Wednesday, December 26, 2007

When did we move into a TOY STORE????

Must have been yesterday coz that's what my loungeroom resembles right now! The children got absolutely SPOILT ROTTEN this Christmas.... now today we have the dreaded task of finding homes for all the new things!! Eek..... I think thre will be a lot of purging of old toys today!!

Hoping you all had a lovely day yesterday. Ours was long but nice... but I think we're going to stay home for our own Mardon Christmas next year!
The day started about 6am, and surprisingly we managed to get Daddy out of bed at 6.30am! Think that must be a record.... but it WAS Christmas so no sleeping in!! Lani managed to stay awake for all the present opening, unlike Eli last year (who was back in bed by the time Daddy got out of bed!)... the kids opened gifts, then seemed to only want to play with each other's toys, strange... lol... they got spoilt rotten, the best bit was when Jai thought he'd opened everything and there was a note in the tree to go and look outside... he screamed when he looked out the back window and saw the new trampoline!! Unfortunately it was rainy so they couldn't go on it straight away... So we opened our presents, played for a bit, then went to church (we were a bit late - the story of our life recently, we're never on time anymore) ... after church it was a mad rush home to pack the esky, presents, let the boys have a quick jump on the new tramp, feed the baby, and jump back in the car for the long two-hour trip to Toowoomba for christmas lunch with my family.

It was a yummy lunch and fairly relaxing... present-opening time was crazy, presents going everywhere, and all too fast, so I really don't know who gave the kids what! And they got spoilt rotten again... thankfully we borrowed a wagon from our pastors (our car needs a wheel balance among other things!) coz we needed the extra boot space... it was full on the way home, oh I should have got a photo of that.....

The trip home was a LONG one... Miss Lani does not like car trips and what should have taken 2 hours, ended up taking a lot longer.... we had to stop a few times coz she was just screaming and screaming and then she was overtired so was just screaming some more... we decided to stop in at Mum and Dad's on the way past to try and settle her to sleep.. well we were there for an hour, she didn't go to sleep, but then did in the car, PTL! So we finally got home at about 8.30pm, put the kids to bed, unloaded the car.... and my BIL gave us a bottle of Kahlua and of Baileys (which I've not had much of before), so we REALLY enjoyed a yummy drink to wind down.... and some left-over banoffee pie too, yum!!

So now is the long task of finding where to put all these toys!!! BIL is *hopefully* (fingers crossed) moving out in a week or so, so if and when that happens, we'll be able to set up the rumpus room again as a playroom, and I can't wait!! We'll have somewhere to put the toys for one!!

As usual, I didn't get a lot of photos.... I never seem to get around to it, and would rather be joining in than running around behind the camera all day... and the lighting is never any good around our christmas tree... but here's a few from the day.... (oh a couple from today too)
Greg got this electric shock game from his sister..... here's all the big strong 'men' (boys) trying to out-play eachother and see who's a sissy and who's a 'man', lol..... I won't play... lol.... don't see the need to intentionally give myself an electric shock, coz no doubt I'd lose....

Jaidyn and Elijah were given matching shirts from their Nan (MIL) and of course I had to put them on them for christmas day.... really wanted to get a full-length pic of them, but Eli won't stay still for more than a second so this was the best I could do - Dad had to be in it... still a nice photo of my boys though :)

Li-Li and Daddy playing on the new tramp today:

And I attempted to take some pics of the kids together.... never seems to work does it... got a couple of half-decent ones though, so that will have to do!

And beautiful Miss Lani on her first christmas (she's in her christmas dress too, but the headband was lost in the pile of gifts and wrapping and boxes in our loungeroom!)

Ooh, wanted to say I got really spoilt... Greg bought me a gorgeous bracelet, and my parents had a freshwater pearl necklace made for me over in Singapore on their holiday earlier this month. Also got the Crabapple Bakery Cupcake cookbook and a cupcake tree, so can't wait to do some baking!! Will make a beautful cupcake tree for Greg's birthday next week.

Hope you all had a beautiful day with your families and stopped to remember the birth of Jesus.

OK, now onto the new year...


Leanne said...

So glad to hear that you had a lovely day. Our day was very different for us too as we were all alone. How cute is little miss Lani, cannot wait to see her again, you are bringing her to the crop aren't you? Anyway gotta go and finish editing Chrissy photos. Looking forward to catching up soon
Luv Leanne

Karen L said...

Sounds like Christmas Day was pretty full on for you guys. Glad you all had a good time, and the photos of your kids look great Nat - the boys look great in their matching shirts and Miss Lani looks as cute as ever.

Anthea said...

WOW Natti, looks like you guys had a great christmas and that the kids got spoilt rotten, what gorgeous photos of the kiddies, and the one of the 3 of them is very special. I got a lot of photos of Zach eating the paper!! LOL
Have fun with your cup cake making, you have me hooked on the cup cake making bug too!! Oh and be sure to share some photos of your finished tree wont you

Diana said...

Glad you had a safe trip to Toowoomba and you had a great day. I love the photos of the 3 kids together.


Anonymous said...

WOW! When did Lani get so big! She is just adorable.....kisses to you, and happy hoidays