Monday, January 23, 2006

All grown up...

My 'baby' went off to his first day of school today. (sigh...) I thought I was more than ready for him to go off to school (we've been driving each other nuts for the last week or so), but when I see him in that gorgeous little uniform, well, the emotions flow and I realise just how grown up he really is. It all happens so fast, doesn't it.

His school bag was so big for him, the sleeves of his shirt go past his elbows and his little school shoes make him taller than he is. He's 5 and he's growing up, that's for sure.

I thought I could handle the emotions. I was fine at school. It was only when I was driving to do the groceries straight from school that I started feeling empty, sad, even a little sick. I don't know whether its just today, or also the emotions of yesterday and the past week at church, but today I just didn't really want to be alone. I cried only a little. But I wanted to lots more. And if I hadn't got over it by the time I got home, I would have had a nice bawl session to myself.

I ended up coming home, unpacking the groceries, having some lunch and just going to bed. I was tired (I guess as you do get when you're pregnant), emotional and just wanted to sleep it all away. And the fact that I was alone.

Anyway, my little boy had a fantastic day. He had a whinge on the way home coz he couldn't untie his shoe-laces... something tells me he'll be in bed early tonight. Pity Greg gets home so late and he won't get much time to chat to Jaidyn about his day.

Well, to finish off, here are some photos of my 'big boy' all ready for school. I didn't get any fantastic ones, as he was too excited to stand still, and it was bloody hot and sweaty, making it hard for me to keep the camera still and sweat-free! But hopefully I can use these enough to do a nice layout.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

{Puffy eyes}

Today at church was emotionally draining. In fact the whole week has been. And this is a good place for me to let it all out. Sorry to bore anyone.

Last week there was a vote regarding the call of our Pastor and whether or not he will stay on as pastor of our congregation. Much to many many people's upset and disbelief, our beloved Pastor Craig was voted out. It's been a raw week for many. For us not so much, as we've only been there a few months, but today was full-on, and we are rather lost as to what will happen in the future.

You see, as part of the Baptist constitution, pastors can be voted out by the members of the church (and apparently a change-over every few years is fairly normal). Unfortunately for Craig, many of his supporters were either too young to be members, or were not members. He'd never lobbied for it, but it's dealt him a harsh blow. They've been in the church for 16 years. Can you imagine leaving your church, the only church your youngest children have ever known, have grown up in, leave all that you call 'family'.... it's heart-wrenching.

And the tears flowed freely today.

I hadn't cried about it before. I guess I felt a little aside from the raw emotion as we've only been there a few months. But today, seeing the ones I call my family hurting, upset, it broke my heart. I bawled like a baby at times. Hmm... maybe the pregnancy hormones are a little to blame too.

It was like a wake. The mood was sombre. Puffy red eyes all over the church. One of our core members has resigned.

Its all just a huge mess. An ugly, huge mess.

Last week at the meeting that decided the fate, there was anger and bitterness. Some people spoke hard and attacking words at some others. We weren't there and I'm glad we weren't.

But now where do we go? It's so up in the air. So unknown. Although we know God has a plan for us and for Pastor Craig and Robyn, its hard to live with so much uncertainty.

We've really felt at home in this church. We've made wonderful, deep and lasting friendships. We've been embraced by people of all ages, all situations - children, married... or not. And now a tear right down the middle like this.

I guess in all of this we must trust God. Only He knows what the future holds. Only He knows what will happen to the congregation, where Craig and Robyn will go. And He has something wonderful and spiritual planned. He has to. And we have to believe that. Otherwise, well, who knows how we can get through.

God Bless you all, and I'd appreciate your prayers for the situation. Thanks.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Photo Swap...?

Was just reading the lovely Julie Love's blog (sorry, don't know how to link) and she has been swapping piccies with her scrapping buddies and scrapping each other's pics...

I would really love to do this, and want to know if anyone is interested...? And YES, I WILL actually might be just the inspiration I need, plus I'm getting some new goodies next week... yay.....

So please drop me a 'yes' or an email with some piccies if you'd like to swap. And I'll make a deadline too, so I get it done in time... :)

Looking forward to scrapping someone's pics.... and if you have a daughter, even better! I am just dying to scrap some girly and pretty and such!!

Nat xx

Friday, January 20, 2006

Rain, glorious rain...

Isn't it just wonderful!! OK, not so great with a bored 5-year old, but I've off-loaded him to Grandma's for a sleepover so yay for me!! So tonight, we might get out a DVD (and snuggle), or watch TV, or maybe I'll do some scrapping...? I love the rain...

Actually Jaidyn and I had a great time yesterday when we went to the school to get his books. It was pissing down so we got drenched, even under a umbrella (it's not easy sharing with someone half your size!!). then good old Mum (me) decided when we went to the bank that we wouldn't get wet coz of the eaves over the edge of the building.. but lo-and-behold the water was streaming in there and we got good and soaked! Was fun though.. I really must get Jaidyn some rainboots and a raincoat so he can go out in the backyard in the puddles (and so I can take piccies of course!!) He's had fun walking around even with an umbrella :)

I got my boy's school uniform yesterday and OMG I wasn't really prepared for the emotions of seeing him in it for the first time. I thought I was all ready for him to go to school (mainly because we are so over eachother's constant company!) but oh, to see him in his uniform and it was a wake-up call that my baby is NOT my baby anymore.... oh he looked so cute, but so grown up... I shall take many many photos on Monday and pop some up here. How are all the other new-to-school mums going??

As I've posted about before, have been reading a book about getting over my 'Messie' tendancies... I was talking to my Dad and Gran about it today and Gran (who is the most stubborn woman I know - you DON'T argue with her, lol) was telling me I should keep things in case I need them one day... lol, this type of 'hoarding' has me where I am in my disorganised, cluttered house... and lol, it was a small realisation of another 'Glover trait' I might have... so I blame them... but I'm certainly not listening to her... I'm going to throw sooo much stuff out in the next few weeks... I'm so over hoarding... and if I need it in the future, stuff it, I'll buy a new one (which I probably would have done anyway, lol)...

Well, that's a catch-up of my last few days...

Nat xx

P.S. Oh! Went into the new local LSS today and asked about a job that I also asked about before Christmas when she'd just opened... she still seems to keen to put me on, and said she'll be organising it in February... so fingers crossed... the process for supply teaching will take a few more weeks yet as my rating still hasn't come (will in the next week) - why they hadn't already put them out so we could get jobs to start next week I don't know!! But anyway, hopefully I can pick up a bit of both for next term, and then maybe just the scrapping shop after next school holiday... we could do with some extra spending cash!!

P.P.S. I went in to see a little bead shop today too.. the lady seems really nice and does classes for $10 and $15 plus materials... now that's more my price (sorry B!)... so I'll book in for one in the next couple of weeks I think, just to get the hang of a few more techniques.....

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Down to business... that's busYness

Yep, its all guns a blaze today. Lots to do. Gotta get all Jaidyn's school supplies - new uniforms, book pack, well, mostly everything. Good ol' me leaves it all to the very last minute... maybe next year I'll be a little more organised... so today will be a lot of running here and there. And I hope it's all still available.

Yesterday Greg, Jaidyn and I went on a little road trip down the coast to Coolangatta for a swim and some piccies on the beach. Greg and I are rather nervous about using the 350D on the beach for fear that sand will get blown into every little important device... how do you all tackle it?

We saw Erica and the kids and Roz briefly at Maccas, but both of them had to run off so it was back to just us again. Was still great to see you girls!! And next time, the belly will be even bigger... hope to see a bump on you too Miss Erica.

Jai and Greg had a swim and I luckily took a mag to read on the beach. Unfortunately and although I lathered up on the sunscreen, I got rather burnt... I missed my fore-arms - ouch! - and Greg must have missed the edges of my back. Sleep was a little painful last night, but I'll recover... the arms hurt the most! Ouch!! I hate the sun!! And it doesn't like me either.

Didn't get any overly fantastic pics. We were getting tired and ready to go home and Jai didn't really want to co-operate... but here are a couple I like.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tagged again, and new whitegoods!!

The lovely Roz tagged me with this one. I don't think these ever end...

4 jobs you've done:
Reception and check-out chick at Target
Waitress in a Function room
After School Care
Private tutoring

4 movies you could watch over and over:
The Princess Bride
Dirty Dancing
Love Actually
The Little Mermaid

4 place you have lived:
All suburbs in Brisbane...
Karana Downs
Ferny Hills

4 TV shows you LOVE to watch:
Stargate Atlantis
The Amazing Race

4 places you have been on vacation:
Condobolin (where Shannon Noll hails from)

4 websites you visit daily:
My blog list
ASC (usually on every other day though)

4 of your favourite foods:
Choc-mint icecream

4 places you would rather be right now:
In bed
On the other side of the world in snow
Shopping (with lots of money of course!)
In a house that is mine but looks a lot more 'organised' than this one does!

4 bloggers you are tagging:

And, for news..... we have a NEW FRIDGE..... nice..... very nice to have a WHITE fridge.... ours had almost carked it so we decided to get another (24 mnths interest free) before it died... and it looks so niiice... nothing overly fancy (even though Jaidyn thought we should have got the one with the TV!!)... I would have liked one of the titanium ones but they just didn't have the set-out we wanted in the budget we could still afford... so a nice white sparkly one it is!! Can't wait to go grocery shopping now and fill my new little fridge up :)

We also had a visitor last night:

He was not scared of us at all.. Greg clicked these pics with the zoom lens on, just in case he ran away though. We even gave him some banana, and he ate the whole thing, little piggy. We had heard there is a family of possums in our mango tree but hadn't yet seen them :)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Home again...

Have been AWOL for a bit this week. Greg had to work out at Ipswich filling in for a week, so ALDI put him (us) up in a motel for the week. Nothing overly flash, but a nice big pool, air-con and Foxtel... beats being at home in the stinky heat watching the same videos over and over again!

So Jaidyn and I headed out there for 3 nights and had a nice time. Greg had 1 1/2 of those days off so it wasn't all just us. And I had the opportunity to visit a couple of friends that live out there - Carol-Lea and her gorgeous little kids, and an old friend Sammy. Jai had a great time playing with Edie and Jami and they also came for a swim and a nice cool-off, that day was stinking hot. Thanks for the wonderful company for the day Carol-Lea!

We also went out for dinner to the Brothers Leagues Club with Carol-Lea, Craig and the kids last night. Was really nice for us because its not something we do very much and the scene was also different to what we're used to. Had a really nice time chatting over a couple of drinks (diet coke!), even if at times it was hard to hear over the music :)

I will have 'eaten out' a total of 4 times this week - amaaahhh... KFC for 2 nights, Leagues Club last night and tonight Greg and I are going out for a friends b'day too. Lucky us, but not too good for the poor credit card :(

Was inspired by Carol-Lea's gorgeous house and scrap-room to get myself, my house, my life (!) organised!! It needs to happen some time! And now, its the #1 thing on my 2006 intentions list. It's not going to be easy for me as I'm a self-confessed 'messy', but I'm going to try my darndest. My house needs some order, some storage ideas, definitely some routine and a 'style'... so over the next few pays (months) I'm going to be buying up on storage, curtains, prints etc to make this house look like a home! Thanks for the inspiration Carol!

Will upload a couple of the pics from our week tomorrow. Not too many 'great' ones but will do so anyway!

Oh, and SHOCK HORROR!! I actually SCRAPPED, can you believe it! I did the first page for my 'pregnancy journal' - a double spread including the scan pics I got last week. Just have to add a few finishing touches and then I'll upload a pic.

Hope you have all had a great weekend xxx

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yep, I'm just totally stupid.

Ali, Ali, Ali..... I *know* you showed me today how to do a banner and to put a picture of my gorgeous family into it... BUT... I just can't seem to do it. Even though I'm *pretty sure* we have the same PS program, the icons and windows etc that were on your screen are just not all there on mine... I JUST CAN'T DO IT!! I've tried and I've tried but I'm *seriously* clueless!!

Would anybody, please, anybody, please volunteer their precious time and talent into making me a beautiful banner for my blog?? I have some gorgeous pics of my wonderful family I want to use, so it's not *just coz everyone's doing it", lol.

Anyone? Please? (I'll be your best friend... :))

Thursday, January 05, 2006


We had our scan today and it was so exciting to see my baby. And yes, there is just one in there. Would have been nice to have twins, but I probably wouldn't say that once they were born as I'm sure one will be handful enough!

And, we found out we are a week further than first thought! Baby was supposed to be about 18 weeks 5 days, but the scan inferred 19 weeks 6 days, so we are pretty much halfway now! Making due date 26th May by the hospital, not sure whether the doc will change it or not - I would say so, as it was uncertain before.

What a wonderful miracle child-bearing is! It was so amazing to see the little angel moving around inside me, putting her (hoping!) hands up and down, stretching her legs in and out. Towards the end, I think she was getting fed up with being poked and prodded though because she tucked her face right in and wouldn't co-operate... lol, yep its my child alright. Stubborn and difficult even before birth. Jaidyn came with us too, so he was pretty amazed that he could see his baby sister/brother inside my tummy, and he wasn't 'too' much of a pain.

I have 5 scan photos. While they aren't really good ones, I want to do something with them anyway, so I really need to clean/organise the scrap room a bit and buy lots of new products and get stuck into some scrapping. Now I have a few belly pics and scan pics, so no excuses anymore hey. I really just got to stop procrastinating (my strength!) and do it.

Oh, and we didn't find out the sex as you can tell. We want a surprise. Lol, I kept expecting to see a little penis or something when I didn't want to, so was careful not to look too closely around that area. LOL....

Can't wait till Eck has her scan. I'm guessing she'll find out the sex, but I think that backfired last time didn't it Eck? Was meant to be pink and came out blue! I hope you get what you and Matt are hoping for :)

Nat :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A to Z of me...

Found this while cruising the Weight Watchers girls blogs tonight... from Sarah (don't know how to link!)

A is for age: 23
B is for booze of choice: Bourbon
C is for career: Early Childhood teacher
D is for your dad's name: Nev
E is for essential items to bring to a party: Camera and something to drink
F is for favorite song at the moment: Hey Mama - Black Eyed Peas
G is for favorite game: Pictionary
H is for hometown: Brisbane
I is for instruments you play: none, but I'd love to play piano one day
J is for jam or jelly you like: Ginger marmalade
K is for kids: Jaidyn, 5 and .....
L is for living arrangements: renting with husband Greg and son
M is for mum's name: Gail
N is for name of your crush: my husband Greg :)
O is for overnight hospital stays: only when I gave birth
P is for phobias: spiders....ewk....
Q is for quotes you like: dunno
R is for relationship that lasted the longest: 4 years, but this one's forever!
S is for sexual preference: Straight.
U is for underwear: anything comfortable, hipsters or boylegs usually
V is for vegetable you love: broccoli, potato
W is for weekend plans: nothing yet
X is for x-rays you've had: only ultrasounds
Y is for yummy food you make: Salmon cob loaf dip
Z is for zodiac sign: Taurus

So, can I tag someone?? How about Rozzie and Brooke!!???

N xx

Monday, January 02, 2006

Baby stuff...

I finally got around to it yesterday and took the first pics of my 'growing bump'... I just love it so much! And seeing as though most of you wouldn't have seen me (if at all) since I've been pregnant, thought I might just show you all how I'm going.

Here I am, dated 1 Jan 06, 19 weeks pregnant.

Greg and I have our first scan on Thursday, the 18-week one. We're very excited about seeing our baby, and its so great that Greg can come too! Shall let you know how it all goes, whether there's one or more in there and if I am indeed 18 weeks pregnant, more or less (I doubt any less, looking at that belly!) We're not wanting to find out the sex and I hope a little doodle doesn't decide to make itself obvious, in fact, we're hoping there isn't a doodle there at all, lol.

Nat :)

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a nice night, whether partying hard or having a quiet one with some friends or family. We had friends over for a nice quiet night, lots of chatting and laughing, and lots of food! It was also Greg's 25th birthday (Happy Birthday Baby!) so we had a caramel cheesecake and sang Happy Birthday as you do. Lol, we were almost ready for bed at 10pm though! Maybe we'll have a quieter one next year, no party... maybe...

Looking back on 2005, I thought I'd sum up what it was for me and my family.

* * *

2005 was a year of... new beginnings, with Greg starting a new career at ALDI.

2005 was a year of... accomplishment, with myself finishing my early childhood degree.

2005 was a year of... exploring, with myself venturing into my own craft consultancy business.

2005 was a year of... failure, with me attempting again to lose weight and being unsuccessful, again.

2005 was a year of... belonging, when we changed church families and now feel at home.

2005 was a year of... new friendships, with all the wonderful new people we've met at our new church.

2005 was a year of... growing up, with my boy turning five and getting ready to go off to big school

2005 was a year of... wonder, excitement and anticipation, with the discovery of our pregnancy.

And 2006 is bound to bring us many more wonderful adventures!!

I have been thinking about my 'goals' or 'intentions' list and hope to scrap it soon and will post it also.

Wishing you all the best for the new year. Hope its full of new beginnings, success and wonderful times for you and your families.