Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm getting a REBEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, I've only been waiting a WHOLE YEAR!! But FINALLY, I've convinced Greg to get one 'for us'..... yay!! We went into Harvey Norman last night and there is a good sale coming up in the next couple of weeks on the 350D so we have ordered one in and will get it then!! I can't wait!!!!! Greg tried to say I can't have it till Christmas, but I need to learn how to use it before then right!!?? So hopefully I can start to fiddle around as soon as I get it!!!


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My weekend...

Well, we had a huge weekend, being Jaidyn's 5th birthday on Sunday. Saturday he had a party with his friends, and I spent the morning getting last minute ingredients and running around the kitchen like a chood with no head. I swear, it would have been funny on video - almost stressed myself out to the point of breakdown I think. Not hard for a pregnant woman mind you. OF course I left all the shopping till the Friday afternoon, and boy, didn't realise how much a kid's b'day party costs! $100 later, easily. But it was worth it. Jaidyn hasn't had a 'proper' party with lots of friends before, and he won't be having one next year (only every 2nd year) so better make it a good one hey. We went to a local park, where the kids ran rampant on the play equipment, and by the end of it, looked like Army Commandos or something - dirt everywhere! So he had a great time.

Sunday was his actual birthday, so more presents! And to think its only a month until he gets more at Christmas. We definitely need a toy-box cleanout!! He got enough new stuff to fill it all over again I reckon! Sunday we went to Mum and Dads for a yummy BBQ lunch. We always get so well fed there - yummmm..... steak....... even if I somehow picked the one that was *still mooing* (rather rare)... Jai had a great time with all his new stuff. But I tell you, after the weekend, I was buggered!

It was nice to not have to be places or do things too much this week, except for packing of course. I have not been too well today, so slept about 2 1/2 hours today! Opps, no packing though.

We move in less than a week now! Monday is the day. Lucky for me, Greg is having the weekend, plus Monday and Tuesday off, so he can help with much fo the packing on the weekend, the move on Monday, and I'm hoping we can get some of the cleaning done on the Tuesday so I don't have to do it all myself! I hate cleaning. And so far, Mum has steered clear of offering to help - thanks Mum.... gggrrrr....

So I better get stuck into it. We don't have enough boxes though, so think I might need to sort the crap under the house a bit. Chuck it and use the boxes from it. We have so much crap that we haven't even opened from last year.

Oh well, gotta go prepare my worship and word for home group tonight. Hope I didn't pack the CDs!

Ciao, Nat xx

P.S. I know they probably don't read this, but I just want to say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my ASC friends, Kathie and Nicnac, who both had beautiful baby boys last week! How wonderful!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Update and crazy quiz...

Well, have had a very busy few days, and it won't stop there. Sometimes its good being busy, sometimes its bad... do you know I have not had time for my 'nana-nap' for the last 2 days! lol I hear you say... I'm 23 and I have an afternoon sleep.... yeah pathetic I know, but I'm pregnant, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it, and I get up too early.....

Tuesday I went shopping. Spent a while in the Maternity shop again, just trying on different things. Bought a top too coz it was on special, and my current clothes are starting to get uncomfortable. I don't want to have to suck my tummy in constantly. I also have a cocktail party to go to Saturday night, so I might just have to go back and get a teal wrap-top I've been eyeing off for a couple weeks now... and I'm meant to go and put the black pants I like on layby too so they don't get sold! Must-haves. Also did the groceries and a few odds and ends. Forgot to pick up Jaidyn's presents from layby after all that, so am sending Greg to do it this afternoon.

Yesterday I did a pocket album with mum's craft group. I do like getting together with these ladies, many of them are family friends we've grown up with, so its always good to catch up. Good solid Christian women too. After picking up Jaidyn from school I did about 2 hours housework - the dishes alone took about an hour (yes, there were that many in the sink...). I feel good to have a clean house for Greg to come home to at night. He still seemed to point out what I hadn't done, by pulling out all the folding and leaving it all over the floor this morning... gggrrrr.......

Oh yeah!! Almost forgot to mention WE GOT THE HOUSE!! yeehaa! Really excited about it! And we don't have to move in till the same weekend our lease is up here - how's that for timing and blessings!! Awesome God! A house in the same street as other from church too - and so close! Will be so great!!

Am getting really scared/nervous about my Ed Qld interview tomorrow morning. I still haven't started on preparing my presentation, and really, I don't know what to do. I think I have a stigma too coz my friend only got an S2 rating (need an S1 - highest), so I'm all worried I won't either now.... have to rustle together something to present for 10 mins.... might do a small portfolio and see what resources I can get together to pop on a table to look like I know what I'm doing... yikes, scary stuff...

Oh, and still got to do all the shopping for Jaidyn's b'day party! I need more time!!! Ggrrr...... this is really the first 'proper' kids b'day party I've put on so I want it to be impressive enough too... its at a park, so have to be thoughtful of what food to make (no oven to cook hot food, and no fridge to keep stuff cool and prevent melting!) What foods can you suggest girls? I need some help!

Well, I guess I better get organised for today - lots to do - and throw in child at home too that I will have to entertain while I do everything else! Ggrrrr.... I hate being busy sometimes....

Will end on this: a quiz I nabbed from Tam and Roz...

2 names you go by: Nat, Natti
2 parts of your heritage: English and German I think...
2 things that scare you: spiders, drivng really fast (me too Tam!)
2 of your everyday essentials: nana-nap (most days! lol) and affection from family
2 things you are wearing right now: nightie and new knickers
2 of your favourite bands or musical artists (at the moment): NewsBoys, Anthony Callea (just looove listening to his gorgeous voice)
2 favourite songs (at the moment): can't think right now
2 things you want in a relationship (other then real love): conversation & honesty
2 truths: I've never yet been out of Australia, I have my nose pierced.
2 physical things that appeal to you (in the opposite sex): arms and eyes
2 of your favourite hobbies (other than scrapbooking!): surfing net, being with friends
2 things you want really badly: a Canon 350D & someone to pack the house for me!!
2 places you want to go on vacation: New Zealand & UK
2 things you want to do before you die: travel, see my children grow up.
2 ways that you are stereotypically a chick: I love jewellery and girly clothes
2 things that you are thinking about now: what on earth am I going to present for my interview tomorrow, and that I should do some housework...
2 stores you shop at: Target & Room 42 (maternity wear!)

Nat xx

Monday, November 14, 2005

Busy little bee...

Have had a rather busy weekend, and will be the same way for much of this week.

Saturday was house-hunting. Went to see one out near Mum and Dads. Was crappy and old though. Had a quick swim and some lunch there before heading into the northern suburbs to look at two, that just happened to have the SAME inspection time - gggrr.... was early to the first though, so I made it to both. First was a bit worn-down. Second was great though! So we put in an application... still waiting to hear if we got it but should know tomorrow. It's in Ferny Hills, a lovely suburb with lots of hills, parks and generally families it seems. This house is at the top of one street/hill so has great views and breezes from the wrap-around deck. Nice... 3 bedrooms upstairs, and a rumpus *plus* an extra room downstairs, which I'm hoping to claim for my scrapping room! Might still have to share with Greg and the computer though - bum... I want to decorate it all nice! Great big backyard too so Jaidyn will actually be able to fun around... also a mango tree but you have to beat the possums to the mangoes unfortunately. So prayers and fingers crossed for us please...

Had a Crafty Kids demo yesterday. Made the most I ever have at a party - a nice $500 in sales, so $90 for 3 hours work, not too bad. I have well and truly earnt over what I spent on my kit now, yay! So now its all in the pocket!

This week I have lots to do.

Craft class on Wednesday, which will go for the whole school hours at least.

Ed Qld Interview Friday, so have to prepare for that. Have been out of the whole teacher-thing for 6 months, so I hope I can still do well!

Jaidyn's b'day party on Saturday! Yikes - kids party! This is the first we will have had with lots of kids coming... have got the invitations out, so that's a start. Just have to do all the menu shopping and making, find or make a pinnata, and work out how I'm going to do his cake.... I suck at cakes, so I'm thinking of going with the individual cupcakes (less likely to melt too) and will hunt around for some batman edible discs or something to put on top.....

And in between all that, packing, packing and more packing... and some house-work too.... we move in about 2 or 3 weeks..... better get a move on hey...

Hope you have a great week all!

Nat xxx

Friday, November 11, 2005

I am loving....

Thanks Tam, I'm going to be positive today and lift your post!

I am loving..... THAT WE DON'T HAVE TO MOVE TO VICKY POINT!! Wahooo!!! The bosses gave Greg the option of going back to Salisbury store until they can find him a permanent home store! We are so happy about that! Now, its just back to house-hunting.... which is frustrating because really we don't know where he's likely to get posted to, and frankly, once I have Jaidyn enrolled in a school, I really don't want to have to move him again, its so not fair on him. So we have to weigh up where he's more likely to get a spot... hopefully the bosses can give Greg and inkling... and we'll move there. It will either be Western suburbs (near my Mum and Dad) or Northern suburbs (near church and friends where I *really* want to be).... so lots of praying ahead. At least God knows where we'll be so hopefully he can help us know where to move to.. we're running out of time too - only a few weeks...

I am loving.... that I have got the first box packed! I always leave packing to the last minute but I started yesterday with some of Jaidyn's room (which is so messy it really needs to be packed first)... now just to get some packing tape so I can get stuck into the rest... it's a big job!!

I am loving... that I get to see my Mum today. Jaidyn and I are going over for a swim and lunch.

I am loving... that I'm also going to go and look at a few digital cameras today. Greg and I have decided that we will buy *us* a digi for Christmas. We can't afford a Rebel or an SLR and I'm coming to terms with it... and really I don't know why I need one - I've never used an SLR in my life - so a good digi it will be! Yay, I'll get to take photos and scrap again soon!!

I am loving... that I have great friends who come and read my blog, and who care about what's happening in my life and who are there to support me all the time!

I am loving.... that there is a tiny life growing inside me. I so can't wait until I can feel him or her, but I know that growinga human takes time and I have faith that God is looking after her in there!!!

Have a great day all xxx

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dealt a shit blow...

Have had a bit of a shit day today.

For one, I've really been feeling the 'morning sickness'. Been headachy all day and haven't been sleeping very well the last few nights, so I was sooo tired...

We got a phone call from Greg's boss today. Good news we thought. Yes, they've found him a home store - finally. But however, its the Victoria Point store. Look at the map of Brisbane and that's aaaages away from where we wanted to be. Away from our new church, away from the new friends we've made and love, even heaps far away from my parents. Basically, it will mean starting over really. I douby many of my friends will want to travel an hour to see us too often, nor my parents. Yeah, its pretty shit. I guess not shit in that our house hasn't been burnt down and we haven't lost everything, we haven't been through a tsunami or a hurricane, but in the scheme of where we thought our life was going, its still shit. Had a nice cry about it this morning. It will mean having to find a new church (again - and that was agonising enough), new friends, finding a reputable school for Jaidyn when I know nothing about the area. Its just really not where we wanted to go. Really, it was almost the worst store in Brisbane they could have put him. Go figure, they tell us we can look for houses in both Western and Northern suburbs of Brisbane and then place us at the furthest Eastern end of Brisbane possible.... go figure. And we've wasted all that time looking for houses on the west and north side now too.

So anyway, Greg has asked whether they can find any other store. Funny, now we're even prepared for him to go out to Ipswich, coz it would mean we could still live western suburbs and even travel to church. Vicky Point is just totally near nothing and no-one we know. If this is in God's plan, I'm really stumped as to how. Now I don't doubt God and His plan, I know he's got us in His hands, and a purpose for whatever it does, but it just seems He placed us in a new church we love, we've made friends, we had our heart set on going north and now its all about to change. I just don't get it.

So yeah, one phonecall can have changed everything really. I don't want to go that far away. I'm pregnant, I don't work, I need my family and friends around me. I need them to sustain what little life I seem to have. Vicky Point means I'll have no-one anywhere near me. Whinge, whinge, whinge... I know it probably seems like that, and I should be happy Greg has a store - and I am, we just are not so happy about where..

Then again, Vicky Point is right on the beach - and the porthole to the Redland Bay Islands, so it could be fun..... just such a big change I'll have to get used to. I'll have to go out and make new friends.

Well, I guess tomorrow they'll tell Greg what the go is. Keep your fingers crossed and prayers going up for us to stay somewhere more inner city suburbs please!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Weekend news

Had a lovely weekend. While Saturday was spent pottering around and cleaning the house, it was worth it Saturday night when we had friends from church over for a BBQ. It seems ages since we've entertained at our house, and it was so nice to have people around. There were 6 couples that came, 5 married and one just dating. But it was so delightfully nice to now have this many couples of friends that we have things in common with. Unlike at our old church where we just didn't fit in, these 5 married couples are all under 30, two of them have children and all of us have been married under 3 years. It was just so nice to have friends!!

We cooked up the BBQ, ate our fill, drank mainly softdrink, chatted lots and lots and then played Pictionary. Greg and I just love playing this with friends. We decided to play in couples, which may not be the best as some couples thought it could cause marriage problems... lol..... "can't you see that's a horse?" "How am I supposed to get a cat out of that...." and so on... lol... we didn't get to finish the game though as the couple with 4 kids had a whingy 2-yr old who wouldn't go to sleep so had to take him home... but it was such a good night!

Sunday we went to church (yay, as a family as Greg had the day off!) and there was an interesting sermon about suicide. James, on of the youth pastors made up a video clip to begin with of pictures, music and statistics of suicide in Australia, and I found myself absolutely bawling within a minute or so of it. My best friend committed suicide when we were in Year 12, and I think it was that, plus maybe eve na little pregnancy hormones as I can usually compose myself about it nowadays.... it was a sad and interesting sermon. James interviewed young adults in Brisbane about whether suicide is ok, and it was alarming their responses. While many said its not ok, and a few said they would never consider it, there were a lot of answers that said it depends on the circumstances and a couple of girls even said it was ok coz their lives were shit... Wow! You just want to reach out and hug them! Its so sad when they obsiously don't have the hope of Jesus in their lives...

Anyway, after church we went to my Mum and Dad's for afternoon tea, as it was Dad's b'day on Saturday. We always get fed well at Mum's. Ended up watching Harry Potter and stayed till it was dark. So we didn't really have tea. Poor Jaidyn was hungry and tired so we sent him to bed with a banana for sustanence!!

Well today, was meant to go to the Coast with the girls for lunch, but very broke. So I think I'll just potter around here, maybe clean up a little, search for some real estate, organise to see some maybe, and even have a nice sleep! My car has something wrong with it (AGAIN!) - maybe a wheel bearing or something, so I don't really feel safe driving it (its going in to shop Wednesday), so I think I'll be walking to pick up Jaidyn today and some groceries.

Nat xx

Friday, November 04, 2005

Maternity clothes, craft and BBQs...

I just can't wait to wear them. I can't wait till my belly grows and I can really see there's a little life growing in there, a little life that is so wanted in our new little family. Lol, I even want to feel fat and have an excuse! I did a spot of shopping yesterday - to pick up some craft supplies, a present for Dad, all those little odds and ends that you need to do. I also happened to walk past a Maternity shop that even when I wasn't pregnant I wanted to look in. So of course I went in. It was soooo nice! And I was even pleasantly surprised at the prices. Thinking they would all cost an arm and leg I was happy to see prices you might find in many clothes stores such as Portmans or Sussan. A little more than I usually pay (Target, Kmart) but still definitely within reach, and a lot nicer and better made than the maternity wear in Kmart and Target I think. Room 42 it's called. Erica, if you have one nearby, you'll have to go and have a look. I know what I'm going to ask for for Christmas - Room 42 vouchers!

Ok, so my belly is still my own (even though it could be mistaken for a pregnant one, lol), but I have been feeling really yucky in my normal clothes, a bit bloated and definitely not wanting to wear tight clothes. The clothes in here were so nice! I was eyeing off some party dresses that were on sale, but unfortunately looked hideous on me! I also tried on some nice wrap tops (mainly to cover my fadoobadas - tuckshop arms) and she gave me a pair of black pants to try on with them as I was wearing a dress. I put these on and had to check I had put them on right because the hems actually reached the ground! Now, if you know how tall I am, you'll understand why I was surprised. I NEVER find pants that are long on me - and if I do, they are a specified 'long' length... so of course now I'm totally sold on the black pants - and they happened to look really flattering, and the black top with turquoise wrap looked so good too... I want some money or vouchers NOW! LOL.... well anyway, that's enough blabbing about that.. I did buy a little maternity top from Kmart though. I first tried on the baby-doll tops from the regular section but they were totally just wrong - the boob bit was not wide enough to go over your whole boobs and it was just yuck. So I found one similar in the maternity section (black, my favourite colour) and it looked so much better. More flattering, even though its a maternity top - strange. But I bought it and its so comfy coz I don't have to worry about wobbly belly bits hanging out, having to pull my top up or just feeling trapped in a tight top. It's nice and long too.

Gosh, I just realised how much I wrote about a few items of clothing. Oops, sorry to bore you there.

What else? Oh, last night I did a class with some ladies from my old church. It was a nice relaxed atmosphere... and there were Mint Slice so of course I was happy! lol... 2 of the ladies made accordion albums and one wanted to do something different so I helped her get started on 6 frames that she's making for nieces and nephews for christmas - thanks to Erica for helping me with the idea - I think they worked out pretty well and she was very happy with it. So yeah, it was nice to get a bit of money in the hand for that. And for once, we didn't go and blow it on take-away today (although I really wanted KFC chips!).

Greg has 3 days off work, so we are having friends over for a BBQ tomorrow night - thanks for the idea Tam! I'm so looking forward to it. All great friends from our church and I just love having BBQs.... now just to do a spot of cleaning tomorrow to make sure the house is clean.

I've still been really slack in the craft department. I really should be making christmas samples for my CK demo thats in a week and a bit, but I just can't seem to get into anything. Guess it doesn't help when I don't have much christmassy stuff to work with. Hopefully I'll get a bit done on Tuesday when I'm crafting with my CK team leader.

Anyway, that's enough from me. That's if you're still with me, lol.
Have a great weekend all,
Nat xx