Friday, June 20, 2008


Greg never seems to be 100%. He's always tired, always has migraines and has a constant dermatitis/eczema on his hands. As a child he had an intolerance to salicylates, but apparently he grew out of it. I'm not entirely convinced of this, as I'm just concerned that the fact that none of these symptoms ever seem to clear/go away. Increasingly I've been thinking it might be the salicylates again.

I haven't done a lot of research into it, but from what I have done, well to be honest, it just stresses the hell out of me. At the moment, I'm doing Weight Watchers, and having to cook low-fat foods, and the thought of having to take out pretty much all the things we eat a lot of (a huge overhaul!!), well its almost too much for my poor stressed-out little brain to handle.

BUT, I don't want my husband always in pain,tired etc etc. Something needs to be done.

I think I really need to try the FAILSAFE diet, but by golly, its going to take a lot of prayers for me to be in a place where I feel I can.

I trust that God has led me to this for a reason, but I just don't think I have the strength to do it. My life is so full and so crazy and I'm stressed-out/emotional/over it so many times during the week already, can I really do this too!!???

So I'm asking for your prayers, and for those of you doing the FAILSAFE with your families, please email me and tell me about your situation, how you've managed it, and I would love some recipes and food ideas too... I really don't know where to start!!


lusi said...

hi honey :)
i'll call you soon about...i would say only do it if you and greg are both ready for it. it makes it so much easier.
here are some helful websites with info which you might have already checked out but i've found them helpful so....

some failsafe recipes:

and check out the link a couple of posts back on my blog that links to friendly foods and has recipes there too :)

hth :)
love ya!
lus x

Sal :-) said...

Oh Nattie I so hear you!!

I often think this is what I have to do, but I fail in my mind before we even start :-(

Holly, Mitch & I have eczema and I can cope, but I really feel for the kids. It's so bad right now. We've had a major flare up after having strawberry yougurt. hmmmm

Gail said...

Hi Nat, I feel like I know you via Lusi's site and SOF. Anyway, I just want to encourage you to have a go at the failsafe. I haven't done it fully but have in part. By changing the bathroom products to the 'Natural Instinct' range, my girl's dry itchy hands went. By cutting right down on the 'top 50 add/preserves, my son's astham improved. We had slackened off, but now are back to limiting the add/pres, and I hope in time to cut back on the sals too. I used to do ww and got to goal, but would no way go back to the artificial stuff they promote. We also have three vegos in the house, so meal times have always been complicated for Shopping is a whole education when it comes to vego/low fat/ no add/pres and low sals, oh and then there's cost to consider. But what's the real cost of your family's health? Anyway I wish you all the best with it, and if too much to do at once, like ww, start with one step at a time. Love Gail