Friday, December 21, 2007

Makes a girl feel good...

... a new hair cut that is... and mine has been WAY overdue... so finally got the chop the other day, and I like it short!!! Haven't been bothered to straighten my fringe yet (hope I can find time to regularly though!), so for now a clip has to do!

Anyway, here's me now :)
Hope you're all nearly organised for Christmas.. I so AM NOT!! Eeek... still have a few pressies to get, probably have to go tomorrow or might drag Greg out on Sunday too.....
Well have a great weekend all!!


Megan said...

Oh look at you, you gorgeous thing!

Nat your hair looks beautiful...and please tell me how you manage to look so fresh with three children all so young?!

You look fab darling, just fab!!

Megan xx

Katie Toland said...

Love the hair Nattie. You do look fab. xx

Natti said...

Thanks girls... not so sure about 'fresh' Megan... I *did* put some makeup on for these pics, hehe!!

Leanne said...

wo woo (whistle) Your new "do" looks fabulous Nat. Can't wait to catch up on the 12th....
Leanne xx

Roz said...

oh Nattie you are always so gorgeous! :) And I always have liked your hair short ;) You beautiful girl!
Love ya xx

Anonymous said...


It's been ages since I read your blog and now I have sooooo much news to catch up on.

Your short hair really suits you and I must agree with Megan you really do look fresh and healthy. I only have one child and I always look tired - so not

I love the pirate costumes that you wore for Jaidyn's 7th birthday party. Your so clever to think of doing all that and going to so much effort, very well done. I'm sure everyone has lots of fun that day.

Your 3 children are all looking more and more adorable in every photo I see of them. Thanks for sharing.

I love your Christmas tree. It's so pretty. We just got a new baby kitten here and she has discovered that pulling decorations off our tree is a fantastic game to

Wishing you all a very Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year. I hope2008 is filled with happiness, fun, success and good health for you all. Take care and enjoy the school holidays.

Love from Susan (smiles1965) at

Anthea said...

wow, dont you look hot! LOL love the cut, looks great!!

I hope you have a wonderful christmas, and YEP Zach sure has grown!

Anonymous said...

2 words for you.

yummy mummy.

love ya!

lus x

Karen L said...

Love your new hair cut too Nat. Wishing you and Greg and the children a very Happy Christmas as you celebrate the birth of the Saviour. Looking forward to catching up with you soon.