxes from it. We have so much crap that we haven't even opened from last year.

Oh well, gotta go prepare my worship and word for home group tonight. Hope I didn't pack the CDs!

Ciao, Nat xx

P.S. I know they probably don't read this, but I just want to say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my ASC friends, Kathie and Nicnac, who both had beautiful baby boys last week! How wonderful!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Update and crazy quiz...

Well, have had a very busy few days, and it won't stop there. Sometimes its good being busy, sometimes its bad... do you know I have not had time for my 'nana-nap' for the last 2 days! lol I hear you say... I'm 23 and I have an afternoon sleep.... yeah pathetic I know, but I'm pregnant, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it, and I get up too early.....

Tuesday I went shopping. Spent a while in the Maternity shop again, just trying on different things. Bought a top too coz it was on special, and my current clothes are starting to get uncomfortable. I don't want to have to suck my tummy in constantly. I also have a cocktail party to go to Saturday night, so I might just have to go back and get a teal wrap-top I've been eyeing off for a couple weeks now... and I'm meant to go and put the black pants I like on layby too so they don't get sold! Must-haves. Also did the groceries and a few odds and ends. Forgot to pick up Jaidyn's presents from layby after all that, so am sending Greg to do it this afternoon.

Yesterday I did a pocket album with mum's craft group. I do like getting together with these ladies, many of them are family friends we've grown up with, so its always good to catch up. Good solid Christian women too. After picking up Jaidyn from school I did about 2 hours housework - the dishes alone took about an hour (yes, there were that many in the sink...). I feel good to have a clean house for Greg to come home to at night. He still seemed to point out what I hadn't done, by pulling out all the folding and leaving it all over the floor this morning... gggrrrr.......

Oh yeah!! Almost forgot to mention WE GOT THE HOUSE!! yeehaa! Really excited about it! And we don't have to move in till the same weekend our lease is up here - how's that for timing and blessings!! Awesome God! A house in the same street as other from church too - and so close! Will be so great!!

Am getting really scared/nervous about my Ed Qld interview tomorrow morning. I still haven't started on preparing my presentation, and really, I don't know what to do. I think I have a stigma too coz my friend only got an S2 rating (need an S1 - highest), so I'm all worried I won't either now.... have to rustle together something to present for 10 mins.... might do a small portfolio and see what resources I can get together to pop on a table to look like I know what I'm doing... yikes, scary stuff...

Oh, and still got to do all the shopping for Jaidyn's b'day party! I need more time!!! Ggrrr...... this is really the first 'proper' kids b'day party I've put on so I want it to be impressive enough too... its at a park, so have to be thoughtful of what food to make (no oven to cook hot food, and no fridge to keep stuff cool and prevent melting!) What foods can you suggest girls? I need some help!

Well, I guess I better get organised for today - lots to do - and throw in child at home too that I will have to entertain while I do everything else! Ggrrrr.... I hate being busy sometimes....

Will end on this: a quiz I nabbed from Tam and Roz...

2 names you go by: Nat, Natti
2 parts of your heritage: English and German I think...
2 things that scare you: spiders, drivng really fast (me too Tam!)
2 of your everyday essentials: nana-nap (most days! lol) and affection from family
2 things you are wearing right now: nightie and new knickers
2 of your favourite bands or musical artists (at the moment): NewsBoys, Anthony Callea (just looove listening to his gorgeous voice)
2 favourite songs (at the moment): can't think right now
2 things you want in a relationship (other then real love): conversation & honesty
2 truths: I've never yet been out of Australia, I have my nose pierced.
2 physical things that appeal to you (in the opposite sex): arms and eyes
2 of your favourite hobbies (other than scrapbooking!): surfing net, being with friends
2 things you want really badly: a Canon 350D & someone to pack the house for me!!
2 places you want to go on vacation: New Zealand & UK
2 things you want to do before you die: travel, see my children grow up.
2 ways that you are stereotypically a chick: I love jewellery and girly clothes
2 things that you are thinking about now: what on earth am I going to present for my interview tomorrow, and that I should do some housework...
2 stores you shop at: Target & Room 42 (maternity wear!)

Nat xx

Monday, November 14, 2005

Busy little bee...

Have had a rather busy weekend, and will be the same way for much of this week.

Saturday was house-hunting. Went to see one out near Mum and Dads. Was crappy and old though. Had a quick swim and some lunch there before heading into the northern suburbs to look at two, that just happened to have the SAME inspection time - gggrr.... was early to the first though, so I made it to both. First was a bit worn-down. Second was great though! So we put in an application... still waiting to hear if we got it but should know tomorrow. It's in Ferny Hills, a lovely suburb with lots of hills, parks and generally families it seems. This house is at the top of one street/hill so has great views and breezes from the wrap-around deck. Nice... 3 bedrooms upstairs, and a rumpus *plus* an extra room downstairs, which I'm hoping to claim for my scrapping room! Might still have to share with Greg and the computer though - bum... I want to decorate it all nice! Great big backyard too so Jaidyn will actually be able to fun around... also a mango tree but you have to beat the possums to the mangoes unfortunately. So prayers and fingers crossed for us please...

Had a Crafty Kids demo yesterday. Made the most I ever have at a party - a nice $500 in sales, so $90 for 3 hours work, not too bad. I have well and truly earnt over what I spent on my kit now, yay! So now its all in the pocket!

This week I have lots to do.

Craft class on Wednesday, which will go for the whole school hours at least.

Ed Qld Interview Friday, so have to prepare for that. Have been out of the whole teacher-thing for 6 months, so I hope I can still do well!

Jaidyn's b'day party on Saturday! Yikes - kids party! This is the first we will have had with lots of kids coming... have got the invitations out, so that's a start. Just have to do all the menu shopping and making, find or make a pinnata, and work out how I'm going to do his cake.... I suck at cakes, so I'm thinking of going with the individual cupcakes (less likely to melt too) and will hunt around for some batman edible discs or something to put on top.....

And in between all that, packing, packing and more packing... and some house-work too.... we move in about 2 or 3 weeks..... better get a move on hey...

Hope you have a great week all!

Nat xxx

Friday, November 11, 2005

I am loving....

Thanks Tam, I'm going to be positive today and lift your post!

I am loving..... THAT WE DON'T HAVE TO MOVE TO VICKY POINT!! Wahooo!!! The bosses gave Greg the option of going back to Salisbury store until they can find him a permanent home store! We are so happy about that! Now, its just back to house-hunting.... which is frustrating because really we don't know where he's likely to get posted to, and frankly, once I have Jaidyn enrolled in a school, I really don't want to have to move him again, its so not fair on him. So we have to weigh up where he's more likely to get a spot... hopefully the bosses can give Greg and inkling... and we'll move there. It will either be Western suburbs (near my Mum and Dad) or Northern suburbs (near church and friends where I *really* want to be).... so lots of praying ahead. At least God knows where we'll be so hopefully he can help us know where to move to.. we're running out of time too - only a few weeks...

I am loving.... that I have got the first box packed! I always leave packing to the last minute but I started yesterday with some of Jaidyn's room (which is so messy it really needs to be packed first)... now just to get some packing tape so I can get stuck into the rest... it's a big job!!

I am loving... that I get to see my Mum today. Jaidyn and I are going over for a swim and lunch.

I am loving... that I'm also going to go and look at a few digital cameras today. Greg and I have decided that we will buy *us* a digi for Christmas. We can't afford a Rebel or an SLR and I'm coming to terms with it... and really I don't know why I need one - I've never used an SLR in my life - so a good digi it will be! Yay, I'll get to take photos and scrap again soon!!

I am loving... that I have great friends who come and read my blog, and who care about what's happening in my life and who are there to support me all the time!

I am loving.... that there is a tiny life growing inside me. I so can't wait until I can feel him or her, but I know that growinga human takes time and I have faith that God is looking after her in there!!!

Have a great day all xxx

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dealt a shit blow...

Have had a bit of a shit day today.

For one, I've really been feeling the 'morning sickness'. Been headachy all day and haven't been sleeping very well the last few nights, so I was sooo tired...

We got a phone call from Greg's boss today. Good news we thought. Yes, they've found him a home store - finally. But however, its the Victoria Point store. Look at the map of Brisbane and that's aaaages away from where we wanted to be. Away from our new church, away from the new friends we've made and love, even heaps far away from my parents. Basically, it will mean starting over really. I douby many of my friends will want to travel an hour to see us too often, nor my parents. Yeah, its pretty shit. I guess not shit in that our house hasn't been burnt down and we haven't lost everything, we haven't been through a tsunami or a hurricane, but in the scheme of where we thought our life was going, its still shit. Had a nice cry about it this morning. It will mean having to find a new church (again - and that was agonising enough), new friends, finding a reputable school for Jaidyn when I know nothing about the area. Its just really not where we wanted to go. Really, it was almost the worst store in Brisbane they could have put him. Go figure, they tell us we can look for houses in both Western and Northern suburbs of Brisbane and then place us at the furthest Eastern end of Brisbane possible.... go figure. And we've wasted all that time looking for houses on the west and north side now too.

So anyway, Greg has asked whether they can find any other store. Funny, now we're even prepared for him to go out to Ipswich, coz it would mean we could still live western suburbs and even travel to church. Vicky Point is just totally near nothing and no-one we know. If this is in God's plan, I'm really stumped as to how. Now I don't doubt God and His plan, I know he's got us in His hands, and a purpose for whatever it does, but it just seems He placed us in a new church we love, we've made friends, we had our heart set on going north and now its all about to change. I just don't get it.

So yeah, one phonecall can have changed everything really. I don't want to go that far away. I'm pregnant, I don't work, I need my family and friends around me. I need them to sustain what little life I seem to have. Vicky Point means I'll have no-one anywhere near me. Whinge, whinge, whinge... I know it probably seems like that, and I should be happy Greg has a store - and I am, we just are not so happy about where..

Then again, Vicky Point is right on the beach - and the porthole to the Redland Bay Islands, so it could be fun..... just such a big change I'll have to get used to. I'll have to go out and make new friends.

Well, I guess tomorrow they'll tell Greg what the go is. Keep your fingers crossed and prayers going up for us to stay somewhere more inner city suburbs please!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Weekend news

Had a lovely weekend. While Saturday was spent pottering around and cleaning the house, it was worth it Saturday night when we had friends from church over for a BBQ. It seems ages since we've entertained at our house, and it was so nice to have people around. There were 6 couples that came, 5 married and one just dating. But it was so delightfully nice to now have this many couples of friends that we have things in common with. Unlike at our old church where we just didn't fit in, these 5 married couples are all under 30, two of them have children and all of us have been married under 3 years. It was just so nice to have friends!!

We cooked up the BBQ, ate our fill, drank mainly softdrink, chatted lots and lots and then played Pictionary. Greg and I just love playing this with friends. We decided to play in couples, which may not be the best as some couples thought it could cause marriage problems... lol..... "can't you see that's a horse?" "How am I supposed to get a cat out of that...." and so on... lol... we didn't get to finish the game though as the couple with 4 kids had a whingy 2-yr old who wouldn't go to sleep so had to take him home... but it was such a good night!

Sunday we went to church (yay, as a family as Greg had the day off!) and there was an interesting sermon about suicide. James, on of the youth pastors made up a video clip to begin with of pictures, music and statistics of suicide in Australia, and I found myself absolutely bawling within a minute or so of it. My best friend committed suicide when we were in Year 12, and I think it was that, plus maybe eve na little pregnancy hormones as I can usually compose myself about it nowadays.... it was a sad and interesting sermon. James interviewed young adults in Brisbane about whether suicide is ok, and it was alarming their responses. While many said its not ok, and a few said they would never consider it, there were a lot of answers that said it depends on the circumstances and a couple of girls even said it was ok coz their lives were shit... Wow! You just want to reach out and hug them! Its so sad when they obsiously don't have the hope of Jesus in their lives...

Anyway, after church we went to my Mum and Dad's for afternoon tea, as it was Dad's b'day on Saturday. We always get fed well at Mum's. Ended up watching Harry Potter and stayed till it was dark. So we didn't really have tea. Poor Jaidyn was hungry and tired so we sent him to bed with a banana for sustanence!!

Well today, was meant to go to the Coast with the girls for lunch, but very broke. So I think I'll just potter around here, maybe clean up a little, search for some real estate, organise to see some maybe, and even have a nice sleep! My car has something wrong with it (AGAIN!) - maybe a wheel bearing or something, so I don't really feel safe driving it (its going in to shop Wednesday), so I think I'll be walking to pick up Jaidyn today and some groceries.

Nat xx

Friday, November 04, 2005

Maternity clothes, craft and BBQs...

I just can't wait to wear them. I can't wait till my belly grows and I can really see there's a little life growing in there, a little life that is so wanted in our new little family. Lol, I even want to feel fat and have an excuse! I did a spot of shopping yesterday - to pick up some craft supplies, a present for Dad, all those little odds and ends that you need to do. I also happened to walk past a Maternity shop that even when I wasn't pregnant I wanted to look in. So of course I went in. It was soooo nice! And I was even pleasantly surprised at the prices. Thinking they would all cost an arm and leg I was happy to see prices you might find in many clothes stores such as Portmans or Sussan. A little more than I usually pay (Target, Kmart) but still definitely within reach, and a lot nicer and better made than the maternity wear in Kmart and Target I think. Room 42 it's called. Erica, if you have one nearby, you'll have to go and have a look. I know what I'm going to ask for for Christmas - Room 42 vouchers!

Ok, so my belly is still my own (even though it could be mistaken for a pregnant one, lol), but I have been feeling really yucky in my normal clothes, a bit bloated and definitely not wanting to wear tight clothes. The clothes in here were so nice! I was eyeing off some party dresses that were on sale, but unfortunately looked hideous on me! I also tried on some nice wrap tops (mainly to cover my fadoobadas - tuckshop arms) and she gave me a pair of black pants to try on with them as I was wearing a dress. I put these on and had to check I had put them on right because the hems actually reached the ground! Now, if you know how tall I am, you'll understand why I was surprised. I NEVER find pants that are long on me - and if I do, they are a specified 'long' length... so of course now I'm totally sold on the black pants - and they happened to look really flattering, and the black top with turquoise wrap looked so good too... I want some money or vouchers NOW! LOL.... well anyway, that's enough blabbing about that.. I did buy a little maternity top from Kmart though. I first tried on the baby-doll tops from the regular section but they were totally just wrong - the boob bit was not wide enough to go over your whole boobs and it was just yuck. So I found one similar in the maternity section (black, my favourite colour) and it looked so much better. More flattering, even though its a maternity top - strange. But I bought it and its so comfy coz I don't have to worry about wobbly belly bits hanging out, having to pull my top up or just feeling trapped in a tight top. It's nice and long too.

Gosh, I just realised how much I wrote about a few items of clothing. Oops, sorry to bore you there.

What else? Oh, last night I did a class with some ladies from my old church. It was a nice relaxed atmosphere... and there were Mint Slice so of course I was happy! lol... 2 of the ladies made accordion albums and one wanted to do something different so I helped her get started on 6 frames that she's making for nieces and nephews for christmas - thanks to Erica for helping me with the idea - I think they worked out pretty well and she was very happy with it. So yeah, it was nice to get a bit of money in the hand for that. And for once, we didn't go and blow it on take-away today (although I really wanted KFC chips!).

Greg has 3 days off work, so we are having friends over for a BBQ tomorrow night - thanks for the idea Tam! I'm so looking forward to it. All great friends from our church and I just love having BBQs.... now just to do a spot of cleaning tomorrow to make sure the house is clean.

I've still been really slack in the craft department. I really should be making christmas samples for my CK demo thats in a week and a bit, but I just can't seem to get into anything. Guess it doesn't help when I don't have much christmassy stuff to work with. Hopefully I'll get a bit done on Tuesday when I'm crafting with my CK team leader.

Anyway, that's enough from me. That's if you're still with me, lol.
Have a great weekend all,
Nat xx

Monday, October 31, 2005

I must scrap today, I must scrap today.

I have to keep telling myself. Else I'll end up at this computer bumming all day. It's easy to do. I'm terrible.

Actually, more card-making than scrapping. Have a party coming up and the girl wants some Christmas craft samples. Better get my butt into gear hey? Christmas cards, christmas cards. Can you believe its only 7 weeks away though. I really *should* be getting stuck into them anyhow. If I'm going to that is.

With money tight this time of year (isn't it for everyone?) - we've got Dad's, Jaidyn's, 2 friends, and Greg's birthdays all within 4 weeks of Christmas, bother - I really do need to make some gifts if I can. Cut down on the costs if I can. Any ideas? What's good for Mum? She usually likes some little album-thing... in fact I don't know if I've ever made her one. Yes, she needs one. Specific ideas anyone?

Nice..... I got a nice long sleep-in today. Could have kept going really. Except its getting hot. Might be another stinker whereby I will hibernate in my air-conditioned room this afternoon. Jaidyn went to Toowoomba with my folks for my cousins 18th party yesterday afternnon. Is missing preschool today - first time ever this year I think. Oh well. No doubt he'll be home before I know it.

Should also get off the net so I can call the doctors. Call some clients. Do the groceries. Blergh... house-wife stuff.... boring... such is my life huh.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Lazy few days...

The most of my time over the last few days has been spent telling friends about the new baby. It's all very exciting and it's exciting to talk about it. Exciting that this time is very different from last. While I enjoyed my pregnancy last time, I was only 17, young, more naive, unstable and was forever wondering what people would think of me. Now its so different. Now I'm married, I have a degree, I'm stable, have a family already, and a bit older. It's wonderful now, and I intend to enjoy every bit of it!

Have been talking to some of the ASC girls about their scans. The doc told me I'm not due for a scan until 18 weeks which I thought a bit strange. Then I hear (and remembered) that I should have one at about 12 weeks for the Down Syndrome scan. The doc has me scheduled in for bloodtests at this time, but not a scan, but I'll be changing that, that's for sure! For one, I'd like to have that scan (not that it would change anything - I would never ever abort my child) and two, I'm not really sure of my dates, so I'd really like to know and Eck says the earlier the better coz babies can be growing at all different stages by 18 weeks. So Monday I'm going to call for an ultrasound. I hate having to make an appointment just to ask for a referral for one, but I guess it has to be done.

Our lease runs out in early December. In the year we've been living in this house, they've now put the rent up $15. Buggers. So we've decided to move. That, and our main bedroom is too small for our king-size bed and to move around in, AND we'll need an extra room or a bigger house with baby coming along! So now its down to finding somewhere. And its a bit tricky. Now we want a 4-bedroom house, and for our budget, the options are rather slim. We did find one the other day that we half-liked, then they put the rent up another $10 so I don't know if we want it so much anymore. Plus we still don't really know what area to move to. REALLY, we want to be over the northside of Brisbane, near our church community and friends. However, Greg doesn't seem confident about getting posted out there as apparently there's a lot more competition for management positions and promotions that side of town. But then again, our God is bigger than that. I guess what we really need to be doing is praying diligently and trusting God will place us in the best place for our family's wellbeing and spirituality. Hopefully He can give Greg a position on the northside..... please pray for and with us for this move if you will. It's all so up in the air. We don't know where or when Greg will get a home store, and we now have about 4 weeks till we have to move. And the houses we'll be after will go fast. Just pray for us if you will please.

Well, I suppose I better go and spend some time with Jaidyn or do some housework or something.... yuck, housework.

Another big congrats to Eck for your pregnancy darling, and now also for Matt's new promotion! Great opportunities for your family. I wish you all the best in your decisions as to what you will do together.

Nat xx

Thursday, October 27, 2005

P.S. Needs challenge...

Oh yeah, I forgot to add this. I did this after reading Rozzie's blog the other day...

Here's what Natalie needs:

1. Natalie needs a Nightie (apparently this is a play!)
2. Natalie needs more hours.
3. Natalie needs a vehicle (yep, a nice mazda 3 would go down well thanks!)
4. Natalie needs to hit the road.
5. Natalie needs to lighten up.... (geez, I didn't think I was that bad) lol

Good fun... whats yours?

Still gobsmacked...

So I do my morning reading of my friends blogs, and Erica's sounds all regularly normal for her family... (I know Matt and Maddy having golden staph isn't normal, but like Eck said, when it rains at her house, it pours)... until her very last line!! If you haven't checked it out, you must...

Well I was gobsmacked! One because I totally didn't expect Erica to have more kids (SIX!??), and two because I too have news....

I'M PREGNANT TOO!!!!!!!!!!

So you can imagine how excited I was! Of course I called her straight away and we whooped and jumped up and down together coz we are due about 2 weeks apart! We are going to be pregnant totally together!! And I'm soooo excited about it!!

I was going to post it on my blog or send emails to friends today anyway, so the Biatch beat me to it! LOL, love ya Eck! Congratulations sweetie, I'm just so happy for you and your beautiful family. Sure, you're crazy, but I know how much you just love your kids and how much you'll love another.... going for the 'cheaper by the dozen' hey??

So there ya go. I've been quiet lately yes, but my life has been pretty boring otherwise. A little morning sickness, a lot of trying not to tell friends when I really just wanted to!! I so can't keep a secret like this!

We are so very excited! And even telling my Mum and Dad wasn't so bad this time. Bear in mind, last time I told them I was pregnant I was 17 so I had that memory hanging over my shoulder. Now I'm 23 and married and really with Jaidyn going to school next year, the timing is perfect. Oh, except that maybe I should have worked full-time for a while... but anything to get out of working huh?? LOL, that's what my mum said anyway...

So now I have told you, I will have to bore you all with updates and such, and of course photos of my growing belly (which is already quite large to begin with, lol). We don't have a camera at the moment, and don't look like affording my Rebel or something similar for a while, so I think we are going to buy a cheap digital to last for a year or so til we can maybe afford the Rebel. Coz I can't go without a camera now can I?

Nat xx

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Well, I've been so-so with the 'goals' as specified for this week.

Have exercised twice so far. Went to the gym and did my weights (OMGosh, first time in 2 months I noticed - umm-ahh) and felt really good about that... did aerobics on TV yesterday morning too. Was sweating up a storm too...

Should have gone to gym this morning, but haven't been feeling well the last few days/mornings, so I'll hopefully go for a walk or aerobics tomorrow morning before heading off to the retreat...

Speaking of which, can't WAIT to see the girls! It's been a slow process getting me excited about it this year as I'm a little out of the scrapping loop atm but I really can't wait to see Roz, Eck, Nic, Carol-Lea and the other ASC girls I'll be meeting Finally for the first time! I'm sure it will be a blast! Even if I don't have a whole lot to scrap!! I'll try to rustle together something today, but my camera has been AWOL for a few months now so I'll just have to use old pics, or I might get into some BTPs that I want to do for Xmas pressies or such.

See you all tomorrow girls! Can't wait!!

Oh, and P.S. A HUGE congratulations to Rozzie, Eck and Shell for making the MASTERS!! Woohoooo!! Congrats again too to the girls who got HMs... Brooke, Nic and Carol-Lea come to mind... love all your work girls!!

Natti xxx

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Getting real...

Following Ali's post on 'getting real' I've also decided to set myself some goals and start reaching them too! I watched Oprah the other day and it was about how she lost the weight and has kept it off. Apparently she followed some program that some guy has a book about (Bob someone). She sent 4 of her staff on a 12-week 'boot-camp' to lose some weight and they looked so great afterwards! So I copied down the 6 rules as a part of this program...

1. Exercise vigourously 5-6 times a week (on boot-camp they had to 8 times - yikes that's everyday and then some!)

2. Eat consiously at all times (knowing exactly what you are stuffing into your mouth all the time!)

3. Eat a healthy breakfast (I don't have a problem with this one)

4. Stop eating 2-3 hours before bedtime.

5. No alcohol.

6. 6-8 glasses of water per day.

So, I'm not totally going all gung-ho on this program, but am going to try to apply these principles where I can. I am especially testing out number 4, and am setting myself a 7.30 cut-off time. No eating after 7.30pm. Bob said that you can lose weight just be focussing on this. So I'm going to see if I can make any changes with it.

OK, so my goals for this week.

1. Drink at least 6 glasses of water each day.
2. Eat fruit - at least one piece a day.
3. Only eat at designated snack times. Breakfast-snack-lunch-snack-dinner-snack (if not after 7.30pm)
4. PORTION CONTROL! Watch my dinner plate.
5. Gym. 3-4 times a week. Like Ali, no excuses.

I REALLY want to make a start on this before the retreat. I'd like to have lost at least a kilo before I go, so I am starting to feel a bit more confident again. Not sure what I'm going to plan for the retreat. I'll be interested in hearing from anyone else (Eck!) who's watching their diet what their plan is.... are you going to just enjoy yourself or be good if you can??

I had a great workout this morning and felt really good afterwards. I made it to 15 mins on the bike, where I usually get off at 10 max... I then set 25 mins on the treadmill on the RANDOM program I found which is REALLY good!! I got to 15 mins and was so set to get off, but I just kept telling myself "just one more minute" and I did that all the way to the 25mins! Yay! Feel so good I stuck to it! 5 min cool down on the siting bike made for a good 45min workout. I'm going to go Saturday morning too.

Well, I'm off back to my air-conditioned bedroom where I've been hibernating all day... yucky hot and still not really close to summer! NOT looking forward to summer hey!!!

Nat xx

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Off to Shari's...

I'm off to Shari's for the weekend/night! Yay! Can't wait to catch up with my wonderful friend, play scrapping (hopefully!) and let the boys play together! Will be great! Of course I still haven't packed, so as soon as I'm finished on here, I will have to!

I'm hoping I do well at the demo this arvo. It's my second one, and first with people I don't know (except you Shari!) so I want to do as well as I can. So many products to try to think about and to demonstrate, but I think I have my run-through changed just a little from last time so hopefully I do OK!

Mostly, I'm just looking forward to hanging out with Shari! What fun!

Have a great weekend all, see you next week :)

Nat xx

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My fatty-boomba sooky-lala...

I think I had that 'reality check' I needed this morning... now I know every girl who's losing weight has a fatty-boomba sooky-lala every now and then, and yeah, I think it's healthy... if you don't then go and eat a whole block of chocolate!... which I can proudly say that I didn't... yay me :)

Was all set to go to the shops today - drop in my class sample to Stampers Heaven which are way late (and I swear now they are giving my job to Ali - lol!), get a vacuum bag, exchange some clothes... when of course ALL my decent clothes are in the wash (yes, been a bit slack in that department)... ggrrrrrr.... so I proceeded to go through all of my wardrobe trying in vain to find something that looked good.... gggrrrrrrr...... to my disappointment, many are getting a little snug and YOU CAN SEE THE FAT ROLLS... so of course that wouldn't do...

So I had a little sooky-lala tantrum... a few tears... many "I'm a fat f**king bitch" and "I look like a piece of s**t' self-comments, a husband trying to comfort me and even little kisses and 'I can only see skinny Mummy' (isn't he cute!) from Jaidyn..... anyway, I got it out, and it was what I needed to kick myself in the arse and get back on this weight loss wagon PROPERLY!

So, I've gained some of the weight back again that I worked so hard to lose - what a loser! Yep. I need to get serious about eating properly and exercising more than once a week! I need to make regular dates with that treadmill and the aerobics instructor!

Cheers to new habits... hopefully.... now I'm off for a walk :)

B... you're terrible!!

Yep, you guessed it girl.... *puts up hand shyly* addicted to Ebay now...

THANKS!! (sarcasm) Now I'm going to spend far more money that I have, and waste even MORE time on the net..... lol.... but there are so mnay nice beeeaaadddssss......

I have bid now on a couple of things, but I'm setting my highest bids fairly low so I don't spend a fortune....

Last night I won this...

OK, so I was really browsing for beading ideas for myself, but I saw this and immediately thought of my friend Sam. We were just talking yesterday and she loves pink and butterflies (logo for her business too), so I just had to buy this for here, and seeing as though I can't make this myself yet.... anyway I hope she likes it....

So yep, thanks B, addicted to ebay now. But seriously, Greg and I really need to get our butts organised and sell some stuff there too... We have a whole garage full of crap that we don't use, and can't be bothered to organise a garage sale, so I think Ebay is the go.... and especially as we'll be moving again in December...

So, haven't really done a great deal over the last couple days. Just my boring life of pottering around doing SFA really... bits and pieces of stuff but nothing overly interesting!

So I'm off to look at Ebay again of course,
Nat xxx

Friday, September 23, 2005

Weddings and dinner with the folks.

Well this afternoon shall be quite nice. We are going to a wedding at our old church, so 1. it will be good to see friends get married (Greg grew up with the bride) and 2. will be good to catch up with friends from the church we haven't seen for a while. I'm wearing my black dress with my teal and black jewellery and Greg is wearing a greeny shirt with black pants and tie.. hopefully we kinda match :) If my camera decides to work this afternoon I'll try to take a couple piccies before we head off...

After wedding we are going to Mum and Dad's for dinner. The wedding finishes early evening and we have to leave a little early as we have to drop Greg's car off at the garage to be fixed tomorrow... so we'll then head out to Mum and Dad's for dinner. They are having family friends over too so it will be good to catch up with them.

Well, I just got home from a session at the gym. I'm sore. I can really feel that my fitness is slipping away so I really need to get there at least 3 times a week from now on... did 30 mins cardio and a body balance class today. Will be rather sore later I think as it really stretches every muscle in my body. Feel good that I went though. Trying to get back onto good eating today too. Had some baked beans on toast, no marg for breakfast and am about to have something for lunch. Will have to throw in a piece of fruit too I think. Hopefully the food at the wedding isn't too fatty!

Well, better be off. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
Nat xx

Thursday, September 22, 2005

This week...

Wow, it's almost the weekend again already! The weeks sure do go fast. And what do I have to show for it? Well, I've mainly been just pottering around doing bits and pieces I guess...

Tuesday morning I had my first 'real' Crafty Kids demo with the ladies from church. I was really nervous and stuffed up a few times (like not knowing prices or pages etc) but I guess that all comes with practice. I also managed to make more sales this time with only 3 buyers than my launch, so that's good. Some more free products for boosting my kit, and also as supplies for upcoming workshops that I hope I get people to come to!

I have also got myself a referral customer so that's exciting! A lady has moved up from Sydney and wants a consultant and to do workshops and she only lives around the corner apparently! Only thing is, she wants to do a glass painting workshop and I've never done it in my life! But my team leader said she can come and do the class and I can be a participant, and I will get the sales and further bookings. Sounds OK to me, coz I would like to see how she teaches anyway - always interesting to see how each person does it!

Greg and I had a night to ourselves Tuesday night. Jaidyn went for a sleep-over at Mum's so we made the most of it and got some chinese take-away and a DVD. We went for a drive up to the Mt Gravatt lookout to eat our dinner, which was something different for us, so nice. We then came home and watched 'Sahara'... not too bad. I do like Matthew McConaghy (sp!?)...

I had a Crafty Kids training day on Wednesday morning. Got to meet the owners from South Australia and just spend some time focussing on my business. We also got a freebie kit of the new September promotion. It's a tab scrapbook that you get for free when spending $60, so I'll have fun finishing that off and it will be good for upcoming demos hopefully. After the conference, I met Mum and Jaidyn across at the museum. We went to see the new exhibition on predators. Jai really loves the museum!

Been working on my class samples for October too. I have 2 of my 3 classes in the first week so I need to get these finished for this weekend really. Have almost finished one - just need some little photos (and it will be a Chrissie pressie for Greg's mum) and need to finish off my frames class. So might do some of that tonight.

Actually, tonight I really need to do up my job applications. A couple that I have been meaning to do for almost a week! Yikes. Better get those out of the way and sent off! They are for teaching jobs for next year.

Well, I'm off to shower Jaidyn, then I suppose I better clean the loungeroom. I still have bits and pieces from my demo out everywhere... at least Greg is used to my mess... lol...

Ciao, Nat xx

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Weekend update...

Have had a fairly good weekend.

Saturday (yesterday) morning I taught a class at the shop (Stampers Heaven at Mt Gravatt). I did a monograms class and really quiet enjoyed this one. We made monogram letters with the ribbon backgrounds and they all turned out great! One particular one I loved was down in lime green, white and fuschia pink - yumm! I really hope my classes for October dont get cancelled coz I really love doing it!

My boss also asked me about Crafty Kids, and I was quite shocked seeing as though I never told anyone at the shop about it. I'm putting it down to that one of the girls must have either heard from someone who knows me or goggled my name and found my blog! In which case, HI girls!! Boss said not to tell any customers about it and of course I wouldn't... I think (and hope!) she's happy to have me working there as long as I keep them separate - no problems I say!

Last night we were just at home. I thought at like 5pm that we should have invited someone over for dinner, but then of course it was too late to ask anyone. I guess I forget about what we are going to do each night, and it's becoming a little monotomous... Anyway, Greg played some game on the pc and I did some scrapping - class samples. I shall take photos when they are finished and when my camera is working... good thing about doing class samples is that I'm making things that I can give as gifts for xmas... usually I don't get around to it, but this year both Mums will probably get something!

This morning Jaidyn and I went to church, Unfortunately Greg was working again - it sucks him working Sundays and I know he really misses coming to church. For those of you who knew about our 'which church' saga, we are now attending my friend Michelle's church over the northside and really loving it so far. I cannot get over the 'community-base' of it. Almost every week I have done something socially with the ladies - I'm loving it!

This arvo I got busy with the jewellery again. Made some stuff that I hope to sell, but I guess it depends if others think they are worthy to buy I guess... I made some black/green earrings, a necklace & earring set in teal, black and clear beads and another set in pale pink and green beads. I need to get more colours to work with now! I might take some piccies tomorrow and put them up here, if ppl are interested in seeing. I'm having fun doing it!

This Tuesday I'm having a Crafty Kids demo at my house. I have got quite a few of the ladies from church coming so I'm excited about that... might have to move the venue to the church though as there are possibly a few kids (like up to 10!) coming and I really don't think I can accomodate that number, especially when we have no backyard and us ladies will be in the loungeroom! Yikes! At least at the church there is a sandpit and swings they can go and occupy themselves with - sounds like a plan to me!

Well girls, that's my weekend. Hope you all have a great week!

Nat xx

P.S. Just realised that I *technically* graduated this week, although I didn't attend the ceremony.... we were a bit broke last week... yay me! I'm a REAL teacher!

P.P.S. My AWESOME friend Michelle got a job! Yay, I'm sooo proud of you Chelle if you ever read this and sooo happy that you have got something after we've been waiting a while. You are going to be awesome teacher and really make a difference in the lives of your students, I can tell! God rocks hey!

Friday, September 16, 2005

My first creations...

Ooh, I made some jewellery last night! My first 'real' play and I'm so chuffed with my efforts. I can now do it! Sure, I still need to learn a few more techniques and tricks (and maybe I'll get a book or two) but I can do the basics, and they look pretty good if I do say so myself.

Here is the $10 kit I bought...

And here it is made up. I had enough extra bits and pieces to make some cute earrings too. At first I wasn't totally in love with this kit coz it's
rather 'chunky' but now I love it! And I can't wait to wear it! This is one I'm definitely keeping for myself!

As I was lying half-awake in bed this morning before 6am (crazy yes) I was thinking that I can wear it to a wedding that we have on next Friday. I have a black dress that I think I'll wear with it, or I might just have to buy that little black lace-trim singlet I've been eyeing off to go with my new skirt - and wolaa - a whole new outfit! Now to match in Greg... we could buy him a nice teal tie and he could wear black too, or he has a tealy-greeny shirt he can wear with his black tie... hhmmm.... I think we'll look good!

Here is the other little set I made. I bought these pretty lampwork glass beads (the big barrell-type ones) on Wednesday. I did want to make earrings to match but they looked a little funny on earrings - might try again later as I still have 2 left.

We had a lovely 'family' day yesterday. Greg had the day off work, so we took Jaidyn to see 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. I was a little worried that it might be a bit scary but it wasn't one bit and I even thought one part in the original was more scary! So it was good, Jai loved it. I thought Johnny Depp was great, but unfortunately I thought him the best part of it. I thought it was very much like the original in the script (well in the parts that were the same - it was obvious they used the same lines at the book), but there were a few different parts, and I must say I was disappointed with the squirrels - the golden-egg-laying geese were much better! And the oompa-loompas a little 'freakish' (the scariest bit in the movie I reckon!). But still a good day out. We then went to HJs for lunch. And then came home and watched 'Robots' which we had hired out the night before. A pretty good day together, and something we don't often get to do, so I treasure it.

I just read some mail we got from the Real Estate yesterday and they are going to put the rent up AGAIN at new-lease time in a few months. That will be $15 it has gone up in this year! Bastards! I think we'll definitely be moving! Now to start looking around again I guess...

Tomorrow I'm teaching one class at the shop. It was supposed to be 2 but the afternoon class was cancelled. Bit of a bummer but I guess you get that sometimes. Hope you all have a good weekend :)

N xx

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Beads and Beads!!

Went bead shopping with my friend Mel yesterday and what was supposed to be only a half-day (so I could spend some time with Greg on his day off) easily turned into a full day.. oops.. and I was in bed at 8.30pm last night, lol.

We went to three shops. One in Southbank and two over the northside of Brisbane - Grange and Virginia... mostly they wer pretty good. Don't think I'll go back to the one at Southbank again, but then again as I'm a beginner I was majorly overwhelmed with all that I could buy! The second shop was at Virginia and called Peppercorn Gems.... its a strange big shop with just bits and pieces of everything - it has play equipment (swingsets etc), some sporting stuff, and a big beading section.... I think I've seen the store on Extra or Today Tonight or something before... its like they have got all their interests and just combined! They also have cool dinosaur displays for the kids - rather exciting really! So this store had a rather big range of blass beads and stone beads for separate sale, but also had most of the various brands of packaged beads - from the plastic cheapo ones you find in Crazy's to some gorgeous glass ones... good range I must say! So I got a whole heap of plastic ones (to start with) which I was going to buy from Spotlight anyway (save a trip!) and a few various pretty glass ones that I'm going to make specific things with. I would show you here but my camera batteries decided not to work again, so I might just update with a pic when they are charged again...

We then went to one at the Grange called Posh Beads. We went there earlier but they didn't open till 2pm - weird... so we had to go back... they have lovely imported beads and at great prices too - and they are great business people - generous not stingy... I got 100m of tigertail for $10 which previously I bought 11m for $7 I think - really good price and I won't go anywhere else now! They also have these cute bead kits... from $10-$25.. I got a pretty $10 kit to make a nice necklace in turquoise and black... perfect for the new skirt I bought last week! I thought too that starting with a kit will help me with my confidence for the others!! And hopefully I can work out how to do all the tricks - gosh, I really do need a book hey! My friend Mel said she will photocopy hers for me, if she remembers though....

So probably this arvo or tonight I will sit down and make some stuff! I'm eager to! Also have scrapping stuff to make still... better get off the pc and do something hey! Oh, and don't remind me about the HOUSEWORK!

Ciao, N xx

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Crafty Kids demonstration if you're interested

Hey all,

Just thought I'd drop an invitation to anyone who is around Brisbane and would be interested in attending. I'm holding a Crafty Kids demonstration (yes another one coz there were not many at my launch!) at my house on Tuesday 20th September (a week from today) at 10am. If you would like to come and check out what we do, or would be interested in purchasing something from the catalogue, or want to book a demonstration or workshop yourself, please leave me a message and I will contact you with details...

Tuesday 20th September, 10am. I live at Greenslopes but will not be putting my address here...

Nat xx

Dress up parties, girlfriends and more...

I haven't posted from over the whole weekend so I'll run through quickly what we did.

Saturday night was my sister's 21st party. She had a 70s theme, and it was a great night! Almost ALL her friends hired costumes and everyone just looked awesome! We had a couple of 'Disco Stu's with their afros, a couple of hippie chicks, but the best were the little dresses and knee high boots, cute headbands and bee-hive hairdos - her girlfriends just looked awesome! My sister Liss dressed as Wonder Woman and really did the part well... unfortunately I did not take any pics on my camera (coz its shit!) but I used my cousins Digital-SLR and we got quite a few.... I did not have a costume unfortunately. I was going to wear these bright purple pants I have, but Greg tried them on and they looked better on him! So he wore them! With his ridiculous bright tye-died shirt that he keeps in the back of his cupboard (and that I can't believe he actually used to WEAR before I came along... it was his Dad's from the 70s!)... he looked pretty good though. So I just went and bought a new skirt and some bling so I least I felt nice! My Dad was hilarious! My mum found him this bright tye-died top and a funny long-haired wig so he looked awesome!! His brother (my uncle) came in similar attire looking kinda like Ozzy Osborne and together they looked a treat! it was great fun! So far both my sister and I have had dress-ups for our 21st (mine was Hollywood Nights) so I wonder what our little sis will do...

Sunday was church and Greg actually was able to come this time (not working) so that was really good! We went out to HJs for lunch afterward and took it over to a park... the boys went and played football, the kids played on the playground and the ladies all sat around the tables talking - it was great!! Poor Greg though got a little knocked around and put his teeth through his top lip! Lol... the joys of football - oh and that was touch too!

I went out for dinner on Sunday night for a girlfriends b'day. She lives and works down near Newcastle now (Singleton - Hunter Valley) so it's always good when she comes to visit. We went to a Turkish restaurant and it was pretty nice :) It's good to catch up with my highschool girlfriends, unfortunately it seems to be more time between get-togethers these days. So Happy Birthday to Mel for yesterday :) We are going to spend a bit of Wednesday together shopping for beads so that will be good - we have quite a history together (highschool best friend) and although our lives almost parted we seem to have more respect for each other now and acknowledge we have busy and somewhat different lives...

Today unfortunately my Kids class has been cancelled coz I only got one participant book - come on kids, it would have been fuuunnn.... but oh well... I'm off to morning tea with the church ladies instead so I'm kinda glad I can go to that now :) I just hope that my two Saturday classes get some more bookings coz they are looking a little scarce too - man, and I thought the monogram one was especially good! Bummer :( Fingers crossed for some more participants though OK!

Well, I'm off to have some more breakfast. I've also got some Crafty Kids bits an pieces to make and play around with if I have time today. Jai stayed at Mum's last night (Coz I needed babysitting for class) so I've got the house to myself at the moment - nice and quiet!

Have a great few days!
N xxx

P.S. Haven't yet heard about the job, maybe today... really don't know if I want it hey! Oh, and I actually went to the gym yesterday! Shock horror I know!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Job interview...

I just had another job interview - scary stuff! OMG you should see this school hey - it was like pristine and totally looked more like a holiday destination than a school. Sheldon College on bay-side Brisbane - gorgeous! Man, how nice would it be to work in an environment that pretty! Anyway, it was for a Year 3 teacher, starting next term - which is only 2 weeks away - yikes! I think I did OK although they didn't really look very closely at my unit planning which I would have liked coz they are good! lol.... I should hear early next week hopefully... not sure if they'll be calling unsuccessful applicants also, but maybe I should start browsing and thinking about curriculum just in case....

I am a little anxious about the school though, as I know of a girl I went to primary school with who did 6 months as grade 6 teacher and totally burnt herself out - like nervous breakdown kinda thing.... yikes... add to that I have a husband and son.... I would hope I can handle it ok! Guess I'll find out next week hey. Fingers crossed, coz I know Greg would love me to be working too, even if the house would be a TOTAL mess and we'd both be more stressed out!

Nat xx

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Achy and stuck at home...

Well, feeling like shit again today, but worse, but I won't bore you all (well if anyone even reads my blog these days!) with my whinging. Just rather sore and swolen today.

Greg is taking the car to work today (coz I'm not going out to get him at 9.30pm!), so Jai and I are stuck at home. Was thinking of doing some more letterbox drops and maybe going up to the Child Care Centre to ask if I can leave a catalogue for parents to look through there... but that's if I can walk a bit better later..... soooo achy all over!!

Think I might make a start on class samples for October too, and I have a whole huge pile of folding to do - again! And various other housework items. And calling around to ask people to my 2nd demo - I hope they don't hate me!

Have a good one all,
Nat xx

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Not so good either...

Well my poor friend Ali sure sounds like she's been dealt a hard one... hope you get better soon sweetie! Alas, I think I'm coming down with something too. Greg has been sick the last couple of days and I guess he gave it to me too! Gggrrr.... today has just been one of those 'achy' days before you get the flu... I hate it. Every muscle in my body aches - I swear it feels like I did a massive workout at the gym yesterday, but unfortunately for my body and weight-loss, I didn't. It's just best to sit down and do nothing, but can't really do that now can I when I have a family and household to try to keep in some order...

Did my first class at Stampers Heaven yesterday and it went really well! I was a bit nervous at the start coz its a new store and all (and I've only ever taught I think, 3 classes), but it went pretty smoothly and everyone seemed happy with their pages when they were finished. It's always amazing to me to see the same page come out in so many ways - really inspiring actually! One thing I really love about teaching...

I do really like this new store - far better than the other anyway. I think being a bit bigger, having a few more girls (staff) to chat to, and a lovely bunch they are. Really love this one girl Carolyn, she's a hoot! She's really cheeky and sarcastic just like my personality and we joke around and (I think!) get on really well. I wouldn't mind some actual shifts in the shop one day even to get to know them a bit better, you know.

I took in the rest of my samples today - I finally got them done! I guess the good thing about having all these samples due in is I'm actually scrapping again - and it makes me happy! I'm accomplishing things again, rather than not doing anything and just wasting time! I love it! I guess I really have missed my scrapping!

So now I'm just working out more classes for October and I have a few Crafty Kids workshops then too so I'll be busy enough I hope. Wish I had some more parties booked for September though as the way I'm going, I don't think I'm going to qualify for any of my TIP (incentive program) freebies that I could really use in my kit... oh well though, shall keep my fingers crossed. My team leader suggested that I hold another demo at my place, especially as there were so many girls who couldn't come last weekend. Not sure yet, but I guess I can only ask and if no-one's interested, I guess not do it!

Well, off to get more water to soothe my throat and finish my CK order that I just learnt how to do...

Ciao, N xx

Monday, September 05, 2005

A safe car again and potential business

I *finally* went and got a set of new tyres this morning, and gosh I feel so much better! We've been driving around for the last few weeks on bald tyres and I just kept putting it off... but seeing that they were worn down to the canvas on Saturday gave me a big shock, and I've been driving around having panic attacks since! So it feels good to feel safe again....

While I was waiting for my tyres, I decided to do a letter-box drop around that area and dropped Crafty Kids adverts in 80 letterboxes... I hope I get some responses. Apparently you can expect a 1% response rate, so that means less than one person (lol) but I'm hoping for at least 1 or 2. It's hard to pick which houses you think might have a bit of money or be crafty... lol I found myslef looking for crafty bits and pieces on verandahs and such, but mostly just dropped one in every letterbox. I'm out of ink right now, but will get some more and do a drop around my streets too I think.

I also went exploring and had a little lookie in a newsagent. Found some clipboards there so I bought one and I'm going to have a go at an altered one... not sure whether I should do this one for myself or maybe for Mum for Xmas...

My good friend Sam also has been working hard for me. I called her this morning and she's been showing all her clients and family and friends the accordion album we made last week. Mainly because she's very proud of what she made, but she's also been mentioning my business (What a doll!)... so her aunty is very interested in having a workshop - yay me! Now just to phone her! This is fun!!

Have a good one everyone, I better get back to my class samples!
Nat xx

Sunday, September 04, 2005

The (not so) big launch...

Well, I had my business launch last night. Unfortunately most of my friends could not come, guess it was just a terrible date huh.... but it was a good night with those that did come. I had 8 girls there, my gorgeous friend Hayley brought 2 friends which was great coz company might have been kinda low otherwise!

Unfortunately for me, I did not get a great deal of orders, but I did OK and am able to stock up my stash with a few freebies. I have a few 'tentative' demo or workshop bookings too, but a bit of chasing up to do to get concrete dates and business!

I found it a little difficult trying to be the consultant collecting orders when people wanted to chat or what-have-you. I think it will be much better when they are not all my friends sitting around IYKWIM. So thanks to everyone who came to support me. Now onto doing it all myself!!

Fathers Day today was nice. We bought Dad some spunky denim shorts and a polo top and he looks all hip and spiffy now.... very proud of my purchase... but I should have got Greg some too - now I'll just have to go back on Monday or Tuesday for him...

Poor Greg had to work today, so I guess the day wasn't the same without him, but I guess you get that working in retail. Jaidyn and I went to Mum and Dad's for lunch. It was originally meant to be for dinner, but Mum changed plans (much to Greg's disappointment) because my uncle is down from Townsville on business and he could only do lunch. Poor Greg felt rather rejected, my poor baby. But at least Mum sent home some yummy leftovers for him. We had BBQed satay chicken and stirfried vegies... mmmm..... and it was late so I'm not cooking tonight either.

Well, I have to go and finish cleaning up from my launch last night, heat up Greg's dinner and then I have some more class samples to get stuck into.

N xxx

Friday, September 02, 2005

Thought I'd finally share...

Well, as most of you probably think I've fallen off the scrapping planet, I thought I'd better share some recent stuff and show you I *have* been doing some!! Lol...

This is the accordion album I made to teach my mum's craft class on Wednesday. They loved it! The photos were from a little holiday we took to Burleigh Beach in June. It was rather rainy and cold so we went exploring the rocks instead. I really do like these photos.

The front cover and view from there...

The last two pages (or the back) of the album... got a few nice ones of Greg staring out to sea... lol....

And I made a little pocket and a lift-up part too with extra journalling and pics underneath...

This is the page I did for my Shabby chic class which is going to be on this coming Tuesday. This is a pic of Suz Doyle's daughter Phoebe.. I think she's about a year older than this now though! Thanks Suz... and I also used a layout of Mishell Lancett's for inspiration... thanks Shell...

So there you have it! I have done some scrapping... you better believe it!! lol...

Nat x x

Thursday, September 01, 2005

What a day!

Yesterday was a great, but busy and tiring day... I taught my accordion album class to my Mum's craft group. They absolutely loved it! While there was more talking going on than scrapping at times, and they are going to have to finish them off next week on their own (even after 4 hours!), they really got a kick out of the album, all my stock and ideas too. So I got a kick out of that too! And they are such a great bunch of ladies that I thoroughly enjoyed it. They even gave me some lovely little thankyou gifts, even though I charged them $10 for the class... my good friend Sam came along too and she said that she just got so much out of it, which made me feel special. Many of them made them for theur hubbies for Fathers Day, so good timing too hey.

I also managed to get a couple of orders for Crafty Kids stuff too, yay!

Sam then waxed my eyebrows and we had a bit of a chat (at her house). She and her brother's gf are going to have a card-making workshop for me! Yay! And Mum said she will have a demo. So I'm pretty excited about my first business ventures there!

Well, today is just groceries this morning, then some scrapping this afternoon. I have class samples to make up for the shop and I want to take them in tomorrow so they are there for Sat which is the busiest day I guess....

Nat xx

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Day to myself...

Well today was a 'me' day, Jaidyn gone to Grandma's and Greg at work... however it is almost over and I've not done half the things I wanted to do! I had wanted to get into my scrapbooking part of my Crafty Kids kit as I've done no pages so far.. I've also got class samples to make up, flyers to make for advertising my new business, not to mention the housework (you'd just die if you saw my house right now). So I'm a bit bummed really.

Well what have you been doing all day then Nat?? Good girl here went to the gym this morning after droping Jai at grandma's and well when I was finished there it was midday already. A friend asked me over for lunch then, so that's where most of my afternoon has gone. A little house-cleaning and a bit of a net-surf... no scrapping so far...

Maybe Greg will let me scrap tonight.

Hope you're all having a fab weekend.
Nat xx

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Big package in the mail!!

Ooh it was so exciting! A HUGE box in the mail... which was my Crafty Kids starter pack - it was like Christmas opening it all! So much new stuff to play with. So many bits and pieces to make for my demonstrations. Even a DVD to watch - training for a certain card-making workshop. I can't wait to get into it all and actually start teaching these too! I will certainly have enough to fill my time over the next week or so (when I should actually be writing up job applications).

Stampers Heaven also got me excited when I saw their new ribbons! They have a whole new stand of ribbons that they've packed themselves so they are pretty well priced too. I bought a few for myself, but mainly for my classes. almost all organised now, but I have to be coz September is going to be busy!

Well, not much else to say. Sorry Ali, I've been such a slack-arse when it comes to the gym. I had all intentions to go both yesterday and today, but alas didn't get their either times! Ggggrrrr... get so mad at myself... am DEFINITELY going tomorrow though. Greg has the day off, so no excuses...

We also migh have a second car again finally next week. It's not much overly exciting, just an older one that a friend of Dad's has re-engined etc, but it will be a good price and will be a good little second car for when we finally get a nice newer one to replace mine.... it will be so good to have 2 cars again though. We've gone about 2 months with just one. Me having to get up early to take Greg to work and pick him up late too. Sometimes waiting outside ALDI for 30 mins or so... annoying, but you gotta do it huh. It will be good to have another one.

Well, off to get Greg from work. I borrowed 'Labyrinth' on DVD to watch tonight. Anyone remember this one?? It was one of my favourites as a child so I'm looking forward to watching it again, even though they are never as good when you watch them as an adult don't you think...

Ciao, N xxx

Monday, August 22, 2005

An awesome weekend!!

I'm still in recorvey mode (need more sleep) but we had a really awesome weekend at the church camp/retreat. We made new friends and are starting to think that we would definitely like to be a part of this church. Everyone was really welcoming, really open and friendly.

The accomodation wasn't the best, but it was a minor part of the weekend really. We were in a small dorm-style room behind the main hall and next to a mum with 4 boistrous boys... feel sorry for her - they are certainly a handful! They kept me up on Friday night as they came to bed at 10.30pm but were mucking around, yelling, running around etc till about 11.30pm! Poor Mum!! Then the boys were knackered on the Saturday night so I thought I'd get some sleep, but the adults were in the mess hall (right underneath our room), laughing and talking loudly till 12.30pm - my husband included! So not much sleep for me, but I can catch up hey!!

Spiritually, it was really empowering, uplifting and revelationary (is that a word?)... Sunday morning we had a 2-hour prayer session. Everyone was in tears (men included) being moved by the Holy Spirit and it was really one of the most profound spiritual times of my life! We all opened up about what we needed prayer about in our lives and it was so free-ing... Absolutely incredible! We even had a 65-or-so-yr-old give her heart to God! Yay!! It was incredible!

This morning I babysat my friend Karen's little bub (9-month old) Julie. Oh, how cute - baby! Getting clucky again hey! Lol, it surprises me how quickly I had forgotten all the little baby routines and such though... guess you get caught up in where your kids are at the moment...

Have a semi-busy week ahead. Didn't get to the gym today coz I was babysitting, but I'm going to try to go after my Crafty Kids training in the morning... and a couple more times in the week - I really just gotta do it! Have to really get my class samples ready too as I have a few classes coming up over the next 2-3 weeks... and hopefully I'll also pick up some Crafty Kids demos after I have my launch, and be happily busy!

Nat xx

Friday, August 19, 2005

Going away for the weekend

Well, we're off for the weekend this arvo. I'm really looking forward to it, even though it will probably be rather cold up at Mt Glorious, northside of Brisbane...

I just love church camps! Haven't been on one for a while, and I was single then, so I'm sure it will be rather different this time. We are going with the 'new' church so will also get the chance to meet and get to know lots of people we haven't really had anything to do yet. Sus out a bit more if this church is where we want to be...

And Yay, finally got the new battery charger and some new batteries so I'll tape up my camera where its broken and hopefully get some new piccies on the weekend! I really want to get back into photography and scrapping! (and think a new stash will be in order too...)

Last night I had a go at making some earrings with my new stuff and had to laugh at myself! I really don't know what I'm doing and it was harder than it looks, so it seems I'll have to get myself a book to learn the techniques, lol....

Spent a few hours making up the kits for my accordion album class that I'm doing for Mum's craft group in a week and a half. I'm excited about it, but starting to realise its harder than I originally thought to get together the things I need when I'm not in a shop - eg adhesives, scissors etc. I just hope some of the ladies who already scrapbook bring along theirs, or there might be a bit of waiting... bought some yummy papers from SAM yesterday and really wanted them for myself instead - I'm sure the ladies will be pleased though. I have 9 ladies doing the class, so that's a good number. Not charging much ($10 each) but it will make a little cash for us.

Mum and Dad moved into their new house today. Greg went along to help the removalist guys and I managed to work my way out of it because bringing Jai would just get in the way! Heehee... think I'll go sometime this week and help Mum to unpack though, and we've been invited over on Wed (Greg's day off) to see the new place and all. Greg says its nice. And it has a pool which will be good for summer! Yay!

Well, better get off the PC soon and pack for the weekend hey!
Nat xx

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Fairly ordinary Ekka show day

Greg is working today, so it's pretty much an ordinary day here for me, except that I have Jaidyn home instead of at daycare... we had coffee with a couple of my girlfriends this morning and that was nice. I was extra good and didn't even get any cake, even when Michelle did - was rather proud of myself for that...

Have got a hap of housework to do, as well as a heap of selection criteria and job stuff to do, but I really am not in the right frame of mind at the moment...

As I mentioned earlier, I signed up with Crafty Kids the other day - yay, and my Team Leader sent me a heap of files and info today - yay, exciting... so I'm just looking through it all, and sending out invites to my business launch!! How exciting... My team leader does the demo for me, but I get the sales made from the night and the party bookings to start me off on my own..... so if anyone wants to come and help me out, its on Sat Sept 3rd at my place... let me know if you want to come!!!

Better get moving, justa quick blog update today... hope you are all having a nice Ekka holiday (those of you in Bris anyway)...

Nat xxx

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Just broadening my horizons...

No Rozzie, you haven't 'lost' me to the world of beading.... I'm just expanding my hobby a little... especially now while my camera is not working and I have nothing to scrap... my eyes are just wandering around, seeing what else I can spend money on..... lol... I'll still always be a scrapper - now just to get me that Rebel hey!!

What a day we had bead shopping! I tell you, I am soo over looking at beads for one day! We started out at Spotlight and bought tools and findings there, but waited for beads till we got the the proper bead shop... well, we spent almost 2 hours there I swear! It was so hard to decide what we wanted to start with... and the lady there was not much help either... you'd think she would try to sell us beads hey, well she told us to buy this techniques book then come back later to buy beads when we work out what we want to make - weird... especially when we asked her what beads to get coz we really wanted some! She was just really UNhelpful... which made it harder! But we came home with a few selections and best of all some ideas from what she had made in the cabinets - some LOVELY stuff, but most of it with the really $$ beads too... I told Hayley that just starting out I think we should start with the cheaper beads until we have the hang of it a bit and can really make REALLY nice things with the more expensive ones... there were so many really pretty ones though... I ended up getting some nice pink and green ones to make a necklace with (inspired by one she'd made)....... so we're over it for one day.... so now Thursday we'll just start making some stuff! Nice! Hope it doesn't get too frustrating then! The joys of a new venture hey!

Got out Ladder 49 to watch tonight... yummm, LOVED that movie... did you all?? We usually go out to a church group Tuesday nights and its not on tonight so I took opportunity of the $1 DVDs.... Greg hasn't seen Ladder 49 yet and I loved it so much so can't wait to watch it with him and have some quality cuddling time too!

Have a great night all xxx

Monday, August 15, 2005

One year on....

I can't really believe it. Greg and I have now been married for A YEAR! The time has really gone so quickly... I can still remember doing all the preparations, the hens party, the night before, and the wedding day of course. Time really flies when you are caught up in life hey...

We were a little slack for our special day yesterday though... neither of us really did anything for eachother.... oops... no cards, no presents. We had wanted to go away for the weekend but didn't have the money at the time, so we didn't book anything - maybe next year.

Mum and Dad took Jaidyn up to Toowoomba for Saturday night so we wouldn't have him around for our day. Yesterday morning we got up and went for a yummy buffet breakfast up at Mt Cootha. It was where Greg proposed to me, so it seemed fitting enough. We didn't originally know they served a buffet, so we were pleasantly surprised as it was what we had originally wanted to do anyway.. turned out perfect. It was so lovely. Sitting in the warm sunshine on the deck with that gorgeous view of the whole of Brisbane... magical... and yummy breakfast too... not so good for my diet, but hey, who cares... yummy bacon, egs, tomato, eggs benedict (a favourite of mine), croissants, fruit and yoghurt and yummy sweet danises - yummm..... was divine - we hardly ate again till dinnertime last night... we then went to the shops but silly me wore my new pointy shoes, which I have now decided ARE NOT shopping shoes - my feet were in such agony, so we didn't look for too long.... I got a book I've been wanting for a while, and well, I'll go looking for some new clothes for Greg sometime this week I think... we were not impressed by what we did see though... oh well...

Today Ali and I went to the gym this morning and boy, I can feel it now. Every muscle in my body aches - at least I know I have them hey!! It feels good in a sore kinda way... lol... then Ali took me to Subway for lunch - she's the sweetest thing - and yummm..... love you ali....

This arvo I met up with Crafty Kids consultant Viv for my order and some friends too... I have also signed up as a consultant and looking forward to the new challenges it will present me! Hopefully I can get lots of demos booked and even some classes.... exciting new venture....

Tomorrow my good friend Hayley is coming over and we are going shopping for our starting collection of 'beading'.. yumm... can't wait to get my hands on some gorgeous beads and make some gorgeous jewellery! Love it! I'm so excited about it hey!! It's going to be great fun. Will also get myself a book so I can make lots of flashy kinds.....

I've got a great week ahead actually. Meeting with some girlfriends from uni for morning tea/coffee Wednesday... I love catching up with girlfriends - how good is it... then Hayley is coming over again on Thursday for a day of beading fun.... then we are going away for the weekend for a church retreat. Busy and eventful week ahead! Yay!!

Nat xxx

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Mmmmm Target catalogue...

Ooh, I just want everything... but here are some of the things I'll be looking at today... yum yum... and Mum just reminded me that she owes me $30 reward for when I had lost 5kgs (all those long months ago...).... yay me!

Yummy! How GORGEOUS is this set!?? (and how gorgeous is this model...) I want this skirt!!!

will have to try on a pair of these pants I think...

Maybe one of these tops...

And the shoes!! They go to SIZE 11!! Yes!! (it's very difficult for me to find shoes that actually fit me)... so I'm going to get some of these!! Hopefully they fit!

So there you go, I'm having a fun outing today.... knowing me though, I'll come back with nothing and feeling fat, frumpy and depressed coz I look nothing like the models do in them!! Oh well, let's see how we go hey...

Nat xx

OK, update...... I have NEW SHOES!!! I feel like such a woman again! You see, it's been a while since I've had some lovely girly shoes - all my previous strappys died and well I was only wearing some pretty thongs or boot-type things.... oh but I was in heaven in Target today! I got so caught up with shoes that I almost forgot to pick Jaidyn up from his b'day party - oops. Thankfully, Mum went and did it for me, so I could try on the skirts too... they aren't s lovely as they look in the catalogue (a bit shorter than I had imagined) so I'm going to continue to look around coz I think I can get one cheaper than $50 anyway... but I got SHOES!!!! I got my FIRST EVER *pointy* pair! Soooo pretty... they are black with no back and kinda-like criss-cross detail on the front... pretty! And I also got a PINK pair - oooohhhh, they are just a strap across the front and a little buckle... they both have little heels, so I am like SO TALL in them, but I don't care coz I love em, and it's nice to feel all feminine...

Was going to take a piccie of them, but now I have realised that my camera is BROKEN! Grrrrr..... just as I fix the battery charger problem..... the bit where the batteries go in.. the bit that clips the cover in... well it BROKE!! So now I have to like sticky-tape it or something!! How annoying... there goes any chances of selling it on Ebay when I get my Rebel... and looks like that should be sooner than later (pretty please Greg!!???).....

Well, I'm wearing my new shoes around the house to wear them in and to practice in the stiletto heels.... big tall girls and stilettos don't go too well.... hehe....



Well today I am getting my butt into gear about applying for jobs. Been talking to a few people about supply teaching and the money is too good to not get myself into it - and now! (about $250 a day!)... so right now, I'm writing out app letters, searching the web for schools I want to apply to (the Christian schools mainly) and then on Monday I will have to work out After School Care arrangements I will need to make for Jaidyn. Fact is, we're not earning much with me being home, and I'm a fully trained teacher now so I just gotta get out there - and the money will really help... sure, supply isn't guaranteed work, but it's more than I have right now.

Also, from speaking yesterday of no battery charger, Greg informed me that ALDI has one on special next week... it's only $10 so even if it's crappy, it's hardly wasted money... so I'll get one next week and then get back into taking some photos coz I haven't in soooo long....

Going to the gym this morning... need to.... Body Step class (will probably kill me!) 9.05am... then home for a shower and some lunch, then have to take Jaidyn to a friends b'day party at Maccas... while he's there, I'm heading to Target.... how yummy was the new catalogue... I'm especially interested in the shoes today, as they have size 11's and I know they'll go soon, so I'm going to get in early (just hope they fit now!)... might have to try on some of the gorgeous new patterned gypsy skirts.... in aqua/brown or pink/brown of course... I have a few of them circled in my catalogue... I want it all!! Yumm!!

N xx

Friday, August 12, 2005

I look at everyone's blogs and gosh, it's almost a new page each day! I just can't keep up with that! Maybe that's why no-one is reading mine... lol... truly though, I haven't scrapped properly in so long... I think I'm a little over it... but no, I'm going to blame that I have no new photos, haven't for months, well because my camera isn't working... actually, its the battery charger that doesn't work but it means no batteries to charge my camera - vicious cycle... I know,. I should just go and get a new one, but seem to never get around to it, and I kinda don't want to coz I really want to get my REBEL someday soooooon.... seems like it will never happen though.... I know once I get that I will be right back in there, taking some gorgeous new photos and scrapping up a storm like you all do, but till then I'm rather bored with it...

This week (or next) I'm going shopping with my friend Hayley for all the startings we need to make jewellery... I'm excited about that! something new to venture into, gifts to make, sell etc... I can't wait.... so if I can get my camera to work for a few moments at a time when I've made some, I might post them up here...

Till then, I've just been drawing sketches of LOs I want to do for some upcoming classes.... it's keeping me busy enough I guess, but I want to scrap... my stash is in sad need of an update though - now just to start earning some money so I can have a splurge!!

We were up in Toowoomba Wed and Thurs night this week. Greg's new job as assistant store manager of ALDI sent him up there for a store opening and put us up in a Motel (nice for a motel too) for 2 nights. It was nice for a change of scenery, cold, and wet and dreary today. Jaidyn and I spent the day yesterday at my grandparents house, so that's always nice. I went into ALDI yesterday and picked up a few specials too... they have a kettle and toaster set (stainless steel) for only $30 so my kitchen looks all flashy now... now just for the new microwave one day! Also picked up some stainless steel storage canisters, which I happened to cut my finger open on today as I was trying to screw the lid on tight - oops, I did it too tight and the glass broke... silly me, so they'll go back for a return... good thing my Mum and Dad are going up to Toowoomba this weekend.

Oh ok, boring story of Nat's life again. No-one is visiting my site, so I must be! I need to get some interesting and blog-worthy things happening in my life hey...

Oh yes, it's our 1 year anniversary on Sunday. We didn't get around to booking anywhere to go away unfortunately, but we'll probably go out for a nice breakfast somewhere and a picnic lunch. Maybe I should make Greg something nice this afternoon.... see what I can come up with... Mum is taking Jaidyn to the Ekka so I have the afternoon to myself (half of the time cleaning the house however, drats)...

Have a great weekend all...
N xx