Friday, September 29, 2006

Love you Sis!!

Here's a KISS just for my little sis in Holland!

Heehee.... Love love love you Shanny! Thankyou so so much for commenting on my blog, it means so much to me! Miss you so much and can't wait till you're back, though I'm sure you'll be a different woman hey!

Have you guys ever looked back though YOUR OWN archives? After reading that my sis had been looking through all my previous posts, I went and had a quick squizzy through them too. What a gem of an experience! So many things, thoughts, feelings we forget as the days pass, but to have them all written down, raw, real at that time, is so priceless. I too easily don't get to scrap all those moments I so want to at the time, but to have them all here on the web, for me to go through one at a time when I want to scrap, is so precious. I can just go back, cut and paste the journalling and the experience will be as real in my LOs as it was then. That is so special! Jow just to find the time to go back and scrap them all!

Have a super day all.
What do you have planned for the weekend?

N xx

My 5 things today:
1. My blog and being able to record things for future reference and reflection.
2. My beautiful sister over in Holland. I miss you terribly Shanny and really can't wait to have you back to us - only a few more months hey girl! (bum, I'm going to miss your 18th too)
3. My To-Do List and accountability on the SOF forum
4. A bueatiful sunshiney day!
5. Morning coffee

Monday, September 25, 2006

About time I know...

Gosh I've been so flat-out the last couple of weeks. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Meetings, meetings, meetings. Pheeewwww... enough to make my head spin! But the last meeting was over today (for a little while anyway) and I have some time to update my blog *properly*.

Firstly, I now have a 4 month old baby! Can you believe it, the time has gone by so darn fast! I can't beleive he's 4 months old already. I took some shots of him the other day and oh.... so so sooooo cute..... I just want to eat him all up!! Check out this cheeky little monkey:

He's now trying to roll over! Cheeky monkey...

Doesn't time just FLY by wit ha little one. You've gotta watch every little moment or you'll miss something!

What else? I have got a new bookmark. Not just *any* bookmark, but my 5kgs achievement bookmark from Weight Watchers, meaning, yes, I've lost my first 5kgs! I'm really excited about that. WW is actually working for me! I can actually do this!

Our church has been participating in a short seminar taught by a man named Stuart Gramenz, on 'How to heal the sick through the power of Jesus Christ'. Awesome awesome powerful powerful stuff! Unfortunately I missed the first two meetings - and am kicking myself for it now, but I went along Sunday night, which was #3 of 4. He is actually equipping US as christians to use the healing power of Christ, not just watching big evangelists like Benny Hinn do it. It is a privilegdge of Christ that all christians have the authority to do - praise God! Week 4 is going to be a night of healing, puuting all we've learnt into practice (good thing I bought the CDs to go back over what I missed). It's going to be awesome, a night of true healing and seeing the signs and wonders of my mighty God! Can't wait! I'm really praying that my Mum will come along. I have asked her, and I guess have to leave it up to God to bring her now.

Well, not really much else to mention. Been so long since I updated, I'm sure more has happened... oh well, next time if I remember. Just wanted to really get those pics of my handsome little man up there!


Oh, my 5 things to be thankful for today are:
1. The healing power of Jesus Christ.
2. My pastors Craig and Robyn - such awesome people of God!!
3. Heidi Swapp chipboard alphas! I have a new stash and its just sooo yummy!!
4. All the SOF girls - love yas!
5. Greg is having holidays in a couple of weeks, yay!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Quick update

Praise God!! That last two nights, Elijah has slept through! Yes!! I know its only early days and could be a fluke, but I'm believing God for my sleep back! I feel really refreshed today as I got to sleep from 10-6. The bottle is working wonders!

And we're all going to church today. Gosh I need it after skipping twice.

And I have new clothes to wear - yeeha!

And we're having a church lunch as its one of the pastors kid's 18th!

Have a fantastic Sunday all!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Another week down...

... and yes I've been a lazy blogger. It comes for me in waves... some weeks I'll blog lots and others I just get caught up in something else or there's not much interesting happening.

This week I've been caught up in the Scrap of Faith forums. What a wonderful bunch of girls, all sharing our faith and the love of Jesus. Almost every post gives me the warm fuzzies. These girls are the best bunch and I love you all to bits!!

I did my first SOF class on Tuesday night. I'm glad it was an online class and the girls had instructions to follow rather than me as that night I was having a shocker with the baby and with time management!! Eli was whingy all through 'rush hour' and we finally got dinner on the table at about 7.20pm - needless to say I was still eating when I was saying hello in class at 7.30! But what an awesome forgiving bunch of girls - they gave me an extra 10 mins to fix myself up and it went off all good. The good thing about online classes hey - I even had baby on boob through some of it, and that still works!! Still haven't seen any of the layouts though girls - hope you get to finish them off this weekend!!

This week also marked a change in things with my little man. We decided finally, after a few weeks of fussing and waking for night feeds again, to complement with a bottle of formula at night for Elijah. It was really special for Greg too coz now he gets to feed the little man and have that special bonding time. Eli took to the bottle really well. At first he made a few funny looks, but then gulped it all down, and he's had almost a full 'small' bottle (150ml) on top of the boob each night. At the moment he's still waking at 4am, but I think it might be a 'body clock' problem, so I'm tring to let him cry himself back to sleep. So far it hasn't worked, but we've been letting him cry for a while - 10-20 mins, then I've bit the bullet and fed him. Had a mini breakthrough last night though and he woke at 5.45am instead for his feed. So maybe we'll just see slow progress towards sleeping through again! Praying for it!! I'd love a full night's sleep again!!

Hmm... what else... oh I did a class at my LSS on Thursday. It was great to scrap with some others and actually get something done coz I didn't have to think about it - classes are good in that way!! We made a cute little handbag-shaped accordion album. Mine is not finished yet, and I haven't decided what photos to use yet, but I'm going to give it to my Mum, so I did it in yummy white, lime green and blue tones as her lounge has a yummy lime green wall, and those colours will go wel with photos of my boys.... it will be a 'grandma's brag book'... I've been meaning to do something for her since she's been in hspital but never quite got around to it or had the perfect idea, so I'm really pleased with this one... I also want to make templates before I fut it all back together so I can reproduce it for myself!!

Had TWO chats with my girl Lusi yesterday/last night. Love you girl and love your chats. Always a humbling, blessed and inspiring experience chatting to you!!

Enjoying a lazy weekend - love em! Greg's got the weekend off and we don't really have a whole lot planned. Bacon and eggs for brekkie, a bit of scrapping, bit of a video maybe, Jaidyn is doing some *arrr* pirate crafts..... lovely day today!!

Have a great weekend!

My 5 things to be thankful for today are:
1. Rainy weekend
2. Hubby's weekend off and family time
3. Internet resources for kids!
4. Webcams so that our family can see our gorgeous little man
5. The SOF community and the love that Christ shows through all of us!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fun Fun and sick little boys...

Well, I had a BALL yesterday at the Brissy Crop organised by Chris Millar. Thanks Chris for all your hard work!! It was great to see some girls I haven't in a while - Rozzy, Chris, Michelle, Ruthy and Diana, and to meet some new friends too - Karen, Sarah, Jo and Katrina ... and Sal, you're always a hoot girl!!

Sal and I - not crazy in the slightest...

The Scrap of Faith girls - Sal, Roz, Karen, Ruthy, myself and Diana

Karen and I
* not a good pic but I'm still fiddling with the camera and we left it til dark to take them all...

I hardly did ANY scrapping as usual... maybe I talk a *little* too much, hehe... and I was sitting next to Roz so I just drooled and drooled over her work and her yummy scrap tote! hehe... I did finish off a couple of pages on the sewing machine though. Tis a dark day here today so will have to photograph layouts later...

I even won two prizes yay! Won one round of 'heads and tails' and I think a lucky door prize too which was all the instructions to make Michelle Grant's yummy yummy doodling journal... excited to get a start on that... I even had a go at some of her doodles during the day and was surprised that they actually looked good! Yes, I can doodle too it seems!

My little man Elijah has been sick the last couple of days, but despite that was soooooo good yesterday at the crop. He had a few little whingly moments, but all in all, what an angel. Rozzy took some cute piccies of him too, so you'll have to email me them R!!

Actually both my boys are sick. However Eli is much easier to handle!! Jaidyn is having a right cranky little day today. Two sick cranky boys this morning and there was no way I was tackling getting out of the house again, so we skipped church again this week. I do hate missing it, but Eli really just needs to stay home and be able to sleep in his own bed today. And hopefully they'll both be well next week!

Ahh, can't remember what else I've done this week... so yeah! That will have to do today! Hope you're all having a nice Sunday... its raining here so I would like to get some scrapping done this arvo if the cranky sick boys will let me!

N xx

5 things I'm grateful for today:
1. My beautiful friends Roz, Sal and Karen
2. Meeting Sarah yesterday - you rock and we'll have to scrap again soon!
3. Rainy Sundays
4. Being blessed with such an angel baby - even when he's sick!
5. The love of Christ - for no particular reason other than how could I live without it!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Somehow the little bits and pieces of my life seem so frivilous compared to the amount of loss that others are going through right now. So I'll start with those.

* My heart goes out to Terry Irwin and the kids today. What a tragic loss it was when Steve died yesterday. Will have them in my prayers today. Life is so easily taken away isn't it - here one moment, and could be gone the next... I guess at least I know where I'm going when I die... RIP Crikey!

* My heart and prayers are also with Mel & John Miller and their family today for the funeral of their little princess Rani. Sometimes its hard to see where God's plan could be in the loss of such a tiny life, but we just gotta trust Him. I have seen already the immense strength this family has endured over the last year (although I have only been following for a month maybe), so I'm sure He's doing something there!

* And my good friends Karen and Michelle will also be at a funeral today. Their grandfather passed away last week, so they are in my prayers today also. Love you girls.

Now about me and my life:
* In a nutshell, had a rather social weekend, but also had both afternoons to chill out doing nothing. And for some reason I was incredibly tired all weekend - thin the waking for feeds again is catching up with me. We had our wonderful friends Ben and Michelle over for coffee Friday night. Its been far too long since we caught up with them alone - its always at church or cell. So that was really nice!

* Saturday morning we had our cell social breakfast. We were supposed to go rock climbing at Kangaroo Point cliffs in Bris, but the rain over the previous days caused them to be closed for access for the weekend... so everyone came here coz we have a BBQ! It was a yummy breakfast.

* Sunday we 'wagged' church. Just really wanted to do nothing! We played some card-games with Jaidyn, and I did some scrapping throughout the afternoon.

Then we decided to go out on a whim for dinner for Fathers Day. (mostly because we had no food).. so where did we pick? The ultra-healthy Sizzler of course! LOL. I didn't do *too* bad but still ate more than I should have :) Was good though.

So as you can imagine I was really dreading WW weigh-in yesterday. And after I left my headlights on and the battery went flat, I thought I'd got away . And after that week, I was VERY happy to see that the scales had not moved! Was really expecting a gain of some degree, so I'm really happy I only wasted a week and don't have to work to get any extra weight off. This week I'm planning, maybe even tracking, and exercising! Gotta have a good loss.

* Got a busy weekend coming up. My friend's Hens Party is on Friday night. We are having drink, nibblies and games at her house from 5pm so I'm going along to that. Then they are off to dinner and out for the night, so I'm going to ditch that as I'll have bubby with me, and we are very low on the funds till mid-month!

Then Saturday I have the Brissie Crop Day! Yay! Been waiting so long for this and finally its come! Guess I better organise some things to do hey - need to get me some photos printed this week. Can't wait to see Rozzy again, and lots of other girls, and even meet a few too. Should be a great day!

* Sal is coming over for a coffee this afternoon, yay!

* Mum and Dad are coming for dinner tonight, as its my sister's b'day tomorrow (22). So that means today is a FULL CLEAN-UP of the house as Mum hasn't been here since her operation over 3 months ago - and I don't want it to look like I haven't cleaned in that time, lol. So I've got a little bit of spring-cleaning to do - tackling our 'junk-pile' and then the regular stuff like bathrooms, bedrooms, washing, kitchen, floors and tidying away my scrapping stuff.. oh and the groceries! I'm in for a BIG DAY, so I'm doing the pc this morning, then won't get on again today (help me with that please God!)

My 5 things:
* Life - how quickly it can be taken.
* That I'm going to Heaven to be with My Father when I die.
* My new webcam - so I can show my sis o/s my little man.
* God's strength and guidance in my life.
* Coffee

Bugger - I've forgotten how to link again!! Ggrrr....