Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Bags, glasses and drawings...

It's amazing what a day with the computer switched to the OFF position (yes you can turn your computer off, how funny) can do....

I gave myself a forced 'computer-free' day yesterday and was surprised at how much I got done. Actually I'd even say it was refreshing. And sad to think how 'addicted' I am to this darn thing...

Where was I? Oh yes, I got a lot of other things done. Not so much in the housework department (much to my husband's dismay), but I got a lot of sewing done... and can you actually believe it.... wait for it... I finished a project.

I've been procrastinating a lot (it's one of my better skills) lately with this gorgeous bag pattern I bought (Janelle Wind Collection). I decided I was going to make one for my friend Sarah who's about to pop with twins. A twin mumma needs a big bag. And this one is fantastic. 16 pockets in total. If that's not enough room for twin supplies... you need two bags!!

Ah yes, procrastinating. I've cut bits here, bits there, I even buckled down and sewed a bit the other night. But yesterday I really got into it... and come 11.30pm last night, she was finished!!

I'll be a little sad to part with this. (in fact I seem to make most things as gifts, and as such don't actually have many of the things I've made) But I think its created a passion for bag-making, so I look forward to picking fabrics for and making the other 3 Janelle Wind patterns I have... nice.

Anyway, so here she is. Sarah's Nappy Bag. I made it in the fabrics (plus a few more) she's used for decorating the nursery. So it will match nicely. And suit girls, boys or one of each.

One side...
The other side...
And inside...
Storage heaven. I hope she likes it.

In other happenings, we did our weekly cooking experience today. Ah, the simple stay-at-home life. Today we made a low-fat chocolate weet-bix slice. But the camera battery was dead, so no pics. I do love taking pics of the kids cooking though. Its so cute and they just love it. I think next week we might try something a little more healthy - maybe a quiche or zucchini slice or something...

Here's a couple of pics I did take this morning of the monkeys mucking around on the trampoline. Lani found my old glasses and was trying them on. So cute. Eli wanted in on the funny action too. He has some crazy posing antics lately. Crazy child.

Yes... he has no pants on. This is a regular occurence around our house. At least I don't have to wash extra pants. Even if its not so flattering for photo ops...

And yesterday... Lani had a great time practicing her cutting. I'm not sure if she's done much before (not with me she hasn't) but she had a great time making little cuts all around the edge of the paper. Actually I remember Eli starting much the same way. He's progressed a little more th cutting into the paper now, he just hasn't quite got a hold on how to hold his scissors...

And I taught Eli how to draw a person. I was most impressed, as was he. First he drew him - head, eyes, mouth and arms and legs attached to the head. Then I showed him how to draw a girl with a dress (triangle) for a body. And he seemed to grasp that pretty well. Then he also drew me with curly hair (a bit tricky!) and he even wrote MUM. What a clever boy he is... proud Mummy moment. These are now on the fridge.

Well, that's all for now. I need to go to bed. Night all.


Nic Wood said...

THe bag is gorgeous Nat, and dont you just love those first attempts at drawing people - so, so cute!!!

Nic xxx

Chrissy said...

Ohhh the bag looks awesome honey!! I bought my JW bag pattern before the frilly dilly bag came out, not sure what it's called will go and have a looksy for you... I can't wait to get my machine. :)

lusi said...

LOVE that bag! Sarah is a very blessed girl!
And love those pics of the kids + how clever Eli is with his drawings - look out Picaso! :)
So sweet mate + you are a beautiful mumma!
Love you,
lus x

Karen L said...

Don't you just love those productive days. I had one today. Feels good to achieve so much. I love your bag - I am sure your friend will absolutely lot it too. so much storage. I have been looking at some of Janelle's patterns too and I don't think it will be long before I order one either. Love to have a go at her frilly bag. Made your cupcake recipe again too. It is always a winner here. Photos of them are up on my blog.

Melissa Goodsell said...

The bag is so beautiful Nat, you've done a gorgeous job of it. I love the fabrics, they're divine.

Karen L said...

Bout time for an update Miss Nat.

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The bag is so beautiful Nat, you've done a gorgeous job of it.


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