Thursday, September 27, 2007


Woohoo!! Only one more sleep until this beautiful girl will be here!! CAN'T WAIT!!!
Meanwhile I'm running around like a MAD CHOOK today trying to organise a few things around this place and give it a good tidy up.... this task is only made more difficult by having three kids home and its wet outside so the boys are in my face all the time! lol....

I used Lusi coming to set myself some goals and deadlines..... many of them have not happened (like cleaning the fridge - or I may still find time for that today huh)... but a few have. For a scrapbooker, my house is a sad sad story with pretty much NO photos up... terrible huh, considering I have soooo many good ones! Well, I finally put some up on our TV wall... see...
Oh, its really not a very exciting wall or living room! I'm thinking another row would make it look better, but will see how that goes.. (we may be moving end of Nov if we can find somewhere that has what we want...)

I also finally bought some decor for the new table... I decided to go with some greens, nice!! And I managed to scrounge around here for some 'adornments'.... probably temporary, but at least the table doesn't look bare now... (and no, it totally doesn't go with the curtains, but then again, the curtains don't even go with each other - a thing on my list, but unfortunately an $$ one, so may never happen!!) See my table:
Oh, I've also finally finished my pages for Gayle's CJ. The topic is 'Words to live by' and I included my favourite scriptures because I try to live by the Word of God. See:
Well, better go. The boys are having fun downstairs now so gives me a bit of time to sort some more things out up here!!


Gayle Smith said...

YAY!! you've done my CJ!! Love it. I think i'm going to get excited every time I see some of my CJ cool.
YOur house its really nice Nat...Love your furniture.
Have the bestest time with Lusi..and don't worry about your fridge...she won't be looking a the grime.

Shazz said...

have a blast with lusi nat...i'm sure you will.
make sure you take lots of photos too xxoo

the girl your *stuck* with for 5 days!!!! he he he said...

your fridge? girl you are mad with lack of sleep and total excitement obviously! when will i be lookin in your fridge!!!??? you dag!
see ya in the morning!
LOVE YA babe!
Lus x

Anthea said...

one of the joys of a bigger family is a bigger table, we will be shopping for one when Shane gets back!!

have fun with Lusi wont you!

Ruthy said...

hi Nat from this slack blog surfer who only caught up with your family news while at Diana's the other night just hours before you would be visiting and I missed you and Lusi- bummmmmmmmerrrrrrr!!!!!
Sorry to hear Lusi got sick too, but you were a great friend to her and stuck by her through the whole deal. Your kids are sooooo gorgeous and baby Lani makes me so clucky, she is beautiful!
Nice to see you all even ifs it's only on here for now.
Love Ruthy xox

Chrissy said...

Still crying here that I couldn't go to the Gardens!! :( :( I even had my pretty new girly dress on and everything. ;)

Chrissy x