Monday, April 23, 2007

Sick baby :(

I have a sick baby. I just hate it when the kids are sick and you can't really do much to fix it, bar lots of cuddles! My little man seems to maybe have that yucky bug back again, but different this time. He's had runny poos that have gone EVERYWHERE (sorry for the graphic!), and he's vomited a couple of times now (at least the floors will get a wash huh). He also has as nasty cough left-over from the cold he got off me. My poor darling. Can you please pray for him that this all clears up today and he still has a happy day. He's still mostly himself, I just get so sad when I see him vomiting and I can't fix it!

In other news, coz I haven't caught up much lately... I've been excited about scrapping again! Won't really go so far as to say my mojo is back, but we'll see about that when I get some new photos printed. I'd love some new stock too (wouldn't we all) but I have lots to go through and try to use still, and Greg is still not working, so what we have is all we have and has to last us for we-don't-know how long. But I've been doing some scrapping and enjoying it again. I won't be able to share though, as I'm actually entering a comp - probably won't get anywhere, but am trying to finish off an entry for the Oz Sketches DT call. Sketches right now are my type of thing, so I thought I'd enter!

So yep, Greg is still not working. We are starting to look into other avenues bar just retail management. I have no doubt in God's provision though, so even if we get down that those last pennies, I know He'll look after us and provide us with what we need. Prayers would be appreciated though thanks!

What are you all doing for Anzac Day? Do you go to the marches or anything? Would be interested to see what you all have planned with your families for the day. We don't have anything planned per-se, but I might just try to organise something either with my family or some friends from church - a nice opportunity to get together. It's also my MIL's birthday, so we'll have to send a call that way. Hopefully her gift will arrive in time!

We had a really great service at church yesterday. One of the cell groups led the service, and its was just really awesome. The theme was 'showing kindness' and for one part they brought the pastors up the front for people to show thanks to, and to pray for them as a church. It was a really powerful moment and made me all teary and lovey for our awesome pastors. I would have gone up to say something, but I would have just cried! Lol, I get a bit emotional at times. We also had a guest speaker, so it was reviving too. Its great to have something different every now and then. I'm on for the kids service again next week. Should be food. Am not doing it all myself this time though, so that will be good too! I love doing it though.

Pregnancy is going along well. I forget to mention it most of the time. I need to take some new pics - might try to get onto that today (also would like to do a shoot of my little man too, although with him being sick might not be the best day!) Anyway, I'm now 30 weeks along! Wow! 10 more weeks to go. Somehow it seems so much more real once its getting down to single digits (9,8,7 weeks left!). Am feeling well most of the time. Get a little tired, but that's probably from a long day and sometimes restless nights too. I feel a bit fitter than I was last time though, as I'm running around after 2 kids now I guess, so I can handle a bit more I think. Little tike is moving around heaps. As soon as Greg gets a job, we'll start looking at buying the furniture we need - a new cot, and an upgrade on the pram to a double model. I've been scouting e-bay so we should be able to get a good buy - just wanting a cheap cot really. Then there's the canvases I want to paint for the wall above Eli's cot - well they will be Eli's for the moment, but I would like to do some for over the other baby's bed too, but will have to wait on the sex for that!

Well, my 6 yr old is hounding me to play a game or something with him. He's been really demanding for our attention lately, so I suppose we should give him some. Ahhhh... the joys of parenthood huh.

Hope you all have a fantastic week!
Nat xx


Megan said...

So sorry to hear that there has been sickness at your house lately. Hope all gets well really soon.
How exciting that you only have 10 weeks to go. We have 11 1/2 and it's all a bit surreal at the moment. Hope the next few weeks go really well for you.
And loving the scrapping you've done lately too.

Katie Toland said...

Nat I'm praying for Eli, and also for protection for the rest of you that it will stop with him; today!

Yes, God will provide for you. He may take you to your last pennies, and there is probably a lesson in there you will learn, but he will carry you through and have the perfect job for your new family life and situation.

Thanks for the reminder on showing kindness! Touched me this morning, and I know it's no big deal to move things around here now. Thanks darl.

Wow 10 weeks! Can't wait!! I remember reading of other peoples blogs that you'd had Eli, but not really knowing you then. I'm so excited for a new bubba. Good luck with the final bits and pieces you need to organise. Maybe put on your blog the things you are looking for. Others like me are probably looking for someone to take their no longer needed baby stuff. I'm just trying to think of what I might have that you could need.

Kim G said...

I hope Eli is feeling better soon Nat and that it doesn't go through the rest of the house again - there is nothing worse!

Good luck for the next 10 weeks and all the best for the arrival of your little one when the time comes.

Kim xx

Nat-Mardon said...

Good idea, thanks Katie!

Chrissy said...

Hey sweetness, saying heaps of prayers your little darlin' will be well soon and tht your hubby finds the job meant for him. Hugs too!!

I had a twin pram and it was awesome, especially with only 12 months between my first two kiddies. After kiwi we'll organise a get together. :) I don't care if we lunch or just scrap, so a long as we get to natter. LOL

Hugs and love!
Chrissy xx

jacqui jones said...

there r a few preloved baby shops around to nat
there is one at margate (redcliffe) and i think kallanguar to...prices will be good at the margate one and they will not take rubbish so most of the stuff is great...i wish i could remember the name for u...and i have no idea if its still there but it was going strong..have a look in the phone book for some

DenimAngel said...

Prayers for your bubba boy. I hate it when my babies are sick too. Go girl on getting your mojo back, I haven't scrapped in months but I want to. I had a twin pram too, used it heaps for my 1 & 2 12 months apart and again for 3 & 4 22 months apart, so much so it went to pram heaven.
We couldn't decide whether to go one with 5 & 6 2 yrs apart but when I fell preggars just 7mths after Ash I knew it was time lol (I use it alternatively for the three depending on what I'm doing who gets the ride).
Would love to meet you too sometime.

Sandy said...

Oh Nat - poor little Eli! Praying for him and all the rest of you. (And yes, the present arrived in time - early, even!) Eli looks so grown up watching TV - I must print out all the new pics to show the rellies. I do them playing-card size and they print out well - and are easy to shuffle through and carry around.

Karen L said...

Ah nat - sad to hear that Eli is so sick. Am praying for a speedy recovery for him and also that none of the rest of you get it. Just wanted to say too that the photos on yesterdays blog are just gorgeous. Eli has the most amazing eyes. Such a cutie.

Am praying for Greg and you guys work wise also. I know that God will provide all your needs and the right job for Greg at the very right time. I know you will see God's hand at work in it all.

Great to hear that you are starting to get a bit of scrapbooking mojo back again. Looking forward to seeing some of your work. Think perhaps you should come on up here and help me use up my supplies.

By the way you have been tagged too. Seems everyone else has also.

Katie said...

Hey Nat

Hope your little man gets better soon and your hubby finds a job - will be praying for ya!

By the way you've been tagged:
See my blog!

Katie :)

Ros said...

I hope Eli gets better soon Nat! And that DH has more luck and get another job soon.

As for getting a new cot, something I did with my kids that are 14 months, 12 months & 18 months apart is use the basinette until they no longer fit in it and then use the porta cot until the other cot was free. Just one way to save some money and not have 2 cots hanging around.


Lara said...

prayers for the work situation Nat. good luck with the sketches dt entry! beginning to like sketches more & more atm. Having 14 mos between my last tow (19 mos between the first two) I used the bassinette for 3 months & for a month had the cot empty while the middle one got used to a bed (mattress on the floor beside the bed) & by the time MrE was 4 months old the cot was free for him. It was good doing it at 18 mos (cot to bed) as they are young enough not to challenge that this is where they are for bed if the bed routine is kept :-) As for push chairs... I had the oldest one (just 3 years) in the push chair, my middle one in a back pack & the youngest in a front pack or sling... needless to say I didn't walk far or very often on my own!