Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'm addicted

.. to Facebook!!

Thanks to Tam, I fianlly signed up to Facebook last week and am hooked! Oh my, I've found soooo many ppl that I went to school with - what's more fun is ppl I went to PRIMARY school with!! Some people are just party animals (a lot it seems), many are jetting and working around the world, and a few are married with kids too - yay!

Hooked up with a guy I wasn't really friends with in school, Peter, but he married one of the girls from school and they have two boys, so there's some common ground there. AND, he is friends with a girl from uni I'd lost contact with, so was super excited to get Bec's number... and am going to a little mother's group at her place (with Pete's wife Kylie too) tomorrow morning... will be GREAT to catch up, she's had a little girl and twins since I saw her!

How was your Fathers Days? Ours was both good and bad. Bad in that Greg's grandpa died the night before so there was a bit of a downer there. Hopefully he's with our Lord though. We had my parents over for afternoon tea... were meant to be going to their place to also celebrate my sister's b'day but she went to Hervey Bay to her man and his family instead, so we're doing it this Sunday instead.

Greg started his new job yesterday. Moved to Aspley store but unfortunately as night-fill manager. Crappy hours (12pm-10pm), but it has pros and cons. Pros are that we can walk Jai to school together 3x a week, and get fit and have a nice chat together then too. Greg needs to get fit to get into the Aust Fed Police. He has his first round of testing (medical, psych, aptitude etc) on the 17th Sept. Prayerfully he'll pass that (I'm sure he will) and then hopefully it won't be too long before he's fit enough to pass those tests, and we're hoping to get into an intake early in the new year! May involve a move yet, but not sure... lots to discuss about that.... will cross that bridge when we come to it I guess.

Well, I've been totally wasting my whole day sitting on this computer!! eek... better go do some thing domestic.

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janinek said...

Lani has the most adorable smile!! I haven't been able to get a picture of Kaitlyns smile just yet, should try harder! LOL!! Lani is also soooo tall! Came by just to see some more pics of your gorgeous girl! LOL!