Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A stinky surprise and sick of photocopying

Just some random bits and pieces from this week.

STILL hanging out for my girlfriend Michelle to give birth.. I'm not very patient. I'm just dying to see what she has and what they call it :) She is now 5 days overdue... when are you coming to meet us baby??? I'm waiting anxiously by the mobile for a text...

Had a not-so-wonderful surprise when I woke this morning... Eli had taken off his pooey nappy in bed... I'm sure you can guess what that meant. Yep, poo everywhere. He was rather excited and proud of himself I think... little terror... his poor teddy bear Blue didn't even escape so he went in the wash with the sheets, and is now just hanging around on the clothesline! And no, I didn't take any pics. there wasnt really as much poo smeared everywhere as you may think, it wasn't really photo worthy... but maybe I'll just take a piccie of Blue hanging on the line and can tell the story from that :) Good idea Nat!!

Spent a couple of hours at the church yesterday and a bit more at home, organising all the programs, rosters, resources for Hillz Kidz for this term - our kids ministry Friday afternoon program.... I'm sick of photocopying, sorting through papers and highlighting!

Having my ultrasound on Thursday. Really looking forward to seeing my baby :) But hopefully not 'too' much of him/her... we aren't going to find out the sex... we really enjoyed having the surprise with Elijah, even if sometimes I was a little impatient...

Finally have felt baby move this week! I was starting to get a bit worried, but a friend told me many women feel the baby later and later with each birth - something to do with a not so sensitive uterus - plus probably the extra 'padding' I have too! I'm sure he/she has a little wiggle most nights when I go to bed, but it was only because I was reading for 1/2 hour or so that I felt it I think :)

That's all for now, I think...

5 things I'm grateful for today:

1. Sunny weather for drying washing
2. The beautiful miracle of life, growing inside me :)
3. Being a christian - couldn't imagine my life without God now, such quality!
4. Time for a sleep/rest - like now
5. That I've done all the organising for Hillz Kidz - yay!!

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Allison said...

How precious feeling your little one move...
and ewwwww about the pooh!!!!lol