Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lani Faith Mardon - your birth story...

After many days of anticipating, nesting and just being ready to meet our baby, contractions finally started at about 8.30am on Wednesday 27th June. They started at about 10 minutes apart and a nice manageable ‘twinge’. After an hour or so, they died off to about 15 minutes apart again, and I was rather annoyed as I thought ‘here we go again’ with Eli’s labour day of on-again-off-again contractions. But they went back to about 10 minutes apart again, and stayed this way for most of the day, only intensifying in painfulness! Greg came home from work at about 2pm and we pottered around a bit. I stopped walking around every 10 minutes to brace myself gently through a contraction and breathe! They were not really so bad. We organised with Sal to come and get the boys so that we didn’t have to worry about it come going-into-hospital time. She came at about 4pm and by this time my contractions were getting stronger but still only 5-10 minutes apart. This was really the start of ‘crunch-time’ though as I had been feeling ‘pressure’ in my perineum for a little while but because the contractions were still so far apart, still irregular and not unbearably strong, I didn’t really think we were as close as we were! (In hindsight, I SHOULD have known though, as the same thing happened with Eli too, however his labour was more prolonged…)

After Sal left, at about 4.30pm I went and had a shower and had a couple of good contractions in there. They were still 5-10 minutes apart. They were strong in that I was getting more pain inside my ‘birth canal’ than I could feel in my back and abdomen, and I wasn’t so comfortable with that, so we decided to call the midwife and head into the hospital. Now really, we should have left probably an hour before this, as soon as I felt ANY pressure inside really… Hello, that means you are fully dilated and the baby is coming through! Oops.

So we got into the car and I quickly grabbed a towel to put under me ‘just in case my waters broke’ and a bucket coz I felt like vomiting with each contraction now! It still did not occur to me that she would be born in the next few minutes, so calling an ambulance to come to us at home didn’t even cross our minds! We headed into the hospital, a 20 minute drive and I went into ‘transition’ on the way. Not at ALL comfortable in the front seat of a car, especially when you’re 6 feet tall! I don’t recommend it hey. I shouldn’t complain too much though, as transition for me is probably like what many women experience for that last half of their labour. I had about 6 contractions in the 20 minute drive, a couple with a break between, some without. Still not too long, each one between 30-60 secs long. Again, it was most painful feeling her inside me, and I was tensing my whole body up, all I could do to hold her back. I still don’t think I quite realised she was on her way OUT, but I did say to Greg that I was pretty sure we were fully dilated and she was ‘just there’.

As we turned onto the main road that runs past the hospital I started NEEDING to push. Of course I was still trying with all my might NOT TO! But as I realised, I didn’t actually need to do much pushing, consciously, because your body just does it on its own! We pulled up to the lights at the intersection that goes into the hospital, and as we waited for the lights to turn green (the first time!) I felt a POP and my waters broke. I said to Greg “I think my waters just broke!” and remember also telling him how cool it was to feel it pop (mine had only trickled out before labour started with the boys), and lucky that I had grabbed that towel! Then when we didn’t get through that green light, another contraction came on, I could feel her crowning and I couldn’t hold her in anymore! I had my hand on her head though, making sure she didn’t come out fast. I said to Greg - rather panicked mind you -(meanwhile I’m sure he was cursing at the cars and the red light too!) “Honey, the head is coming out. The head is out!! Crap, crap, crap. The head is out!!” And quite humourously actually, he was replying with “Don’t panic honey, don’t panic!” Needless to say, we were BOTH panicking!!

Her head was out (in my underwear mind you, which I *tried* to get off when I felt her crowning but there wasn’t time and again, not so easy in a car!!) and I remember thinking, ‘It’s OK, it’s just the head, the baby won’t start breathing till the body is out.’ We were around the corner by now and pulling into the driveway, when I felt another contraction come on and thought ‘Oh crap, the body is just going to fall out with this one!!’ Which it did! I must have slipped my knickers to the side and then pulled her up onto my chest, as far as I could with the cord still attaching us. I remember briefly thinking ‘Oh no, what if it’s not breathing, what will I do?’ She coughed and spluttered a bit on mucus, and I was ready to stick my finger in her mouth to clear it if I needed, but then she let out a cry and I knew it would all be ok! Oh my, I was so thankful to hear that cry, you wouldn’t believe!

Meanwhile Greg is totally panicking because I have just given birth in the front seat next to him! (and no it did not occur to us to pull over either – we were so close to the hospital we thought we’d make it… how we would get inside I didn’t know as I knew I wouldn’t have been able to walk up, but it turned out we didn’t need to worry about that did we!) He said “Where do I go? Emergency?” I said “Yep” and we pulled in right to the doors of Emergency. Greg jumped out and ran to find someone. Meanwhile I just have the baby on my chest. I remember wanting to see if it was a girl or a boy, but looking down, the cord was in the way. I *thought* it might be a girl as I couldn’t see any ‘appendages’ but I think I decided to look again when Greg was around so we could see together. It was only a couple of seconds before about 10 people ran out to me in the car, with blankets etc. They checked her quickly to see she was breathing and all that, then threw warm blankets over us.

Then I got up onto a stretcher and they wheeled me inside. I mentioned that I didn’t even know if it was a girl or a boy, and the staff asked if I wanted to check, but Greg was moving the car out of the Emergency entrance, so I decided to wait till he got back. He came back in and we both looked together to see we had a baby GIRL! We were so happy!!

Then they wheeled my upstairs, through all the back ways (I was looking around trying to work out where on earth we were!) to the Birth Suite. I told them I was a Birth Centre patient and my midwife was waiting for me, but they didn’t really listen to me. I was starting to get a bit angry that they were taking me to birth suite, coz I wanted to be in the birth centre! They wheeled me into a room, then I had to slide myself (one arm still holding the baby mind you!) onto the bed. Then the nurse that was there was saying something about how they thought I might have been a birth centre girl, and I said “Yes I am, my midwife is waiting for me!” So they decided to take me straight down there, thank God! So, I had to slide myself BACK onto the stretcher and they wheeled me across the hallway. When I saw my midwife Karen, I said ‘Sorry Karen, she couldn’t wait!” and she had already thought the baby might have come as she had made it to the hospital before us (we live in the same suburb and she had to stop for a call)! Anyway, finally in the quiet of our birth centre room, we were able to gather ourselves a little. Karen calmly clamped the cord, Greg cut it and then finally gave his girl her first cuddle.

It all slowed down from here, thank God! (I can’t believe I can actually remember all that, it was so fast!) I hopped off the stretcher, onto the floor and waited for my placenta. I remember being worried and peeved that the nurses would probably jab me with the oxytocin, cut the cord and all that without even asking me what I wanted… and I had planned on birthing the placenta on my own. Was very thankful when they took me to Birth Centre and I was still able to do this.

Karen got me in the shower to wash off, then checked me over. I was overjoyed to find that I had not even torn either - that was a miracle and answer to prayer in itself as I was rather anxious about tearing again. I hopped on the bed, Karen measured and weighed our little girl, popped a nappy on her and then we finally got some quiet moments together. I popped her on the boob, which she took eagerly, and sat back, taking in all of what had just happened!

It was then that we talked about her name. We had not 100% decided on a girl’s name yet, but were picking between Lani and Olivia. Well, after that amazing delivery, we knew she most certainly had her Father’s arms and angels around her, so we decided on Lani, which means ‘heaven’ (hawaiian).

Our dream come true, Lani Faith Mardon was born at 5.40pm on the 27th of June, in the car. She weighed 3370g and was 51cm long.

We are so very thankful to our Awesome Father for such a miracle of a delivery and that she was safe and healthy and perfect. And a little girl.

** Edited to add: The car was not that messy really, and it was a darn good excuse to have it detailed, so now my car is oh-so-clean and smells so good!! Great way to do it I say!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Our Little Princess...

Just quickly to say (in case anyone didn't know ;)) that the Mardon family welcomed a beautiful baby daughter into the world on Wednesday night, 27th June at 5.40pm (yes, in the car... more details to come I promise). She weighed 3370g (7lb, 7oz) and is 51cm long (rather long arms and legs though!
We have named her LANI FAITH. Lani means 'heaven' and we thought it more fitting than others we liked seeing as though she definitely had angels around her at birth!

Anyway, here are some pics from her first few days of life.

A couple of hours after arrival: (we didn't actually GET any pics in the car unfortunately!! I know, shame on me as a scrapper huh)One day old:
Me and my princess at one day old:
Finally, with her eyes open with her smitten Daddy, 2 days old:
Two days old:
With her big brother Jaidyn (the other brother doesn't stay still for 2 minutes!):

Having her first bath (the bit she didn't scream for), 2 days old:

All rugged up after her bath, 2 days old (love this one!!):

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bring it on!!

Been having contractions all morning... just bumming around the house waiting now!! (they are now about 5-10 mins apart, but still bearable)... they started at 10 mins apart at 8.30 this morning, then died off to 15 mins apart (was not happy) but seemed to have picked up again!

Have just called Greg who should be coming home in about an hour.... finish packing the suitcase.... and hopefully they don't die off!!

Yessss!! Hopefully will be meeting this little munchkin today!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

13 months...

My darling boy,

You are hardly a baby anymore! You have learnt so much in the last month or so that you are definitely growing into a boy and my baby is almost no more. I do get rare moments though, when you want Mummy snuggles or you'll lie with me to have your bottle, so I still see glimpses of the little babe you were. It makes me sad though, that you've grown so quickly!
I missed out on writing you a letter for 12 months too, so since the last letter (11 months) you have grown immensely!

The biggest thing I guess is that you are now walking, and quite a pro at it too. I can see it won't be long until you're running my boy! You took your first steps in early May, walking from one side of our tiny kitchen to the other, and then you walked 'properly' between Daddy and I on the 11th May, and have hardly looked back. Even though it was about 6 weeks ago now, I still remember so clearly how proud you were of yourself for taking those steps to Dad. And it was very very special for Daddy too. You have been confidently walking now since just before your 1st birthday, so about 5 weeks! And now you are fast! You race around the house, throwing a ball and chasing it, or trying to run away from me at times too!

For your first b'day you had a special day with Mum and Dad (Jai had to go to school). In the morning we all woke up and you had a great time opening your presents - and even mostly had the hang of ripping the paper off! You received a trike and trailer, a pop-up tent and tunnel, a couple of DVDs (Hi-5 being your fave!) and a musical piano (more presents were to come at your party). Mummy and Daddy took you to McDonalds for lunch and then a play at the park. You were more interested in the magpies that were eyeing off your lunch, and the playground than actually eating though!

We celebrated your first birthday on the 26th May with a lovely afternoon tea in the backyard with some family and close friends from church. We took your tunnel and tents, and your trike and some blocks out the back too, so you kids were highly entertained. You had a great afternoon playing and eating cheerios and cake and then opening some presents. You received another ride-on (musical car this time), lots of clothes and a stack-em crocodile. People also brought along special notes and memorabilia to put into a Time Capsule that Mummy made you (but that is still not finished or sealed - oops!).

Just before your party, Daddy attached the baby swing to our swing set, and you have developed a love for it since then. Every afternoon when Jai gets home from school (except a few this last week because it was soooo cold!) we go outside and you and Jaidyn go on the swings. You giggle and smile as we push you up and down. Now you are even going in for a high-five when you reach me coming forward each time. After a while of swinging, we then drag your ride-ons outside (Jaidyn has got out his old one from when he was a babe!) and you both zoom around the backyard on them. Then you like to go and 're-arrange' Mummy's peg box (which is temporarily on the ground coz I need a new one!). You pull the pegs out, then sometimes put them back in again. And you like to take them for walks around the back-yard, so Mummy is forever picking up pegs (not so easy when I'm heavily pregnant!) from all over the yard when I need to hang clothes. I've really come to enjoy this time together of an afternoon, and I know both you and Jaidyn love it too.During the day while Jai is at school, you love to zoom around inside on your trike or car (you're really quick!!), watch your Hi-5 DVD, crawl through your tunnel and tent (which reside in the corner of the dining room) read books or play with your toys - that you seem to throw from one end of the house to the other mind you!

You are now having only 2 sleeps a day and you're pretty spot-on with routines with these. We've managed to make sure you're awake to take and pick up Jai from school too, which works really well. Usually you'll go down for your first nap when we get home from school drop-off, between 8.30 and 9am. You'll usually sleep for 60-90 minutes. Then we usually do all the errands and stuff that Mummy needs to do, have lunch and you go down for a nap again at about 1pm. Mummy likes to have a nap at this time too, then we both wake up in time to pick up Jai from school. It works well. Mind you, Mummy will have another baby to juggle sleep times for when Jai goes back to school, so that will be another whole story no doubt!

You seem to finally be sick of eating sandwiches, which is somewhat of a pain in the butt! So I now have to be a little more creative and try other things for lunch. This week you've had scrambled eggs, tin spaghetti, vegies or cheese and yoghurt. I think I'll have to whip up extra left-overs and vegies and maybe some little pasta meals for you. Hopefully you go back to sandwiches some day, even if not every day! You eat 2 weetbix or a piece of toast for breakfast (sometimes both). Morning and afternoon teas consist of cheese (your favourite!), yoghurt (your other favourite!), fruit, fruit bars, sultanas, Jatz biscuits and whatever else we have on hand. You usually eat vegies or left-overs for dinner, plus custard, fruit or yoghurt for dessert, and you are still really good at eating it all up at night time. You have one bottle in the morning and one at night, although sometimes you're not so interested in the night one. I usually still use formula for these bottles, but sometimes you'll have cows milk instead, which you don't mind. You are still very adamant about eating at about 5pm and get rather stroppy around this time if I don't feed you. Then you and Jai pop in the bath. We have a good routine for this at the moment, will have to wait and see what the new baby brings to it!

We now have less than a week until the new baby arrives. It could happen any time now. You still like to blow raspberries on Mummy's big belly, and it often gets in the way of your feet at change time or when I'm feeding you in the highchair. You can reach my tummy with your feet through the highchair and think its great fun to kick! I wonder what you think about it - if anything, and if you'll notice that its gone (well mostly!) once bubs comes along. I also really wonder how you will handle having your time taken away by the new baby. I'm sure you'll be rather trying at first, but Mummy will have to give you lots of special time while the baby is sleeping! I often also wonder how I will go, being a Mum to two babies! Its going to be tough, but I know that the Lord will sustain me through it! You just have to try to be good ok!

Speaking of the baby, we moved your cot into Jaidyn's room a few weeks ago, so the baby can have its own room for a few months. You are really loving sharing with him and Jaidyn mostly loves it too, except that he seems to do a lot more cleaning now - as you like to pull the books out of the bookshelf, and his toys and shoes out of their places too. Poor Jai. We have to stagger your bedtimes (you usually by 7pm, then Jai at 7.30pm) so that you are asleep when Jai comes to bed. If not, you think its playtime and chatter away to him. You are so cheeky.

Your behaviour has been somewhat trying over the last couple of weeks. We are not sure whether its more teeth coming in, Daddy going back to work after 3 months at home, just a 13-month old thing to do, or maybe a combination of them all! You are frequently referred to as 'the terror' these days, and Monkey and Monster feature more prominantly too! You are into everything, don't listen to 'No' and have no fear either. You have recently learnt to climb up on the couch and the dining chairs, so we need to make sure the chairs are tucked under the table or you'll then climb up onto that too!

You have been in the wars a lot too. A week does not go past these days when you don't have blood or a bruise of some sort. You did a real doozy the other day at Karen & Mark's when you faceplanted on the cement, getting a blood nose, splitting your bottom lip and scratching your upper lip too! Mummy was a little queazy, so Daddy had to take over! It does not stop you or hold you back though, and you usually have a little cry then get straight back into it! I can see I'm forever going to have my hands full with you young man!!

My life is most certainly made interesting and much richer because you are in it my darling. I love you more and more every day, and can't imagine life without you in it. You are so very precious to us all, love Mummy xxx

Little Georgina...

I was absolutely blown away this morning when I visited this blog. I have been following sporadically on SOF the journey and prayer needs of this family, whose beautiful little girl fell ill at Easter time with an unknown disease and has been comatose since, fighting for her life. I have been newly encouraged this morning about the love of our eternal Father and what it really means to have faith in Him. I am definitely challenged. What a wonderful faith testimony this family has. I will be praying for them each day now. Please go and have a look at this blog and add this family to your prayer list.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Meeting my SOF girls...

Yesterday I got to meet some of the lovelies from Scrap of Faith. The gorgeous Alex was over this side of the country on holidays, so what better excuse than to get together for a spot of scrap shopping and a coffee!! (We in Bris are usually too slack to get together unless someone's here on holidays! lol). We met at Scrapbook City in Indooroopilly and had a bit of a drool, especially at the Love Elsie range (some of us shopped too!), then headed down to McCafe (as we had a few kids on tow) for a coffee and to let the kids run around a bit too.

Here's a group pic - from left - Amy, Sal (& baby Cowper), Chrissy, Alex (& baby Joanna) and me.
I was very happy to meet the lovely Chrissy. We've been PMing, emailing and reading each others blogs for ages now and have really wanted to meet up, so it was soooo good to finally meet this wonderful, bubly, sweet woman! And she was so extra sweet and helpful to my kids too. Hope to see you again soon Chrissy! Here's a couple of pics of Chrissy and I.

And this one that Chrissy took of Sal and her cute little Cowper (who has grown sooo much since I saw him last!)
Anyway, had a really fantastic morning girls, and I hope we can get together for a crop soon!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Trying again with the pics...

So here's the pics of my curtains and laundry bag I've been busy making for the nursery over the last 2 weeks. I'm pretty proud of them actually - my first real project with my new sewing machine.... who knows what's next - maybe a nappy stacker and quilt too! I *heart* my sewing machine...

Now I'm back to having lots of time on my hands.. don't know what to do!


Its really freakin cold today!! The house is remaining shut up, and I think I'll even put the clothes in the dryer coz I don't want to venture out to the clothes line... bbbrrrrr......... can't keep my babe warm enough though - his hands are lie little icicles today.... actually so are mine. Think I'll go curl up in my warm bed and have a nap soon!

I was hoping to share my curtains and laundry hamper that I've been busy working on the last week, but for some reason blogger doesn't seem to want to let me upload any pics today... typical... I'll try again later...

OK, so curtains & hamper made - check
Baby bag packed - check
My bag packed - check - well its out with a few things in it (the rest I need day to day!)
Cot - not quite check yet - have won an ebay auction, just need to pick it up this weekend!
Nappy supply - check
Baby clothes washed - check
Birth plan - check
Mentally ready - think so! check

So we're pretty much ready!! Just need to pick up this cot over the coming weekend hopefully and then Bob's your uncle, this baby can well and truly come! In fact, it can come sooner if it really wants - we have a portacot and a rocker that will suffice for a few nights!!

Am getting OVER it! Today the aches were back this morning (those ones that remind me what it was like to have a period!) but they've eased off again. Braxton Hicks haven't been too bad... sore tummy muscles I'm totally over (can't sit at the computer, sewing machine etc for too long)... last night I had sore feet again... heart-burn, blergh.... can't get out of bed, lol! Oh, the joys of pregnancy!!

Just got back from my midwife appt with Karen. I'm secretly praying that I get Elaine (my other midwife) on call actually (apparently she's on call next Friday night, so that will have to be the night... OK with you baby!!??) coz she's much nicer and easier to relate to. And she might just let me labour in the bath too... maybe I'll just accidentally call her pager instead! Anyway, blood pressure good, baby is head down, good strong heartbeat (144 bpm - has always been over 140 = a girl maybe??)... all good.. just the waiting game now.

Anyway, enough about my boring pregnancy...

Eli had a doozy of a stack the other day. We were at friend's for a coffee and the kids were all playing in the backyard and on the cement patio. Of course Eli loses his balance while walking and somehow managed to totally face-plant into the cement. Blood everywhere! Out of his nose, he bit his lip, and also managed to put a couple of scratches on his upper lip. I didn't really handle all that blood too well though - give him to Dad to fix up thankyou! But he was right as rain, and happily playing again within a few minutes... ohhh, boys.... and what a wonderful age 1 is... not.....

He's also been really obsessed with his toothbrush of late! Weird... I think my sister started it when she babysat him a week or so ago and she said he just carried it around and chewed on it all afternoon, lol. Good one Shan. Anyway, as soon as we walk into the bathroom now, he points towards the toothbrushes and says 'eeeee' (you know, like he's showing me his teeth) and he wants to brush his teeth. The toothbrush is also one of the only objects that is helping to keep him still on the changetable now, which is not so good for a nudie bottom to be getting around when its this cold! Brrrr.....

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Feeling a bit that way about this pregnancy.

Yesterday was a shocker of a day! Seriously, I thought maybe it was labour time again, I had SO MANY aches and pains all day. But nothing last night and nothing again today. I can handle this two weeks if I don't have aches and pains all day, but not if its like yesterday every day! So hoping they stay at bay today.

I'm not totally 'ready' for labour just yet anyway. Have these curtains I'd like to get finished. And gee, it might take me a while - at least until the end of this week. We also haven't a cot or baby seat yet. Had an appt to get the capsule fitted yesterday (we are going to hire for 6 months) but could not find a carpark anyway, PLUS had a whinging baby in the back, so I just came home! Will have to re-schedule for a time where I'm more likely to find a carpark (its right next to the hospital so parking is a nightmare!)...

Greg started his new job yesterday. So far he's enjoying it (didn't really do anything yesterday though) and so far I'm really enjoying having my space again! And surprisingly I've been super organised - back into the 'swing' of being a SAHM/housewife again! Lovin it.

Well, better get back to these curtains while the bub is sleeping. Had a nightmare of a time trying to work out button-holes last night, so gave up. I think I'll do the rest of the drops first and leave the tabs and buttons till last! lol...

Ciao xx

Monday, June 11, 2007

I *heart* Love

We went to the most beautiful wedding on Saturday! I know I say that about most weddings I go to, but this one was particularly beautiful! It was a gorgeous casual ceremony on the dunes behind Noosa Heads, all the guests stood, very minimal decorations, but absolutely stunning!! If I could have my wedding again, I'd definitely get married outdoors! It was truly gorgeous! A bit cold with the blowy weather we've had around Brisbane the last few days, but simply gorgeous!
One of the really special things about James and Jayde's wedding was that God was the centre of it. I have not been to one where their faith was so significant, and it was just how God would have marriage and a wedding. Makes me cry (such a soppy thing I am)! Here are some pics:
The stunning bride, Jayde:
Some of the bridal party (not a great shot, but the best Greg got):

Jayde and James sharing their vows:
The kiss:
Happy snap while signing register:
Man and wife: this one is a fave as when Pastor Craig pronounced them man and wife, James lifted up their arms above their heads in joy!

Walking back down the aisle (my fave of all of them):

Cutting the cake at the reception:

One of Greg and I (a bit blowy on the beach!):

Me @ 37 weeks pregnant (not so good, shall get some more today hopefully!):

We drove home at about 10pm, and then crawled into bed. Sooo tired!! And then Sunday, after not much sleep, I got up early to prepare my worship set - lol - talk about disorganised huh! But it went well, I got to actually do a 'non-kids' service so picked some of my fave songs. We only used CDs as we are VERY LOW on musicians, in fact, not sure we even have ONE at the moment! Eek.. so while I don't sing so well compared to Darlene Zschech (Hillsong), the atmosphere was there! I still have reservations about my 'ability' to worship lead, but we need all the leaders we can right now, so I do it. I don't really think its a 'gift' that God has given me, despite how much I desparately want it to be! But I guess if I'm serving God, then it can't be too bad hey? (If only I could sing like my Lusi, who has the most AMAZING voice! Love you darl xx)

The boys had a sleep-over at my parents house. First time Eli has actually HAD a sleepover, which quite surprised me actually as I didn't realise he hasn't actually slept over anywhere before! lol. Mum said they were good, Eli didn't miss us (:() but I think she had her work cut out for her with him - he gets into everything! lol... and he doesn't stop! Greg was all missing Eli on our drive home (big soppy thing he is huh) and wanted to go pick him up at 11pm! Don't think Mum would have been too happy, lol. I'm sure both of them (Greg and Eli) will miss eachother terribly when he goes back to work tomorrow - 3 1/2 months together every day is a long time!

Today we don't really have anything planned as such. Last day before Greg starts his new job, and public holiday so we're all home. We may go to the park for lunch or something else I think.

Well, hope you have a great day. Might get that husband of mine out of bed! (He'd sleep all day if I let him ;))

Thursday, June 07, 2007

First night went well!

Well, we moved the boys in together yesterday. Still a bit of a strange notion to me as I never shared a room as a child! And it kinda serves as a reminder that my baby is so not that anymore :( :( But anyway, they had a great night! Not a peep out of them till they both woke up at about 6.30am this morning. I hope it all stays good like this!!

The nursery now looks bare again, without a cot in there. But it has me motivated at least. My project this week (and next too maybe) is making curtains for the nursery windows. I'm a curtain virgin (a sewing virgin even) so I'm getting a LOT of guidance from one of the fab girls from SOF, Ali - thanks hun!! She's guided me through how much fabric I'll need (after I went into Spotlight yesterday and realised I really had no idea what I want or need, and hence came back empty-handed), even down to calling her Spotlight and getting quotes for me - what an absolute champ huh!! So I'm really excited (read: nervous!) about making these myself and praying I don't stuff it up! I'm sure it will be a big enough step for me to cut them out! lol... but they are going to look fab if I get them done properly! So watch this space for some pics.

We are bidding on some cots in ebay - hopefully we'll get one for a good price in the next week or so. Would be handy while Greg is still home, but we'll work out a pick-up time if its later next week. Thanks to Sandy (MIL) for buying this so we can have it now (or rather when we win a bid!)

Just want to give a HUGE HUG to my Lusi. I'm so sorry to hear things have been a bit crappy this week hun. Just keep holding on to our Lord ok babe xxx Will try to call you tonight or tomorrow night OK! Hate to hear things are no good - esp when all I'm hung up on is curtains and cots!! Will be praying for you all, and especially little Liji. Love yas xxx

Taking my Eli to the docs again today. He's had a persistent staph infection for about a month now, and for the third round the blisters have started coming back! I just want him better :(. I'm hoping to get some anti-biotics this time. He also has a nasty sore on his nose, which I think may be a staph too, so I just WANT IT GONE!!
Spirit of infection - GO - in the name of Jesus Christ! If you could all pray and rebuke this spirit with me, I would be grateful, thanks xxx

Well, better do the housework and stuff. Another cold (maybe rainy) day around here today - perfect for sewing curtains huh, if I get time. Am off to a friends Hens Party tonight, but can only stay for the pre-drinks due to our finance situation. So might be home to sew (or call my Lus) tonight too.

5 things I'm thankful for today:
* That my boys both slept soundly through the night for their first night together last night
* For glorious rain that we sooo need - thanks Lord! (our grass is actually turning back to green now!)
* For wonderful helpful friends like Ali
* For not working - yay!
* For the Holy Spirit that can heal beyond all measures through the power of Christ Jesus! Amen!

** Edited to add: my little man has SCHOOL SORES!! Geez Louise!! So we're onto a cream for 10 days, and anti-bacterial wash each day too. I feel terrible, but I don't think there was really any way I could have prevented them anyway. Please pray for a quick and full recovery from them... and that Jaidyn doesn't get them too, as they are contagious!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just stuff...

Well, I have the night to myself. Greg's gone for a quick beer at his mate's, and is then off to his sword-fighting class (yeah, cool huh!) so I thought I might update the blog. Just gonna do it in point form I thought tonight as I don't think I have anything over in-depth to say anyway.

* It's raining outside. Nice. I'm going to go sit out on the balcony with a cuppa tea and just enjoy it after this. Love the rain.

* Less than 4 weeks left of this pregnancy. And I'm definitely getting to that 'over it' bit - just bring on this labour I say! I'm ready!

* Baby's bag is packed, thanks for the inspiration Anth.

* Been having terribly restless nights the last two. Its not so much waking up - as I was doing that for loo trips anyway - but the last 2 nights, its taken me at up to an hour to frall back to sleep again. And by then, I'm thinking stuff and my brain wakes up and its a viscious cycle really. If it keeps up, might ask my midwife next week about getting sleeping tablets. Are they safe for pregnant women? I've never taken them before. Some prayer for no more sleeplessness would be appreciated please!

* Been looking into quilting. I'm going to try my hand at making a quilt/playmat for my friend's baby girl (due in August) and then one for my sister too who's due end of the year. I'm sure she'll find out the sex of her baby, so that will make it easier. Have been looking around the net for free patterns and fat 1/4s and quilting squares on eBay too... don't know if I can wait till we start getting paid though - I want to play now!!

* Only a couple of days until we're off to our friend's wedding up at Noosa. I'm looking forward to it as I've never been to one on the beach before - what pretty photos I'll hopefully be able to get! Still don't know what I'm going to wear. Will hopefully be borrowing a top from my friend Hayley (who I went to baby shower of on Sat), otherwise I think I'll just make do with what I have. With next to no money at the moment, and only 3 1/2 weeks left of this pregnancy, seems silly to go and buy something else. I'm sure I can throw something pretty together though!

* Am doing a class at Scrap of Faith this month. The topic is 'family'. Here are my sneak peeks. Check out the 'classes' link on the site if you're interested.

Well not overly interesting I'm sorry. I'm off to have a quick shower and go and sit and watch the rain. Have a great evening all.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Thanks to you all who left kind, reassuring comments after my mini-rant about Elijah. It turned out we had an absolute shocker with him and Jaidyn this weekend. But I think by the end of yesterday, we were just laughing off the irritable behaviour, and thinking "well, when it rains, it pours!"

Things have been much better today! (But, Jaidyn is not home from school yet! Hoping he comes home in a good mood, after the foulness he displayed yesterday...)

I think a lot of it is just coming down to my total lack of energy at the moment in these last weeks of my pregnancy. So prayers for some energy would be appreciated.

I had a terrible sleep last night too. But this is not really to complain, just to tell my little story. I woke up for my routine toilet trip at about 1am. But I started getting aches in my lower abdomen, and I thought maybe it was labour! Early I know, but it wasn't the same as the braxton hicks I've been getting. Was having pains in the lower abdomen across the front, so of course that woke me right up, and it then took me at least another hour and a half to get back to sleep! The way I feel this morning, I think it was a tummy bug that was giving me the pains though, because it must have died down after I fell back to sleep. (I did have a cool dream about going into labour though!) So today I've felt really lousy. I just had a nice long nap, but still don't really feel too good. I think an early night is in store for me tonight.
But... after a mini labour scare - I'm getting organised packing these hospital bags now! Washed the muslin wraps today, so that's the last of what I need for Bub's bag... mine will me more of a 'do when I go in' thing as I need all the clothes and toiletries up until then!

Well, I can hear Eli in the kitchen in the background right now - he's probably in the bin or pulling out all the tupperware or something equally michevious!

Ciao xx

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Baby for give-away to good home.....

Does anybody want a michevious, whingy little one-year-old boy? I assure you he's extremely cute!

But I tell you what! Right now I am NOT handling him at all! He's driving me absolutely BATTY! He's into EVERYTHING!!! He plays with all the buttons on the TV and receiver, gets in behind Greg's speakers (often knocking them down) and pulls out all the DVDs, CDs that are along the side of it... well that was, until I chucked a 'nar-nar' yesterday, threw them all on the kitchen table and told Greg to 'do something else with them!' Gggggrrrrrrr...... and aaaahhhhhhhh.... all at once!!

We desparately NEED a nice big playpen, but until Greg starts working and some money starts coming in, we are flat broke. Plus the one we want is a nice big one - that hopefully a previosuly free-range one-year-old won't kick up too much of a stink about - but its very $$ too (of course, that's always the way).

Oh, maybe its just me and my big fat belly, lack of energy etc with the last few weeks of this pregnancy, but I am SERIOUSLY OVER HIM!!

OK, my rant is over now. Hopefully it makes me feel better. (Would be great too, if miraculously it make him want to sit down and play with HIS toys or watch a movie all morning, but I doubt that.)