Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Li-Li is a cheeky monkey"

Eli's at that stage where he attempts to copy every word we say now... here's a funny one from yesterday:

Mummy: Eli, say 'Li-Li' (his nickname)
Eli: Li-Li
Mummy: 'is'
Eli: is
Mummy: 'a'
Eli: ahh
Mummy: 'cheeky'
Eli: keekee
Mummy: 'monkey'
Eli: Li-Li
Mummy: Eli, say 'monkey'
Eli: Li-Li
Mummy: No, 'mon-key' (said slowly)
Eli: Li-Li!
Mummy: 'monkey!'
Eli: LI-LI!! and a giggle!!

You see, Eli's other nickname is 'monkey'... Daddy has been teaching Eli that he IS a monkey... and so he thinks he is!! LOL

Just wanted to record that..... a day later, we still have yet to get him to actually say 'monkey' - it's still 'Li-Li'...


Sandy said...

How gorgeous - how cute - is THAT!!!! Thank you for sharing these precious snippets. It helps to know our lovely grandson more!

Jasmine said...

Oh Nat - that's precious!!! You definitely have to record that on a scrapbook page :)

Karen L said...

So Cute Nat - definately one to be recorded.

Chrissy said...

Just too too too cute Natti! :-)