Sunday, May 18, 2008


Well, its 1.50am and Eli is lying on the loungeroom floor watching a movie...

Yes, at 1.50AM!!

He just seems not to be able to fall back asleep (since stirring at around 11pm) and I'm sick of getting into and out of bed again... so I thought, a good time for me to upload some recent pics of the kids.

The babies have been sleeping ATROCIOUSLY since we got back from our holidays, which is now 2 weeks ago!! I don't really think its transition anymore, so they're probably both just going through different phases right now that are not helping with sleep... Eli's had a bit of echzema and now a cough, and Lani seems to be back into terrible night-feeding habits again after just doing whatever worked while we were away.

Whatever it is though, I tell you what - I'M OVER IT!!
I think I'm averaging about 4-5 hours sleep a night, if I'm lucky.
With myself *needing* to be up fairly late working on nappy orders - because I just can't find uninterrupted time during the day - I don't really have another option!!
But its totally burning me out! I NEED sleep!
(oh, and now he's also eating a muesli bar at 2am... *sigh*)

So, despite serious sleep deprivation, here's some random shots that still make me smile...

Lani sitting up at the big table with Li to have lunch together - so cute!

The aftermath of chocolate biscuit... that last one is her 'let me out of this chair!' face...

Playing outside. Lani loves to push this car around the backyard - so cute!
And don't you just LOVE the tongue hanging out while she's crawling to me!? That's a Glover trait that one... every one of us (bar Greg) do it - I get it from my Dad... love it.

Well, I think I will try for bed again now...
Night (hopefully!)


Jo Hutchison said...


The bad sleeping habits will get better I promise you. It could be that it's change of season too. Shane isn't sleeping as well as i'd like him to either. If it's any consolation,I was up at 1am with him this morning too.

Hope you get some sleep soon.


Karen L said...

Ah Nat - thinking of you and praying for you mate - no sleep is not good. Praying that you little munchkins will settle into better sleeping habits again real soon. Love the photos too - especially the first one of Eli and Lani eating. They looks so cute. Where has this last year gone.

Chrissy said...

Natti bring those kiddies over to the computer....

Mardon children give your mumma a break, it's time for BED my little ones!!

Hope they heard that, I said it in my best teacher/mummy voice! *wink*

You poor darlin, praying they give you some mroe sleep tonight honey.

Chrissy x

jacqui jones said...

the tounge thing runs in our family too
hope u get some sleep soon