Saturday, February 09, 2008


Been trying to get this done since last weekend... finally!
Had a nice little play with my camera last weekend during a wonderful spontaneous and fun afternoon. It was raining, and the kids were playing out on the verandah. After a while, I couldn't hear Elijah out there anymore, and went for a wander to see where he was.. well I found him outside running around in the rain like it was the best thing in the world!! It crossed my mind to tell him to come in out of the rain, then I realised it wouldn't hurt to let him have his fun... so of course I went and grabbed the camera, put on the zoom lens and clicked away.

Here's some of my favourites: (Eli was so dirty, we took the singlet off, then the nappy... got some REALLY cute nudie ones!!)

This week's been fairly usual... actually a little more 'social' than normal really... a few catch-ups with friends, went to sew with my mate Sarah Tuesday night - have to do that regularly - fun!

We're trying to do a 'No-Spend' challenge for the month of February, as set out by So far, hhmmm, not sure how well we're doing - I've had to buy some more fabric coz the 12 nappies I've got just aren't lasting - but then again, nappies are a neccessity, so I guess fabric is too.... we've not bought coffees, cokes or little bits and pieces though, and its those little things that really add up each month.... however, it will be interesting next week as Greg starts holidays tomorrow, so we still want to do a few things that we would have done in school holidays had Greg had some time off then... like Bowling I think... and we are also upgrading the computer and hopefully getting a new (not brand new) car. OK, so there'll be some BIG ticket items, but these are things we've got savings put away for, so I'm not counting them in the challenge. For me, its about watching what I'm spending, and really assessing if what I buy is a 'need' or just a 'want'... and hopefully not purchasing any of the latter this month!

Anyway, its Saturday - should go and catch up on some washing, do some baking with the kids maybe too....

Nat xx


Karen L said...

So cute photo's of Eli out in the rain. Playing in the rain is a boy thing Nat, as my big boy was out playing in the Brisbane rain this week too. Good luck with your no-spend challenge this month also.

Busy Woman said...

Good luck with the no spending challenge. I love the simple savings website and use it all the time.