Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some piccies to share :)

Ok so I should really be packing or cleaning or sewing, but instead I've been editing pics in PS!

I took these ones this morning while the kids and I were playing on the front deck.

Lani is now able to stand on her own - she wobbles a bit but can hold teh stance for a while now! She thinks she's so clever - and she is!

And my beautiful Eli :) (I love this photo)
Karen Latham asked me to take some pics of the nappies I've been working on. I really must take more pics of the ones as they're finished, even just for my own reference!

Here's a couple I've been working on this week:
A couple of Extra-Large ones - back one is a pocket, front one is an AIO

Some AIOs in progress (I just LOVE looking at my labels on them... squeal!)
Yummy soft minky AIO - this is soooo soft and pat-able
Another newborn gift pack
Well, just wanted to update with a couple of things. Need to go and clean, and cut out hemp.

N xx


Jasmine said...

Very cute pics of the kids. Lani and Eli look so alike - almost identical!!!

Your nappies look great - especially with your label on them, how cool :)

Beverley said...

Lani is just gorgeous and like Jasmine said she is looking very much like Eli!

Love the labels on your nappies - they look so professional, well done!

Karen L said...

Gorgeous photos of the kids Nat - and thanks for updating the photos of your nappies. They look sensational - love all the bright colours, only wish I had kids at the age that I could get some. Nat you are doing a fantasic job with them.

lusi said...

you are so clever my talented friend!!!! love seeing your label on them! so professional looking and fun mate - you should be so proud!
and lani is soooooooooooooo clever too standing up like that! love that one of her in the bottom right corner of the collage and love that one of eli too!
hope jai and greg are good!
much love to you my precious natti :)
miss you!
lus x

Chrissy said...

Oh no!! Slow down little darlin' I'm not ready for you to be walking yet sweetie pie!! *sigh*

I lurve all your CUTE nappies honey, they are totally A D O R A B L E!!

Chrissy x

Megan said...
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Megan said...

Well isn't Miss Lani clever. So scary how quick our babies are growing up, hey. Loving the nappies too (and those labels are so cute!!)

DenimAngel said...

Two clever girls at your house! Well done on the nappies, they look awesome and I love seeing your labels too. Exciting stuff.

Ali said...

Hi there Natty,
Can you email me a price for 10 of the green minky AIO Nappies in new born size. I would really like to get some for Ang for bubby, when he/she is born.
Ali x

Carolina said...

Love the pics of the kiddies Nat, they are just so cute! And the nappies look great and oh so professional with the label! You are so talented!