Friday, May 26, 2006

Introducing Elijah Christopher Mardon...

Hi guys,

As most of you know, I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy on Monday morning. We have named him Elijah (Eli) Christopher. He weighed 7lb 6oz and was 51cm long. I had a somewhat *interesting* labour - but hey, aren't they all! No drugs though (hehe, I didn't have a choice!)

Anyway, I know you're all *busting* to see my little man, so I thought I better hurry up and share some photos. Check out this handsome little thing:

Anyway! This has taken me about 2 hours to upload due to slow speed and bandwidth, feeding nad settling Eli, and watching a little Friday Night Live in between... now I better think about getting to bed myself, if Eli is going to stay asleep this time..

Ngiht, Nat xxx

Thursday, May 18, 2006

False alarm?

Well, yesterday I was *convinced* I was going into labour... I had 'period pain' type aches all day, and then started a few *twinges* down really low, but different to the Braxton Hicks I'm used to getting. They were very irregular - only a few in a space of a few hours - but it was different to what I've had, and along with the aches, I thought it MUST be coming on! So I ran around packing some clothes in my labour bag, cleaned the kitchen, and decided to go to bed early in case I was up during the night. I thought I had another stronger pain across my lower abdomen at about 10pm, but I was sleeping so restlessly and dreaming about contractions and labour I think that I don't know if it was real or in my dream! LOL.... but by about 11pm when Greg got home from a boys night watching the Mundene (sp?)/Green boxing match, I think they had stopped altogether and I didn't feel anything again all night...

What a pain in the arse!!!

Most of you know how impatient I am already for this baby to come out... and to totally tease me like that is just painful!! Gggrrrr.... I hope it comes on again today.... yes, 8 days early, but I'm over it and sooo ready to meet this baby!!


Wednesday, May 17, 2006


My Mum is so special to me. She's such a wonderful woman, and I just wanted to dedicate this post to her.

As some of you may know, Mum went in for an operation on Monday. She's had to have a full hysterectomy, as they found some cancerous cells in her uterus. Unfortunately, this is the easy part, as the next few months will put us through some *follow-up* treatment.

This has really got me thinking how great my Mum is over the last few weeks. With Mothers Day on Sunday just gone, we spent a little extra money and spoilt her with a beautiful gold necklace and heart pendant. I wanted to give her something special that she can wear close to her heart all the time, even when we can't be there. She was really touched by it I think. I hope. I just hope she knows how much we all love her and will be supporting and praying for her over the next few months...

Anyway, just reminiscing on some reasons why my Mum is so great:

* When I found out I was pregnant at 17, she already had figured it out! (only Mum's can do that) She was also the most wonderful, most supportive thing in my life at that time. Dad was a little shocked, but Mum knew exactly how to deal with it. She was there when Jaidyn was born, talking me through it all, and just being a great Mum and support person. And she's always been there for us since. She even had us living with her for almost a year!

* She calls me most weeks to make a date to catch up or just to see how I'm going. My relationship with my Mum has definitely got so much better since I've become an adult.

* She'll do whatever it takes to give her kids what we need in life. She sacrificed her own home (and sanity) to have Jaidyn and I living with her for a year; she has done all she could to help me set up my own life - moving out, wedding plans, baby plans and money; she's had my sister's ex boyfriend living with them for about 6 months; and now she's sacrificed her own security to send my 17-yr old sister overseas for a year exchange. And she's been happy and loving about it all, never thinking how its going to change her life.

* Earlier this year, we found out she has Type 2 Diabetes. A big lifestyle change. A big diet change. I'm so proud of her. She has stuck to her new diet, and even lost about 10kgs to boot! And she's looking great now!

* She's been a real rock of Gibralter for the last few months. Even though she's the one that is sick, she's been nothing but positive and strong for everyone around her. She has been to visit her mother who is lonely, upset and rather negative and worried for Mum. I think this visit has meant a lot to Nana, and hopefully helps to see that Mum is going to be OK. Mum's never thought negatively about this ordeal, and even though I'm sure she's scared, she's thinking about her family and not herself.

She's just the best!! I think I need to do some scrapping for and/or about her just to remind myself how great she is!!

How about you all just give your Mum a call to tell her how much you love her!
I'm going to see my Mummy at the hospital this afternoon and I'm going to do just that!

Nat xx

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

And some more...

Blogger wouldn't let me upload these before, so I'm trying again now. These ones are some of all of us... thanks again Rozzie.

More photos

Thanks to Rozzie for taking these on Saturday.

Gosh, I didn't realise how *fat* I've got during the last couple months of my pregnancy though, till I looked at these, then back at the last few months... yikes... that wasn't meant to happen. Fat face, fat face. I think I've eaten *far* too much chocolate, cake and just generally bad stuff... plus no exercise... ouch... so I'm vowing for the next week or so of this pregnancy, then when baby comes, to eat *healthier*... get the chocolate out of the house! Eat fruit. Balance portions. I can do that. Don't want to put on any *more* unnecessary weight and look like an absolute balloon in photos with my new baby... possibly a little too late now though, as I already look like that!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A day off...

And will I enjoy myself today!

Well, to be truthful, I WAS really looking forward to having Roz and Erica over today, but we had to change plans as Matt might be getting transferred to Tweed Hospital today - fingers crossed for you Eck! Hope it all goes well and he's out of hospital before you know it... but I'll see you on Saturday Rozzie... :)

So, I have a whole day to myself... and I can't wait. What will I do?

For one, I think I'll have an afternoon nap.

I might do a little scrapbooking, as I've got some Thankyou cards to make.

I will watch Dr Phil.

I will do *some* housework... (gotta do some hey)

I might read.

Overall, I'll just enjoy the time to myself. I've been running around like a mad chook all week, and to say the least, I'm exhausted! I've also got a big weekend coming up, so won't get time off to do nothing again til next week, when I'm finally finished working, and can catch up on all things baby in preparation for our little munchkin's arrival.

Gosh, I still have my little 'pregnancy tin' to try and get finished. Shall buy some ink for the printer next week and try to get some done. Don't mind too if baby decides to come early - next week will suit us OK. We are getting soooo desparate to meet our little person :)

Well, hope you all have a good day. I will :)

Nat xx

Saturday, May 06, 2006

So much for a sleep-in...

Well, I was *meant* to get a nice long sleep-in this morning - Greg off to work early, and Jaidyn at his grandparents for a sleepover. Yes, I was looking forward to it... but alas, a phonecall at 6.45am - from Greg - he'd left his work keys at home and couldn't get into the store. MEN! Much to say I was a bit *peeved* that I had to go and take them to him (a 1-hour round trip).... ggrrrr, such is life huh.

So anyway, I'm home now and I guess I better make a start on what's to be a huge day of housework! Have started washing the baby's clothes now so I can pack my hospital bag - just in case! (BTW, according to Greg's dream I was meant to have the baby last night - didn't happen, bummer...)

So, 37 weeks down, 3 to go. And a frantic 3 at that... trust me to leave it all till the last minute... this week, among still working (and taking on more hours - call me crazy working at 37 weeks pregnant!), I have to:
(and this list is more for my own reference than your interest, sorry)
* Wash all babies things
* Set up babies wardrobe once Greg puts it together
* Transfer all our clothes into our new chest of drawers
* Buy maternity bras, pads and some newborn nappies
* Buy Mothers Day presents
* Get my hair done... and my eyebrows
* Make a doctors appointment
* Find a cot on ebay!
.... among other things no doubt... busy busy busy

Oh, and I'm spending the day with Roz and Erica on Thursday. Really looking forward to see you girls!! (hope its still a go-er!)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
Nat xx

Friday, May 05, 2006

Thankyou everyone for the lovely comments on my baby belly. I was starting to think no-one was going to visit me anymore, so its great to see you still are :) I'm starting to feel a bit like an enormous whale now though! It's really getting in the way! lol...

Deb - YES, I will definitely be your model for your mother and child project - when is it? I hope I can lose a little of the baby fat by that time :) I love being photographed if you can make me look good, ha ha...

Countdown is definitely on. In fact, I'm half-expecting to go into labour today as Greg had a dream the other night that I had the baby tonight (Friday), ha ha... and quite frankly, apart from the baby's room being so far from ready its not funny, I'm ready for this baby! Belly is now getting very uncomfortable, I am finding it *really* hard to get up out of chairs or the bed (funny picture really!), and I'm getting more and more uncomfortable braxton hicks contractions. Ok, I'm ready for it to COME OUT!! Therefore, Greg and I are frantically trying to get everything ready...

We've managed to get a couple of items off ebay this week. I'm secretly addicted again, but not spending unwisely, coz we really need everything we're getting.... so far we've picked up a Safe n Sound reversible car seat suitable from newborn for just over $100, and a glider rocker for my *feeding chair* for only $40! Bargains. (I've got a rocker at my work, and I've been wanting one ever since I started there, as I just sit there for much of the day if I can get away with it :)) Greg is off to IKEA today to buy some furniture. We are finally getting our tallboy chest of drawers for our clothes that we've wanted since we moved in (5 months ago) and we've also decided to splurge a little and get a new wardrobe and drawers for the bub's room. We've been umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether we should stick with the set of drawers we have, which is wide, low and really too much room for a baby - then there's the problem of hanging space.... so we're going to get a small wardrobe with hanging space, and hopefully an extra shelf we can slot in, and a small 3-draw unit that matches it... nothing fancy but it will be nice to have new stuff. :) I've been working, so we've got a little extra money, so we figured we deserve it! lol!!

I'm still searching ebay for a cot. Yes, we do have one but its larger than standard size. This is inconvenient because we have to get another mattress made, plus protectors, sheets etc - made, and I really can't be bothered with all that.... so lets just get another hey! lol, that's what I figure anyway. I have a protector and sheets for a standard size (even Jaidyn's old mattress), so it will be much easier - now to just find one that no-one else ups the bids on! lol. gotta get the right price too...

Off to Ebay again. Hope you've all had a great week.
Nat xx

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Some new baby bump pics...

We're home!! I will get to a more in-detail post about our holiday later, when I organise some of the pics, but for now I thought its about time I show you some more of my baby bump (if you can call it only a *bump*!) photos. It's been a while since I've uploaded some, so you'll see how I've grown.

This is at 36 weeks.

Nat xx