Thursday, August 30, 2007

2 months...

My darling little girl Lani,
Well, somehow you have reached the 2 month mark of your little life already. Where 2 months went, I don't really know. But you are getting to that wonderful little stage where you're actually doing things and responding to us. I love every minute of life with you darling.
You really are such a dream come true to this family. Our little girl, so very treasured. The boys love you absolutely to bits, even little Eli loves his 'baby', and he's constantly checking on you to see things are ok (well when he's not beating you up that is). Yes, he does sometimes get a bit rough and you cry this very cute but very distressed little cry when he clobbers you one. He also likes to help by giving me your dummy, however half the time he actually takes it out of your mouth first... But I can tell how much he adores you. Jaidyn likes to give you cuddles when he can. He talk to you and plays with you as you lie under your playgym or in your rocker. He even sings you lullabies that he's been learning at school, when you get upset. You are most certainly loved.
This month saw your first smiles. Oh what a beautiful moment that was. I had my first smiles at about 5 or 6 weeks old, and it took a few days for Daddy to get some too, he was feeling a bit left out I think. You started off giving me the best smiles during your nappy change after a feed... you would look at me and at your buuterfly mobile hanging above your change table and smile away. Nowadays, you smile whenever. One particularly time, Daddy was even convinced you were laughing, or at least trying to. We would pull the little spider that hangs above you on your playgym, and you would watch it vibrate back up its string, the give an almighty smile, sometimes coupled with a noise or two... you did this every time we pulled it down, without fail. Maybe you are trying to laugh.
As well as smiling, you are having really long happy wake times on your mat under the playgym. Last night you were lying there for about an hour, just having a good old chat. You goo and gaa and kick your little legs around. When you catch a glimpse of Daddy or I you flash a beautiful smile.

You are loving booby, and I'm happy to find that you seem to be getting plenty. you feed roughly every 3-4 hours. During the night, you are generally sleeping for 6 hours, and Mummy only has to get up once. This is great of course, but I must say I do look forward to having a full-night's sleep. I will probably be a bit shocked when that happens, hopefully its sooner rather than later. In saying so, you did have 2 nights a few weeks ago when you slept for about 7 or 8 hours. You are in a really good routine though. You usually have quite a long sleep in the early evening and often I have to wake you at about 10pm for a feed so I can go to bed! But even with a long sleep just before this, you are still going back to sleep for Mummy almost straight away (well you do at 3am at least and that's whats important)....

You have started discovering your hands sweet pea. Sometimes you like to put your fingers in your mouth. At other times I see one of the toys on your playgym moving and you must have batted it!

You had your needles a week ago. :( Poor little bubba had a good scream but then you were ok. You have grown a lot my darling. You are now 4.4kg and 59cm long. You have grown 8cm in length since you were born - that's 1cm each week! You are in the 25th percentile for your weight and head circumference (skinny thing with a dainty little head) but you are in the 95th percentile for your height! You are a very tall little thing, but that doesn't really surprise me at all. You have long arms and legs just like me.

You are starting to fit a little better into some 000s which is what you have the most of. I have looked forward to dressing you in all the gorgeous outfits you got when you were born, and some of them are starting to fit now - yay, I can have some fun now. Love dressing you up all girly, and you usually wear a little headband when we go out too - you look so pretty in it.

You met more new people this month. In particular your great grandparents, my Gran and Pop. While Pop doesn't know who you are (he suffers from dementia) he loves holding you all the same.
You at 3 weeks:
You at 4 weeks:
And with your Mumma same day:You at 5 weeks:You at 2 months:You today, at 9 weeks: too cute, I could eat you up!! I love you so much baby girl xxx Well my darling, that's all for now. You are our little angel princess and you have completed our family. We love you lots and so does your Heavenly Father. xxx


kathie said...

Ah Nat, she really is the most adorable little princess. Two months already! Wow, where has *that* time gone?

Karen L said...

Ah Nat how gorgeous is Lani - these last couple of photos are just beautiful - can't wait to meet her IRL and have a cuddle. She has the most beautiful eyes and that smile just melts your heart.

Allison said...

Nat she is just proud. Loved reading yourletter to her....very special

Jasmine said...

Wow - 2 months already, boy that's gone fast!!!

Nat she's so adorable and what a blessed little girl to have two doting big brothers (even if they are a little rough sometimes ;) )and loving parents all to watch over her :)

Lus :) said...

love how you write and record so much of your kids lives...inspires me so much to do the same for my fam hun!
how sweet are those photos!!!!! omgosh :) love that last one especially!
lus x

Anonymous said...

Could she get any cuter?? No wonder you want to eat her all up. Wow 2 months already. Loving all the pinkness about her & the cutest glimpses into her life.
Thanks for sharing.

Tara said...

She so sweet! I haven't been doing monthly updates for my two for ages... in fact I don't think I've ever done one for Cayley. Bad Mummy! :)