Monday, November 12, 2007

A full-on weekend!

Hey hey, I'm trying to keep on top of updating here or else none of this will ever make it on here. I have so much to do, so many things to go to in November that I'll have too much to update if I don't do it now!!

This last week and weekend have been FULL-ON!! Had quite a social weekend really. My sister came over to babysit Friday night for me so I could go to an Engagement party, but I ended up being so tired that I didn't want to drive into the city on my own (Greg works weeknights), so I didn't go. Sorry again Hails!! Was nice to have a bit of a chat with my sis though, as we usually only see each other at family lunches these days.

Friday saw me tired as I spent most of the day making cupcakes! lol... I made 2 double-batches, which gave me about 65 cupcakes in total!! Thanks to a yummy recipe and thread from the Nappycino forums I just had to try! So Friday night after my sister left, I iced about 30 cupcakes... now I've never done piped icing before and it took me a bit to get the hang of it, but by my second lot of icing on Sunday morning, I think I had it pretty good. I took 24 along to the SOF Charity Crop on Saturday, about 20 along to my sisters baby shower on Sunday, and well the other, however-many got polished off pretty easily around here. I iced half in pink with little lolly butterflies sprinkled over the top, and the other half blue with stars sprinkled over - as my sister doesn't know the sex of her baby, I though I'd better do both colours! I was pretty happy with how they turned out actually - and they taste DIVINE!! Good recipe!

And Eli thought so too! Yummy!!

Saturday I went along to the Scrap of Faith Charity Crop at Caboolture. What a fantastic day and just what I needed!! I get a little stressed with two bubbas at home sometimes, so a day out with friends was just what the doctor ordered as the saying goes. Was great to catch up with my girls again - Sal, Amy, Chrissy, Rozzie (been too long) Karen, Sarah and Kat... and great to meet some more IRL finally - Gennie, Donna, Ange & Katie... and even make some new friends - Leanne, Sarah and Naomi. I did absolutely NOTHING scrap-wise, which I know is terribly pathetic for 12 hours!! But I'm sure I made up for it in chatting! Lol, and I had to mother Lani too... but its ok. Sure, I would have *liked* to have done something - even if just to prove to myself that I can actually crop at a crop - but oh well, I can scrap at home, its catching up with these beautiful girls that is the important part!

One of the best things about the day was that we raised over $800 for the organisation Mercy Ministries, who have a residential program for girls in crisis. I was so blessed to hear about this ministry and I really pray that I can sow into this ministry in the coming months (Sal and I hope to be able to do some scrapbooking with the girls one weekend - or more regularly even).

Here's some piccies - unfortunately, I didn't really get a lot.... but the wonderful Karen is going to put everyone's pics together on a CD and post them all out to us, yay!

All the SOF girls - (back L-R) Ange & Lucas, Katie, me (Lani was asleep!), Katrina, Karen, Rozzie, Sal... (front L-R) Amy, Chrissy, Gennie, Donna (and Benjamin).

The beautiful Gennie and I.. LOVED meeting you girl!

Rozzie 'busy' scrapping...
On Sunday, I skipped church to ice another batch (which I froze to keep fresh) of yummy cupcakes to take to my sister Alissa's baby shower - half pink and half blue. We then headed over to my parent's house for a lovely 'Baby Shower BBQ' with Liss & Drew's friends... played fun baby games, opened lots of baby gifts and ate lots of yummy food. I made her a gift-set of 2 fitted cloth nappies and a fleece cover - and I hope to make her a lot more in the coming weeks/months. It was soooo cute making the teeny weeny newborn nappies, makes Lani's nappies look huge!! These ones were 'gender-neutral' - but I'll be sure to make some more pink or blue after she has bubby!And here's just some other pics to share:
Me and my beautiful Mumsy -

Lani in her beautiful party dress that Donna gave us on Saturday... she looked soooo cute in this thanks Donna - and everyone else thought so too...

Me and my gorgeous girl!!

And this one cracked me up!! I came out to the lounge and here she was with her headband over here eyes... but coz its lace, she can see through it, so she was still happy playing! I think I almost wet my pants laughing so much! How funny and how cuuuuuuute is she!!!!

Well, somehow it got to be 11pm already!! I better get to bed! Night :)


Karen L said...

It was just the best weekend Nat and I am so glad that I got to catch up with you and the SofF girls. Even more excited that we were able to raise so much money for Mercy Ministries.Love all your photos. Miss Lani looks gorgeous in her new outfit, and her hairband over her eyes cracked me up also. Don't forget to email me your piccies.

Andrea said...

Ooo... cupcakes, I need the recipe! Can you email it to me pleeeaaasssseeee? Ta :-)

Neek said...

mmmm those look great! Hope your going to share the recipe???

Oh I do wish I could have made the journey to the crop day - but just a bit too far from western NSW... Looks like a great day..

Neek (off SoF)

Roz said...

Hey Nattie! It was SOOO good seeing you again, and yes, it's been too long!!

Your cupcakes were awesome, well done! :)

Love you xx

Anthea said...

those cup cakes look yummy, yes if you have time I would laso love the recipe!! it looks like you had a great time with the girls!! I love that photo of Lani! gorgeous!!!

Nat-Mardon said...

Haha sorry Anth, I read the comment up there from my SIL anDrea as your name, whoops!! bet you were thinking, what cupcakes!!?? haha

Lusi goosey :) said...

hi gorgeous - so wish i could have been at the charity crop meeting all those beautiful girls!
how cure are your cupcakes and your photos too of miss lani!
love to you precious :)
lus x

Megan said...

I too need that recipe!! LOL They look so yummy.

And Little Miss Lani looks so cute with her headband over her eyes. What a classic! She is doing well propping herself up with her arms.

Chrissy said...

Hey there sweetie! Yep it truly was uplifting to have us together doing s'thing fun AND so worthwhile all at once. Loved your pretty cupcakes darl, soooo yummy!

You know I didn't get one pic of us together or of me with Lani (I don't think??) how slack of me!! LOL It's not like I was scrapping up a storm or anything! *grin*

Hugs to you!
Chrissy x

Lil said...

Those cupcakes look delicious! Well done on them :) Love all your photos :)
Luv Lil xox

Katie said...

Hey Nat! Was great meeting you at the charity crop last Saturday! ROFL at that last photo of Lani with the headband over her eyes! So cute!

Katie :)

DenimAngel said...

ROFLOL at the lace bandit. I would have taken a photo too. You are so very clever with your cupcakes and the awesome nappies. Makes me want to go and buy a sewing machine so I can sew again.
I have another niece incoming in March.

allison said...

Am glad the crop went well!!! Love the look of the cupcakes they look fantastic!!! how cute was Lani in that dress...she is growing so much!!
Hope the pirate party went well today and that you aren't too tired ;)

Chrissy said...

Hopped on here hoping to see Pirate Ship cake!! LOL Bet you're tired honey, what a wonderful mumma you are!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Natti,

It's been a while. Lani is so gorgeous! Sounds like you're keeping very busy!

I'm beginning my weight loss journey again. Come by and visit!


ajrunge said...

oh nattie,
She is just Sooooo precious! What beautiful photos of her! I love your new avatar!
And the cupcakes....yummy! Can't wait to try the recipe!
Looks like the crop was great fun! Hope we can have another one when I am in town!