Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A girl's best friend...

Jewellery of course! I went to a gorgeous porgeous jewellery party last night. Oh, I was in heaven!! Rozzie, Eck and Carol-Lea, you girls would have loved it too, being the bling things that you are! It's a new company called 'Jadela Jewels'. A lady called Angela imports and also makes some of the collection, and much of it was to die for! Literally I spent an hour and a half walking around and around a dining room table filled with beautiful pieces. Prices are between $10 and $50. I found a present for my Mum and my sister and also 'just had to' buy a gorgeous necklace for myself... now just trying to see if my sister will buy it for me for Christmas, then it's justified (What with just buying the camera this weekend and all)... now, if I had a USB cable for the camera, I'd take a pic of it and show you, but that's something I'll probably have to get today.

Anyway, I'm going to have a Jadela Jewels party at my house, and if you love jewellery, you'll want to come (if you can of course). I now live at Ferny Hills. The date will be Friday 6th January, 7.30pm. Let me know if you'd be interested...

Well, I have just found fleas in our house, which would explain the hundreds of bites all over my feet, so I'm not sure whether its from the cat that we have 'adopted' (that the previous tenants left here - how nice you say! - still not sure if we'll keep him), or whether its that the curtains weren't clean (wouldn't surprise me) or something else. So today I'm going to get stuck into the rest of these boxes, so I can properly clean the floors and hopefully get rid of the little buggers. What else can I use, anyone know? And I'll take down the curtains, and wash them, which I wanted to replace with some that I have anyway....

Nat xx


Tam said...

ooh yum! i love bling! no suggestions for your flea infestation, but I do sympathise - my feet are suffering too! i blame the cat :o)

can't wait to see pics from your new camera!!

Brooke said...

How awful for the old tenants to leave the poor kitty! Some people are so selfish :o( I hope you end up keeping him N!

Maybe check out the pet aisle of the supermarket for flea-killing stuff... there's heaps of things available.

Can't wait to see the piccies you take with your new camera!

Nice to have you back too babe! xoxo

Philippa said...

Hi Nat! Thanks for the comment on my blog and the lovely compliments! You are so nice :)

I love jewellery parties too! When I lived in Tassie there were heaps of them - there was one in particular that not only sold jewellery but handbags, sunglasses and heaps of other funky accessories, all sourced from the mainland of course! Now I live in Melbourne I find I can get all these things quite easily!

Glad you finally got the camera you were after. I would like to upgrade my camera eventually but it does the job....for now!!

I hope you'll come back to visit me again soon, I'll certainly be back to "see" you!

All the best

xx Philippa

Natasha said...

oh fleas suck, we got them after we went to the Melbourne show lol. first off, get the cat a flea collar, second get some of that flea powder, shake it all over the floor and vacuum, do it several times if you have to. If you think it is the curtains wash them in hot water (if you can) or ditch them...
Good luck hehehe

(oh and I am so jelous, I was a rebel...)

Nat-Mardon said...

Thanks girls.

I don't think we can really keep the cat. We are definitely not cat people and it definitely won't be coming inside. We were happy for a while to just feed it when it came each night and morning, but it's getting more comfortable around us now, and with me pregnant and a new bub coming I don't want to risk catching anything deadly if you know what I mean. I have a friend who knows someone who's baby got very sick and was born retarded from a cat. And we don't want to have to pay to take him to the vet. We might opt for guinea pigs or fish later down the track. A cat is definitely one of the last pets we would choose to have.

I have wooden floors, but they seem to be in the carpet mat I have in the loungeroom mostly. I think I'll see what cleaning or flea stuff I can get for it maybe. I *hate* fleas with a passion - they just eat me alive!

Nat xx

Deb said...

Hey Nat!
Ummm.... the camera should have come with a usb cable included - it's a very pale grey/almost white cord. Well, mine had one anyway, so I would have thought yours would too??

As far as I know, the only way you can catch something to affect the baby from a cat is if you handle the cats kitty litter. Cat feces can carry a parasite which causes toxoplasmosis.

It's a parasite that invades the intestinal tracts of cats and can infect dogs, pigs, chickens and variety of other warm-blooded animals, but it is only in cats that it can form infectious offspring that are released in the feces.

You can also catch it by handling uncooked meat. If a woman contracts toxoplasma while pregnant, the parasite can reach her developing baby. The baby's immune system is not able to defend against the parasite, and damage to the eyes, brain or even a miscarriage may occur. Scary stuff but as long as you dont handle cat poo - you're fine! (some how I can't imagine you'll be playing with cat poo hehe).

Still, its pretty sad they dumped that poor kitty. Maybe it's a neighbours and the last people semi-adopted it? Even my cats are very friendly with the old folk next door, although they are flea/parasite/worm controlled.

The necklaces sound gorgeous! I just bought a bunch off ebay for my cousins - they'll love them!

Have fun unpacking!! :D