Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hair clips and Boys Brigade

Not much to report from me. Life is really really busy, but really really normal too. Work, sewing, cleaning, washing, feeding kids, changing kids, having fun with kids. Same old same old.

I've put the kids in daycare one extra day so I can catch up on my nappy orders. I'm swamped and it really wasn't going anywhere... so an extra 5-6 hours - depending how diligent I am - will help. That's an extra 2 nappies a week roughly. So I'm hoping I can get back up to 5/6 a week, and get through these orders again.... I'm very sorry to any of you who are still waiting!!

School holidays are now upon us. To be honest, I don't really like holidays, the two little drive me nuts enough!! lol... Jaidyn is going with my Mum up to Hervey Bay to stay with my sister and neice for 2 nights, while I'm at work this week. She might even take him whale watching - lucky boy!! There won't be much room for much stuff to do with Jai, but he's going to get stuck into some craft on Thursday while I'm working from home and the kids are in care. Hopefully I can help him a little too.

Jai had a figure marching competition for Boys Brigade last weekend. We couldn't really go coz it was right over dinner and bed time (almost impossible with two littlies) but his grandparents took him and they did a good job. Jai really enjoys BB... they have a State Camp coming up, which he'll be going to. I'm looking forward to it for him, some time just for him and doing something he likes, and hopefully will help instill a bit of responsibility... or he'll only come back with half his belongings...

We have a couple of big weekends coming up - in fact, the last few months of the year are already looking busy. Next weekend I'm meeting a group of the girls from the Maternal forum, should be fun. Sunday I'm off to a baby shower.

My school friend Louise is getting married in a few weeks time too!! That's on the 18th Oct. Her hen's night is on Friday 10th, but I'm not sure if I'll go yet.... its dinner and a show, a bit on the exxy side, and the dress code is dress-up - 'naughty girls'... oh dear... little conservative Christian me can't dress up like that!! Not to mention how hideous I'd look... to me 'naughty girl' requires showing lots of leg... ewwwww..... we'll see... I wouldn't be very comfortable I can tell you now. But also don't want to let Lou down by not going. Will have to see if we can afford it - its getting to the expensive time of year for us - Christmas coming and a few family birthdays to add to that - my sister in Oct, Dad and Jai in Nov, and Greg and Emmeson in Dec!! Phew!!

The SOF retreat is getting closer - yay!! 2 nights just for ME, with NO KIDS!!! BLISS!! Can't wait... I think I might have to start prepping Greg for a weekend with the kids on his own though...? Hmm, yeah, maybe I should go out on my own a few times over the weekends in the lead-up... purely for him of course!!

Oh, and Lani seems to be getting closer to mastering this walking thing. In the last few days, she's actually been walking around more and more, rather than dropping to her knees (even tho its a lot quicker!)... yay!! So proud of my little girl!! I really want her to walk so she doesn't dirty the knees of her clothes and babylegs anymore!! Oh, and we have bindis everywhere in the backyard, so it will be better if she can walk!

Anyway, found this little quiz on Mel Goodsell's blog, thought since you've not really heard from me in a while, you might like to see this....

1) LAST MOVIE YOU SAW IN A THEATRE? KungFu Panda with the kids last school holidays... might go and see 'Wall-e' today though...

2) WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING?None, don't have any time!!

3) FAVOURITE BOARD GAME? Cluedo or Pictionary

4) FAVOURITE MAGAZINE? I don't really buy any, but I like Spotlight's 'Get Creative' coz it has bits of everything in it.

5) FAVOURITE SMELLS? Rain... coffee when you first open the jar...

6) FAVOURITE SOUNDS? My children's laughter... worship music...


8 ) WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU THINK OF WHEN YOU WAKE? Usually, why are the kids awake SO EARLY!!

9) FAVOURITE FAST FOOD PLACE? Fasta Pasta or Subway

10) FUTURE CHILD'S NAME? I have always wanted to call a daughter Esther but Greg won't have a bar of it... I also like Ashton for a boy, but it sounds kinda funny with our last name.

11) FINISH THIS STATEMENT—’IF I HAD A LOT OF MONEY I’D……hire a cleaner!! And someone to help me sew nappies...

12) DO YOU DRIVE FAST? Not much.



15) WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CAR? A white 1990 Holden Apollo

16) FAVOURITE DRINK? A large hot cup of coffee

17) FINISH THIS STATEMENT-IF I HAD THE TIME I WOULD… do a lot of things!! Sew myself the skirts I bought the patterns for for Spring... sew Lani some dresses... sew gifts for Christmas.... make Xmas cards this year... do more for other ppl.


19) IF YOU COULD DYE YOUR HAIR ANY OTHER COLOUR, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR CHOICE? I love red, but moreso highlights I think. I'd do a few more red highlights than I have, if I had the money!!

20) NAME ALL THE DIFFERENT CITIES/TOWNS YOU HAVE LIVED IN? West, North and South Brisbane... lol... adventurous aren't I!!

21) FAVOURITE SPORTS TO WATCH? None, don't really like any.

22) WHATS UNDER YOUR BED? Nothing because our bed goes all the way to the floor - its a waterbed frame (with a crappy foam mattress that needs replacing, in it)


25) MORNING PERSON OR NIGHT OWL?I used to be a morning person, but nowadays that usually means the children are awake too... so I prefer some time to myself at night these days, and I've become a night owl, don't usually get to bed untill 11pm at the earliest.

26) OVER EASY OR SUNNY SIDE UP? Sunny side up please :)

27) FAVOURITE PLACE TO RELAX? In bed, sitting on our front verandah with a cuppa (prefereably watching the rain) or on holidays somewhere without the kids (lol, like that every happens!)

28) FAVOURITE PIE? Hmmm... don't eat a lot of pie really... I had pumpkin pie once and it was to die for!

29) FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOUR? Choc-mint, but closely followed by Cookies N Cream.

Oh, that's the end!! I was on a roll there!!

Just a couple of pics to end the post.... not much really... and I never seem to get many of Jai, but then being older, he doesn't change much in a month or two...

I have another new obsession - gorgeous hair clips for Lani... add that to MCNs and BabyLegs.... oh dear... anyway, these are the first of my collection... cute huh!!! I will take some pics of her in them soon - possibly today...
... the cupcakes and cherry ones I bought for the purpose of motivating me to make the matching nappies for Lani - I have some gorgeous cupcakes and cherry fabrics.... so far I've cut them out!! lol...

My gorgeous boy looking like a model I reckon!!

Miss Lani with her new outfit all ready for church :) I love black right now!!

And another of Princess wearing a pair of Babylegs...

And just pretend there's a pic of Jaiyn here... isn't he handsome!!

Well I guess for 'not much to report' that was kinda longish....


Tam said...

Nice to 'catch up' Nat! Your littlies are SOOOO gorgeous. Hope the extra 'you' day works out for you and your nappy backlog.

Oh, and so many of your quiz answers are exactly the same as what mine would be!!!

lusi said...

Hi mate ;)

Really enjoyed reading your answers to those questions.
Jai sounds like he is doing so well with BB :) And those hair clips are gorgeous too!
Love to you all!

Oh and I was invited to my mate's 'naughty girls' kind of themed hens night when i was the matron of honour (lol!). She knew that it really clashed with my beliefs and I told her I loved her but would it be alright if i passed on that and she totally understood and said it was fine. I'm sure God will help you make the right decision whatever it is for you!
Love you mate!

Melanie said...

I think I too would feel uncomfortable at a "Naughty girls" night. lol

I hope you can get the nappies done on your "free" day, the photos of Lani and Eli are so cute.

Chrissy said...

Ohh those hair clippies are totally gorgeous Natti! :) As for the naughty girl night LOL ummm maybe you could go as a yummy mummy instead. ;)

Hope the hols with the kids are treating you well. Lucky boy going to Hervey Bay, did he get to see the whales at all?

Chrissy x

MissyMoo84 said...

oh sweety your kids are just soooo cute!! They really could be little models!
I loved your quiz... so much so that I am going to 'borrow' it hehe Ashton is the best name in the world btw ;)
School holidays hey... I just wish i had SCHOOL some days so I could have 20 minutes of peace haha

MissyMoo84 said...

Ashton... Just like Jaidan :P

Melissa Goodsell said...

Your little ones are sooo cute Nat :)
I just emailed you a list of cute tutorials for softies, but it bounced back :(
Can you shoot me through a quick email so I can forward on the links etc.. to you,