Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bye bye beautiful curls.. sob sob...

Well, with the babies' dedication this coming Sunday, I thought I had better take Elijah for that much needed haircut - and unfortunately *sniff* get rid of his gorgeous curls. So we went in yesterday and Greg got his done at the same time so Eli could see and be more comfortable with his hair being cut too (we tried a few weeks ago and he just wouldn't co-operate!)... but he was VERY good!! He sat up on the boosted chair, all high and mighty looking, and we read a book about Wags the Dog while the lady cut his hair - and she was nice and quick I might add... this poor mumma had to watch as his beautiful curls were chopped off :(:( (I did keep some though!)

Here he is with his curls a few weeks ago:
And here he is now:
Ok, so he's still cute, but there were definitely something about those curls.... sob sob... and now I see again why he was referred to as 'mini-Greg'... he looks just like him again without the curls! It seems those curls are all the look-in I get with Elijah :)
Well gotta go, just wanted to share that.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Been AFK

AFK - away from keyboard.
OK, so that's a term Greg uses on his World of Warcraft game, but I haven't really been on the computer so much lately... (I just checked my bloglines account and I think it would be best to just ignore it, there are so many updates it would take me all day!)

Just a quick run-down though:

Greg has had a week and a half off work. Been SO GOOD!! (he goes back today :() We didn't go away or anything as we are saving for our family holiday to Mt Gambier to visit Greg's folks in April. We got a new computer though - so good - our poor old monitor was warped and dying - this new one is a lovely big widescreen - love it! We're also on the hunt for a new car. Have a friend who's Dad is a car broker though so he's doing the hard work for us, yay! We've done a couple of other bits and pieces we wanted to get done, but just really enjoyed relaxing and spending time with each other and the kids.

Greg is looking into changing careers. We've been looking into him starting an electrician's apprenticeship. We're both excited about it. He's put in his resume to one of the apprenticeship companies and now we're just waiting to hear. I think it will be the best day when he gets to hand in his resignation and leave the world of retail forever! Prayers for the right opportunity will be greatly appreciated :)

I'm still busy in the nappy-making business... I have my first 'commission' job which I'm really excited about - making ten for a friend who's going to start on cloth (yeah!). I'm a bit of a perfectionist though so have been spending some time researching and seeing what other WAHMs make, I want mine to be perfect (have to remind myself I'm still fairly beginner though so not to compare myself to those who've been in the business for years! we all start somewhere.) I hope to eventually be able to sell more. We'll see where God takes me with that one. In His hands really.

Eli still won't say 'monkey'. He giggles and screws up his face and says' Li-Li'. Its all a big game now. Maybe one day he'll realise he's not actually a monkey.

We are getting the babies dedicated at church on the 2nd March. Really looking forward to this special occasion. Unfortunately Greg's parents couldn't come up, which they were originally going to do, but my Nana will be here for a visit at the same time, so will be nice to have her there. And my sis will be here for a week with Emmeson too.
I found a dress to wear too - so pleased with my purchase. Got a long dress and a thin cardy-type wrap to go over it - $90 value, all for $35! What a bargain!! Chuffed with that.

Lani is on the move and getting into stuff! She's crawling really well now, getting quicker too. Her fave maughty thing to touch is the receiver on the TV... *sigh* we just got over Eli touching it, and have to deal with it all over again. When (if) my BIL moves out, we will have the playroom and a DVD player downstairs for the kids so they won't touch Greg's equipment anymore! We can't wait till that day :)

Jaidyn started going to Boys Brigade. He's loving it. He really needs something that is 'for him'. A lot of life revolves around the babies at home, and having to share his toys or keep his door closed etc, so its great for Jai to be able to go and do something that is with boys his age. And its a great group with solid Christian foundations and discipline, which will be great for Jai. The week before Easter (only a few weeks away really!) they have a father/son camp. We are really hoping Greg can get the Saturday off work, coz I think this would be really GREAT for them both and their relationship too, which is rocky at the best of times.

Well, that's it in a nutshell I think. Probably be back in a couple of weeks time (seems that long between posts these days - but that's ok with me). xx

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Li-Li is a cheeky monkey"

Eli's at that stage where he attempts to copy every word we say now... here's a funny one from yesterday:

Mummy: Eli, say 'Li-Li' (his nickname)
Eli: Li-Li
Mummy: 'is'
Eli: is
Mummy: 'a'
Eli: ahh
Mummy: 'cheeky'
Eli: keekee
Mummy: 'monkey'
Eli: Li-Li
Mummy: Eli, say 'monkey'
Eli: Li-Li
Mummy: No, 'mon-key' (said slowly)
Eli: Li-Li!
Mummy: 'monkey!'
Eli: LI-LI!! and a giggle!!

You see, Eli's other nickname is 'monkey'... Daddy has been teaching Eli that he IS a monkey... and so he thinks he is!! LOL

Just wanted to record that..... a day later, we still have yet to get him to actually say 'monkey' - it's still 'Li-Li'...

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Been trying to get this done since last weekend... finally!
Had a nice little play with my camera last weekend during a wonderful spontaneous and fun afternoon. It was raining, and the kids were playing out on the verandah. After a while, I couldn't hear Elijah out there anymore, and went for a wander to see where he was.. well I found him outside running around in the rain like it was the best thing in the world!! It crossed my mind to tell him to come in out of the rain, then I realised it wouldn't hurt to let him have his fun... so of course I went and grabbed the camera, put on the zoom lens and clicked away.

Here's some of my favourites: (Eli was so dirty, we took the singlet off, then the nappy... got some REALLY cute nudie ones!!)

This week's been fairly usual... actually a little more 'social' than normal really... a few catch-ups with friends, went to sew with my mate Sarah Tuesday night - have to do that regularly - fun!

We're trying to do a 'No-Spend' challenge for the month of February, as set out by www.simplesavings.com.au So far, hhmmm, not sure how well we're doing - I've had to buy some more fabric coz the 12 nappies I've got just aren't lasting - but then again, nappies are a neccessity, so I guess fabric is too.... we've not bought coffees, cokes or little bits and pieces though, and its those little things that really add up each month.... however, it will be interesting next week as Greg starts holidays tomorrow, so we still want to do a few things that we would have done in school holidays had Greg had some time off then... like Bowling I think... and we are also upgrading the computer and hopefully getting a new (not brand new) car. OK, so there'll be some BIG ticket items, but these are things we've got savings put away for, so I'm not counting them in the challenge. For me, its about watching what I'm spending, and really assessing if what I buy is a 'need' or just a 'want'... and hopefully not purchasing any of the latter this month!

Anyway, its Saturday - should go and catch up on some washing, do some baking with the kids maybe too....

Nat xx