Friday, August 22, 2008

New do..

I finally got my hair done yesterday, after saying I need to for about, uh, 6 months... lol.... maybe not quite that long, but its been since the start of the year that I had it done I think!!

A local salon has a great special for the month of August, where a regular could bring along a friend (new customer) and both receive 50% off your services. That was too good a deal to pass up!! So I went all out and had a cut, 1/2 head foils and my eyebrows shapes.. I NEVER get colour coz its too much more than we can afford for a hairdresser, so its such a lovely treat!! Got 3 colours too - voilet, red and blonde... nice!! I decided to keep the length this time (I usually cut it much shorter), and just get heaps of layers... well that I did, lol...
Here's what I look like now:

We've had the flu pass through the family quite badly the last week. Well, I've had it bad anyway.... Got hit on the Ekka Wednesday holiday, and I'm still coughing a lot... it gave me a bit of asthma too, which I don't normally get, so I think that's why the nasty cough is still around. The kids have been on-off for most of the week and a half too... and I think we got a small dose of the vomiting bug in there too - fun!! Needless to say, I think I'll be getting the flu shot next year, esp as I now work in childcare...

Being sick has put me behind even further with my nappies though. I usually sew at nights, but there's been a good number of nights when I've been in bed by 8pm... it seems like such a waste of time, but I just have no energy!! So I'm hoping I can stay up tonight, after having a little nana nap this arvo while the babies slept.... I have so much to do!!!

Am going to a low-key hens party tomorrow night - just a nice dinner out in the city... still trying to figure out how I'm getting in there, but it will be nice to have a break! We aren't able to attend the wedding unfortunately, as its the same weekend as our church camp, which we missed out on last year due to me being very heavily pregnant, so we are looking forward to that time to spend together and with our church family.

Anyway, I think that's about it.... oh, if you would pray for my little neice, I would appreciate it... the poor little pet spilt hot tea on herself on Wednesday, and has 3rd degree burns to her leg and foot... apparently she's doing so very well, but I'd love some prayers for quick healing and no scars.. and also for my sister who you can imagine would also be feeling terrible about it.

Cya, N xx


Jasmine said...

Woot-woo!!! Your hair (and brows) look great! LOVE the colour - or should I say colourS. It must be the week for it - I've had mine done too :)

Praying that you'll all be on the mend soon - including your neice, the poor little darling.

Take care
Jas xx

jacqui jones said...

love the hair
thinking of your niece and
your sister
accidents happen in a split second believe me i know!
tell her to not blame herself

Suse said... the new do hun! Looks fabbo! Praying that you and your family get better soon, so know what you aer going through there. Praying also for your neice and sister. Same thing happened to my cousin when she was little.

Melanie said...

I will be praying for your neice and sister, accidents happen so quickly.

Your new do looks gorgeous and what a great deal. Here the cut alone is $55 so that would save heaps.

I hope you are all feeling better soon and you are all on the mend.

Leanne said...

Love the new do honey, looks fabbo
cannot wait to see you at the retreat. Counting down the days

Leanne xxx

MissyMoo84 said...

OH Nat I hope you feel better soon! The flu is nasty this year :( Sending healing vibes to the little miss also.
Take care and rest up. Sleep is very important in getting better ;)

miss~nance said...

Love the new do Nat. Frames your face beautifully.

Hope your all better soon.

Gail xxx

Chrissy said...

Wootwoo Natti, what a yummy mummy you are! The new do is gorgeous babe!

MissyMoo84 said...

Hey hun, yup due in 8 days but looking like I will be induced in a few. If it's easier to make them in a medium I can wait for a month or 2 :) No stress. He is gonna be a big bubba anyways (they think 4.5kg!!)
Hope you are feeling better. This winter has been terrible for bugs :( I am so glad it is spring!!!!