Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bye bye salicylates

Greg and I have been looking into the salicylate intolerance a little more over the last day or so. It seems a lot of the symptoms that both he and Eli show - fatique, echzema, headaches and often sleeplessness in babies (getting up at 4.30am!) - can be attributed to an intolerance of an overdose of salicylates in the diet. As its an intolerance, it doesn't mean we have to eliminate them all together, which I'm really releived about, so we're going to focus on one 'list' at a time and note differences etc. This week, we say goodbye to all the foods on the very high list - mainly a lot of fruits, but also juice, cordial and a couple of vegies that are usually in our diet. So we'll just have to get a bit more creative with some meals and snacks I buy.

No more:
Vegetables - capsicum & tomatoes (both of which I actually use a lot of in my cooking)
Fruit - grapes, sultanas (and other dried fruits), oranges, pineapple, rockmelon & strawberries
Other - mueesli bars, savoury chips/snacks, cordial, fruit juice (other than pear), honey, jams & commercial sauces/gravy.
And there's a lot of spices/herbs I've just realised are on it, so dinners are going to be hard!!

Will still appreciate any recipes or tips from anyone (Lus, Lu?) also on low-salicylate diets.

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday xx

P.S. Jumping on Lusi's bandwagon with the thankfulness
5 things I'm thankful for today:
1. the Internet and the wealth of information I can find on it
2. That in my weakness GOD is my strength - I can do this.
3. A lovely winter day
4. A fantastic, and healthy lunch date with friends :)
5. Coffee. :):)


Anonymous said...

hello Nat, Im a lurker who really enjoys your blog... so thanks!
And I wanted to say that we did the Failsafe diet from Sue Dengate's book "Fed up". Intollerances run in familys esp from Dads to sons (does your oldest suffer?) Anyway we found her books a wealth of info.
Good Luck with it

Melanie said...

That is a lot of foods to remove. I don't have any cooking tips but I hope this will help Eli and Greg.