Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baking, riding bikes... just loving being at home!

I am really enjoying being a SAHM this week, and getting into a good routine regarding housework etc. There's still a lot I need to get in place, but its starting to get rolling, and the house is being 'maintained' pretty well now, to that if we have visitors I don't feel horribly embarrased about the state of my home!

This week we have enjoyed a playdate with one of my besties Sarah and her little man on Monday. Sarah is 6 weeks away from having twins - how exciting! I haven't seen her in so long either, hopefully we can make it a little more often now that I'm home (although soon she'll have her hands busy with twin newborns!)...

Yesterday we did a bit of this.... baking choc/strawberry swirl cupcakes:
(Eli wanted chocolate, Lani wanted pink, so we did both and swirled them together, YUM!)
And a bit of this... riding bikes and trikes (changed over often) under the house:

And also a bit of this... Lani's favourite thing to do - jumping!!

In other news, Greg and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary last Friday. We would have *liked* to have been celebrating in New Zealand, but our potential babysitters (the in-laws) were galavanting around Scotland... so we might just do it next year!!
Greg took the day off work (the joy of being able to choose his own hours, yay!) - and the monkeys were in kindy, so we had a hot date!! We went to the movies to see 'The Ugly Truth' and then had Hogs Breathe for lunch - YUM!! I forgot to take my camera to lunch though...
Then we had a rematch of Risk (coz I beat him the first time, ha) and a cheese/bickies platter after the kids were in bed. On Sunday we went for our tradition of buffet breakfast up at Mt Cootha (where Greg proposed)... we just LOVE going up there - child-less of course, although it would be nice to take them up there some time too...
Here's a couple of snaps we took 'up top'...

Love you so much honey!!

The joy of being a SAHM will see me going on a school excursion with Jaidyn tomorrow to a local environmental educational centre. I used to LOVE going one when I was in school, so I'm looking forward to being able to support Jai in his schooling and hopefully I won't be an embarrasing Mumma - too much!

Bye for now xx

Today I'm thankful for:

1. Not really losing too much money by stopping work - which REALLY makes it worth it!
2. Rest time... ahh bweet bliss
3. A mostly tidy home (just don't look too closely, ha!)
4. That our flooring will be FINISHED this time tomorrow, and we will be able to set up downstairs again - yay my craft room back!!!
5. Godly women. Love you all xx


Nic Wood said...

I was smilimg as I read this post Nat - you just seem so content and happy with your choice to go back to being a sahm - definately sounds like you were guided back to where you are supposed to be right now

Nic xxx

Karen L said...

Happy Anniversary Nat and Greg - glad to hear you guys got to spend a special day together. Love the photos of your baking day with Eli and Lana. I am glad you are enjoying being a SAHM again Nat. I am sure you will all be blessed by your new lifestyle.

lusi said...

hello beautiful :)
will try calling you today.
i wanna come play with you + the kids!!!
love your snaps -so glad you are loving it + finding your rhythm!
love you :)
lus x

Melissa Goodsell said...

They are such cute pics of you both and I love all the other photos too - it sounds like you're enjoying yourself so much :) YAY!!

Jasmine said...

Nat - it's so nice to hear all the joy you're getting out of being a SAHM again.
Congrats to you and Greg on your anniversary!

Love Jas xx
ps - being an embarressing mum is one of the perks of going on excursions isn't it ;p

Chrissy said...

You seem to be finding a happy pace to your time home with the kids...makes me smile! :)Oh and I told Michael we'll have to go and check out brekkie at Mt C, sounds gorgeous and the weather is starting to become so lovely...

Freemig Inc said...

They are such cute pics of you both and I love all the other photos too - it sounds like you're enjoying yourself so much :)

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