Thursday, May 22, 2008

2 years ago today...

after a somewhat long and frustrating birthing experience, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, my second, whom we named Elijah Christopher Mardon.
Since then we've had a rollercoaster of a time with him... lots and lots of fun and great times, and a few more difficult times too.
Today our little man celebrated his 2nd birthday!! I know we all say it a lot, but the time seems to have gone so fast... it really doesn't feel like it was all 2 years ago!
Greg stayed up late last night putting together his fantastic present - a train set and table. I was up early this morning, waiting for him to wake, ready with the camera to try and capture his reaction.... but I waited and waited and waited... everyone slept in today!! Finally out he came at 7.15am, teddy in hand, to see what this cool thing in the middle of the loungeroom was. He was still asleep mostly, so his reaction wasn't much. but he absolutely LOVES his train set!! He didn't even have a sleep today - something I don't think has ever happened before - as he was so excited and occupied playing with the trains. The set has one electronic engine, and when you go over different parts of the track, different noises sound - very fun!! And its got great drawers in the table to keep it all in! Greg picked it up on special at work - the joys of being a Toy Store manager!
He also had a couple of presents to open from Nan, Gran and Aunty Andi - lots of Wiggles and Cars things - his favourites!!
Anyway, here's a little collage of this morning:

Greg ended up staying home from work today coz he wasn't really feeling to well, which meant a better b'day for Li :) We went along to a little playgroup at Sarah's for a couple of hours, and of course I took a little cake for Eli to blow out the candles (the best thing ever huh!)...

Then he came home and instead of sleeping, he just played and played with his train set.

He requested pizza for dinner (idea placed in his head by Dad!) so we ordered some in (and I ate a WW meal). Then of course the birthday cake. I didn't bake one for tonight - not enough time!! But it was a cake and it had candles on it and that's all that matters to the birthday boy!! He just LOVES blowing out the candles!! And of course eating it too!! Yumm......

We are having a small party/casual BBQ for him on Saturday, but unfortunately a couple of our friends can't make it, but I'm sure it will still be enjoyable with a few extra kids to play with. I'm going to make cupcakes (of course!) so I'll be baking tomorrow and icing and decorating tomorrow night - fun!

Will be back with photos from his party soon



Anthea said...

Oh Natti, so sorry to hear you guys have had sleep troubles, I hope that the whole night was the first of many to come. Happy Birthday to your big boy too!!, my middle one loves his train set also! (and Zach thinks it tastes great! LOL)

and your right, I too cant beliebe our babes will be 1 in less then 2 months, where did that time go?

kathie said...

Happy birthday Eli! Wow. What a fantastic present. Jamie would be most impressed.

Karen L said...

Happy Birthday to Eli - Nat it is so hard to beleive that it is two years since he was born - where does time go. What a cool present too - I am sure that he will have many happy hours of play with it (probably his Daddy too). happy cupcake making - can't wait to see piccies of them.

Megan said...

Looks like Eli had a great birthday. Have fun tomorrow.

Chrissy said...

Happy birthday huggles Eli baby!! What a blessing you are to your folks for sure.

Can't wait to see your cuppies for his party Natti! :)