Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm an Aunty!!!

Woohoo!! My sister Alissa gave birth to a baby girl at 12.15pm today :) They have called her Emmerson Paige, but not sure if that's the right way to spell it yet... she is something over 8lb apparently, don't have all the details yet...

BUT I'M SO EXCITED!!! This is my first time as a Aunty :) Nice to be able to spoil someone else's baby and give it back!!

I have to wait till tomorrow to visit though, coz I'll wait till Greg is home so I don't have to take the 3 kids up myself.... gives me time to find a pressie and make a card!!

:) :) :)

P.S. Today is my baby girl's 6 month birthday, so little Emmi is exactly 6 months younger!! And she is a due-date baby too, not very usual :)


Anthea said...

congratulations to you and your family Natti!! such wonderful news

Karen L said...

Congratulations too Nat - How nice also that you both had little girls. Yahoo Aunty Nat - so excited for you.

Nic Wood said...

Congratulations to you on becoming an auntie Nat - its so exciting isnt it!!!!! Congrats to your sister too! LOL

Cant wait to see some piccies of the new arrival with her doting auntie.

Nic xxx

DenimAngel said...

Congratulations on becoming an Aunty Nat. It's only two years since I became an Aunt on my side and now I'm getting another little niece in March.

Chrissy said...

Hey there Aunty Nat!!! *grin* Big congrats honey, what a cute nameas well - *love* it shortened to Emmi too. ;)So sweet!Piccies PLEASE!!! LOL