Sunday, May 25, 2008

Eli's 2nd birthday party

I think the pictures say it all...

But for my own reference as well as if you want the finer details:

* We had 4 families (us, Nana & Pop, the Krisanskis and the Camplings) & Uncle Jeremy.

* We ate yummy steak, chicken kebabs, sausages and salads.

* We had ladybird cupcakes, made by Mummy and Daddy.

* We played Pass the Parcel, and Julie won - some clown dress-ups :)
* Eli got lots of lovely pressies - a Wiggles guitar, light-up Wiggles shoes, a Wiggles jumper and 2 DVDs, a talking Scoop (Bob the Builder), a Cars colouring-in pack, a Cars outfit and a VegieTales DVD. (can you tell he likes the Wiggles!?)

* Eli and Jacob ate far too many lollies.

* The boys had fun on the trampoline.

* Everyone had fun playing with Eli's Wiggles guitars (he got another one on his b'day - both different).

* Jacob enjoyed quiet reading time. Eli did not...

* Lani enjoyed smooshing her cupcake between her hands.

* Eli woke up at 4.30am and didn't sleep till 4pm.... then slept through till 2.30am and got up then (its now 5am and we're still awake - Mummy is going to be a zombie today).

* All in all, a great time had by all.


Chrissy said...

Look at your big boy Natti and LOOK at those *gorgeous* b'day cuppies!! Clever clever clever mumma! :)

Carolina said...

LOVE the cupcakes Nat, wouldnt expect anything less of course! Looks like a great day was had by all :)

Karen L said...

Nat it looks like Eli is having a wonderful time - thanks for sharing all these lovely photos. You cupcakes look sensational - I really think you are the cupcake queen.