Monday, April 16, 2007

Been busy creating....

Have a couple of projects to share. I know... it's been a long time between projects!

This first LO is one I started a few weeks ago, for the Beyond the Blue journey/comp at Embellished Scrapbook Shoppe. The theme was 'Where do you find your inner peace?'... I decided to do my layout on my God, as He is most definitely my source of peace, when I manage to find some. I used the gorgeous Psalm 23 to go with it all too, and have done some journalling on the inside.

Think I'll finally upload one to the BtB gallery now! :)

Here's the inside, when the white piece opens up. The rest of PSalm 23 on the left, and my journalling on the right.

My journalling reads:
I find my peace in my God. He is my refuge. Without HIm, I don't know hiw I would live. When the kids are giving me grief, when the house is a mess, when my schedule is too tight... I put on some worship music, close my eyes and give it all over to God. He takes me out of my mess, and puts me in His rest. He makes it all bearable again. My only down-fall is not giving Him enough time. Life only gets unbearable because I'm too busy, I'm too tired, I'm too stressed out. I'm sure my life would be a lot more peaceful if I would just give God more of my day. Then I could live in the peace He promised me, all my waking hours.

Last night, after finishing that LO, I decided to finally pull out the wooden letters I've had sitting in my stash for AGES, for Elijah's bedroom door. And this is how they turned out:

I'm just so happy with how they look! It was heaps of fun too. I painted them, then added little dot flowers, and butterflies and grass done with the end of the paintbrush too. Then I added these cute little wooden frogs I found at the cheap shop. I made them the same colours as his quilt set, and I'm also going to do canvases for his wall in these colours and similar design (frogs, dragonfly maybe etc).

Here's a close-up of the 'E' and the 'J':

Well, just wanted to share. I'm off to have some shut-eye while the little man is asleep too, or I might turn into the Mummy Monster later this arvo!!


Chrissy said...

Awww Eli's bedroom door name is sooo cute Natti! Love the gorgeous journalling on your LO too, just beautiful sweetie!

Hugs and make sure to get some rest ok?
Love Chrissy xx

TatumW said...

Hi Nat, 8.5 x 11 is no worries at all for the Sketches Oz DT comp! Can't wait to see your entry!

I love the letters you have done for Elijah! So so cute!

Tatum xx

Karen L said...

Hey Nat - great to see you BB Layout and read your journalling. In fact it is great to see some of your scrapbooking. Love Elijah's letters too. They look awesome with those little frogs

Tam said...

Love that layout - nice to see some of your scrapping again :) And I might have to commission you to do some letters for Diesel - they are SO amazing! xxx

Nic Wood said...

They are just too cute Nat! Cant wait to see the canvases!

Beautiful LO.

Nic xxx

Shazz said...

those letters for eli's door are just too cute for words nat. i love them. i have been thinking about doing letters for my kait's room for ages and you have definitely inspired me to at least think about it again.
hope you managed to get some rest in


Sandy said...

Well, your FIL thinks you should go into business making letters for non-creative Mums. They are great. You are so creative.