Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Makes me smile...

This little boy and this GORGEOUS cheeky smile is one of the things that makes me smile every day of my life! There's not a day that goes by that he doesn't flash me one of these cheeky grins :) And I finally got it on camera! Could just eat him!

The little man seems to FINALLY be better and back to normal, touch wood. He was sick on and off for almost a week, sometimes bringing up his food, sometimes not. And it was mainly his bottle really. The doc said it was probably because his digestive track was working slower and he'd over-fill himself with milk, then blergh... so we cut his bottles down to 1/2 or 3/4. But I think he's all good again. Which is good, coz I was OVER washing sheets and clothes 2-3 times a day!

I've been busy a-scrapping! Yes! You read correctly. And I'm finishing pages (something I find hard!). And I'm loving them too. I got my entry in for the Oz Sketches DT search yesterday (like 7 hours early, lol!). Sorry I can't share them just yet, I really wish I could though! (Oh, actually I do have one I can share, but I forgot to take a pic of it yesterday, so will try to today) I wonder when we'll hear about who got DT. Not that I really think I have a chance - soooo many talented scrappers around and I think quite a few people entered too, but I really enjoyed the process and was really happy with what I scrapped, so that's what matters right! I printed out a whole heap of pics the other day so that's one thing to inspire me, plus I bought a big bag of buttons, so that's inspiring me too - I've wanted some for ages now but only had a couple or not the colours I want, so its fun to use buttons - now just to play with different ways to use them!

I have a weekend mostly to myself coming up - wahoo! Greg is going off with the men from church camping at Double Is Point for Sat and Sun night. Jaidyn is going camping with his grandparents for the same 2 nights - so just me and Eli, nice! Seeing as most of the men from church will be away, us ladies are going to put on a High Tea on Saturday afternoon and play ladies together! Nice! So I can see some serious scrapping time coming up this weekend, yay!

I have a 1st b'day party to start planning! Eek, 3 more weeks and my little man will be be ONE. How did that happen?? Gee... maybe I can just hide and pretend he isn't going to be one and it won't happen...? So.... any cool ideas anyone? I was thinking of a nice afternoon tea on a Saturday or something fairly low-key, with family and friends from church mainly. But any other ideas on top of that - something to make it a bit of fun maybe? Do you think the adults would like to play pass-the-parcel too? heehee... and food ideas? We will be running it on budget, as Greg still doesn't have a job. And then I have to think about birthday presents, eek! I want it all to be super special though for my gorgeous little man!!

Well, that's about all for today. Lots of housework to do, so better jet off.

Oh, just wanted to SHOUT OUT to my beautiful friend Lusi! Haven't done one for a while, so just wanted to say I LOVE YOU girl! You are awesome! I soooo cannot wait to meet you one day - hopefully the Lord gives us that opportunity sometime in the near future!


Tam said...

Yup, he is the precious-est little yummy thing in the world! I can't believe he's almost one either!! Crazy, crazy.

Lus :) said...

hi babe! thanks for the shout-out you gorgeous thing you! wow has time flown or what!!! he's just so precious hey and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your family shots too!Esp love the one of you looking down at your belly...can you email me that one pretty please and the one you used in the fab lo you sent me the other day??? I have a lo lingering in my mind about your beautiful family and our wonderful friendship! Thanks babe and love to EVERYONE!!!!
Lus x

Nat-Mardon said...

Hey Lus, I've been wanting to do a LO on you too darl - so we'll have to make that a 'photo swap' ok - oh how exciting!!