Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hey everyone :)

It's Lusi here, one of Nat's bestie's :)

She has come interstate here to my house and I thought I would hijack her blog on her behalf (with her permission of course!) because I'm wondering if anyone else out there checks in here to see if she has updated it :)

I think Nat is awesome (she told me to write that) and she is teaching me tonight how to make a modern cloth nappy! She is also telling me to add that I think she is gorgeous (which i of course do) :)
Did you know that her beautiful daughter Lani is going to be 2 next week? And that since she last posted here Eli has turned 3 and Jai will be 9 in short months time? Wow time flies hey.
I'll leave you with a little ditti i made up for my special Natti :)

There once was a cutie named Nat
She did not own a cat
She visited me here
And we shed a tear
When she had to go back

ok so that last bit was a bit lame but still :)
I've just read it aloud to her and she said very sarcastically, 'yeah that was great. but what happened to (and this is her own song i might add)

Nat is awesome
Nat is great
She ate chicken schnitzel
Off my plate


Well with it being after 1am now, I will sign off and say this was the only way I could get this blog updated :) Sorry to bore you!

Love you Natti!
Lus x


Gail said...

Hi girls!!!!
Yep, I still have this site linked on my sidebar so I know when it's updated. I had thought of deleting it, but then it has gems of wisdom on it and I think it's good for people to stumble upon them, so I left it there. Glad I did. lol

Neek said...

Yes I still check to see if there are any updates and of course it is in my tracker so it will alert me. Hope to see more posts! :)

Miss cath said...

It is good to see a new post. Even better to know that the two of you are having a great time. I know how hard it is having your bestie in another state but it just makes the times when you can get together so very special. Enjoy

MadMel said...

Yup I have it in my google reader!! I actually was laying in bed last night thinking about this blog, wondering how Nat and the kids were doing. Glad to hear everything is going well! Can't believe Lani is almost 2!!! Nat you must put some pics up :)

Mel xo

DenimAngel said...

I do, come back Nat and post some more I miss you. Oh and can you teach me how to make a mcn?

Gayle said...

Yes Nat we do check your blog so UPDATE IT MORE OFTEN!!
Sounds like you are having fun!

Nat said...

OK, gonna TRY to update a bit more girls! I usually just update my facebook with pics nowadays.... but should use this more huh...
Thanks for still checking up on me!
Nat :)

lusi said...

Yes you should slacko :) Just kidding - but since i don't have facebook i wanna see that gorgeous fam of yours on here too - when you get a chance of course! lol :)
Pics on my blog now :)
Love you honey x

Chrissy said...

heehee You are too funny Lus, it's been long enough a break from her blog me thinks too....

Sal :-) said...


Glad you girls had a great time!!

& yep I keep checkin in ;-)