Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Busy Beaver....

Whoah!! My life is a crazy blur of creativity and projects at the moment. And they aren't really even Christmas related!! I've been sewing up a storm lately, loving making the MCNs but really I need more time!!

On Sunday we went to the baptism of my friend Bec's gorgeous twins, Evie May and Jett Christian. Bec is also another MCN lover so I thought I would try my hand at applique to make the twins a special nappy cover each. They took a while (especially as I'm such a newbie to it all) but it was fun and I was pretty pleased with how they turned out - and Bec LOVED them.

Now, I'll just have to have a go at making some for my little Miss. Thinking hearts... and flowers... and a Christmas tree .. hmmm or an angel... for Christmas!! Yay!!

Here's what the twins covers look like (and I couldn't resist Lani modelling them coz the cute effect is definitely better with a bum to fill them out):

I've also been busy organising Jaidyn's 7th birthday party which we will have on the 17th. We're having a Pirate Party - Aaarrrgh!! Lots of fun, I can't wait!! Yes, lots of work too (and I'll probably kick myself later) but I couldn't resist! Jai love pirates and I know they'll just have the best time!! Here's the ultra authentic invitations I made the other night (and my thumb is finally feeling better after being a tad sore from lighting a lighter for 30 mins straight!):

The invitation reads:

Ahoy Matey!
Stop yer pillaging: lend me yer ear,
I have a message fer ye to hear!
The Treasure's been stolen,
it must be found,
So tighten ye sashes
Buccaneer Bay bound!
Shiver me timbers,
thar's a pirate on board,
Drinkin shark's blood
and flailin his sword!
I'm Captain Jaidyn,
and will lead the way,
On Saturday, November 17th,
I turn 7 that day!
Chart ye course fer
We be settin sail at 2pm
fer some swashbucklin fun, grub and kiddie spirits.
Wave yer flag if ye be attending
or hav yer Mum send message by yer phone
to deck hand Natalie at (ph number).
Sees ye there.

P.S. All pirates need come with yer swashbucklin pirate names

and dressed in yer best attire, or yel walk the plank!

Cute huh! (no, I didn't make it up - the Internet is a wealth of information!)

I've got some fun pirate games planned, have roped my Mum into doing a pirate ship cake (yes!) and lots of loot to find in a treasure hunt of course!! Just to source some more pirate stuff, and costumes for Greg and myself!!

And... darn it, I was going to write lots more, but both of the baby's have just woken - they were supposed to BOTH sleep longer, ggrrrr.... so I gotta get back to that whole Mum thing... oh a little more time in the day would be a good thing!!

Lotsa love to you all, and thanks for stopping by :)


allison said...

The invitations rock...love them..the pirate party sounds like fun

Tara said...

Oh Nat, those nappies are so gorgeous!!!!!

And love the invitation :)

Beverley said...

Those nappy covers are so cute! Actually it may just be the cute bum modeling them... no the covers are cute too! We did the pirate party thing for Alexander last year - I remember the sore finger issues with the lighter too. I made a treasure chest cake - lots of lollies tumbling out. Such a fun theme for a party - hope you find time to enjoy it!

Miss cath said...

Those invites are so cute and I love those nappy covers too

Nic Wood said...

Well who's geting very talented with that sewing machine!!! They look awesome Nat. Im a bit of a disposables girl myself, but seeing your gorgeous creations almost makes me want to give them a go. LOVE the nappy covers, very, very cute, I can see why your friend loves them. Happy Birthday to Jai too - hope the party goes well.

Cass said...

Love those nappies Nat! You are one talented mummy!

Megan said...

Such cute invitations. Can't wait to see photos from the party. Sounds like heaps of fun

jilly said...

Nat, you make ME tired!!!! You are such a clever girl!!! These creations are such a knockout! Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers - right back at you girl!

Jasmine said...

Wow - Nat. The nappies look great!!! For someone who didn't know much about sewing not so long ago - you are going great guns :)

Love Jai's party invitations too - might have to keep that idea filed away for future reference. We have a little pirate here too. AAARRGHHHH!!! LOL.

Nice chatting with you this afternoon on msn.

Jas xx

Neek said...

Oh Nat - you make me wish I had a bub in nappies still! They are SO cute!! :)

Neek (off SoF)