Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Family Shoot, and other stuff...

* Warning - long post with lots of pics, you might want to grab a cuppa :):)
Finally, I'm getting around to uploading the gorgeous family photos that we had taken by Katie Toland when we were in Melbourne on our holiday recently. I love love love these pics, thanks so much Katie!! I bought a big multi-frame for the loungeroom (well actually we had to buy two as Eli broke the glass in the first one, ggrrr... so much for it being cheap, it ended up costing $60 anyway!) to display them all, so now I just have to pick which ones to put where, and get them printed.
Here are some of my faves, be prepared, there's about 20 of them!
First, we took some in the studio...

Then we headed down to the beach...
Hasn't she done a beautiful job!! Can't wait to get these up around the house!!
In other news, I went and visited the new childcare centre where I'll be working on Monday. It's still being painted and out-fitted and such, but it looks great so far, its nice and big and spacious, and I can't wait to start and be a part of this great community centre and family ministry. We now have a start/opening date of 7th July - less than 3 weeks away now! So excited about it.

I can't believe my baby girl is going to be ONE next week!! Where did that time go?? I'm getting into 'party plan' mode now, there's lots to organise when you do a themed party, and well I have high expectations of myself too. In case I didn't mention it before, we're having a Teddy Bear's Picnic. So gotta start collecting ingredients for all the cute teddy-bear food I'm going to make, plus get some other things for some activities for the kids, loot bags, and decorations. Fun fun!!
Been busy as usual making nappies. Here's some I've been working on lately, you can see a few more pics of them if you want on the Patooties blog.
Looking forward to some seriously-needed Mummy time on Saturday!! Heading across town to scrap with a bunch of girls from Scrap of Faith. Greg's taking the day off work to look after the kids - woohoo!! I won't be staying all day though, as Greg's best mate and his little boy are having their b'day party in the afternoon, so we'll go there together.. a Wiggles party - so gotta get together some Wiggles-coloured shirts or costumes or something...

And finally, here's a couple of random pics from the last week or so...
Playing with playdough:
Then he fell asleep in his morning tea, so cute!!
Went for a nice family trip to a local park the other day.... was so good!! We took the boys' bikes too, and went for a long ride/walk.
Well, that's it for now, hope you made it to the end.... this post has taken me much of the morning (lots of photos take a while to upload!) so I better go and do something domestic.
God Bless xx


Neek said...

What BRILLIANT photos Nat! :) And boy you have been busy! THose nappies make me {nearly} want to have a 4th child to have them!! LOL

Gayle Smith said...

Those nappies are so awesome Nat! Love the patterns you have found too.

Katies photos are great! Wasn't Eli cooperating that day? Love them...would love to do that one day too.

Also looking forward to seeing what you come up with for Lani's party...I just know it will be pressure

Cass said...

Beautiful photos Nat. :)

Anthea said...

oh those photos are precious!!!
and as are the nappies, it is making me wish I was a cloth girl.

I cant believe our babes are going to be one either, I want Zach to stay a babe forever!!

Anonymous said...

Nat, your children are just precious aren't they. Gosh the two younger ones certainly look like their mumma! :0).
The photos are great and so are the nappies!blessings, Lou

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos Nat, both Katie's and yours. You have a beautiful family.

Good luck preparing everything for Lani's birthday party. Teddy Bears is a great theme for a 1 year olds birthday, well thought of. I hope it all goes well.

Your latest nappies look adorable and so well made. Your doing great and I'm very happy your business is a big success.

Bye for now, take care. From Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.

Maz said...

Hi Nat,

Found your blog through Lusi's blog. LOVE those pics, Katie did a fantastic job, and you are all just gorgeous!

Love your nappies too, but I am a fair way off needing them. Will keep you in mind though :)

Maz xx

Karen L said...

Wow Nat what fabulous family photos. Katie has done an excellent job. Your nappies are gorgeous - hope you are still doing them when i become a grandmummy - love your choice of materials - they look awesome. Can't beleive that Lani is almost one and I can't wait to see what you do with her party - it is sure to be sensational.

Shazz said...

gorgeous pics nat of your gorgeous family. you must be so stoked with them. it will certainly be a tough job choosing those you want to display.
loving those funky fabrics you have used on the nappies too - clever you.

lusi said...

oh honey those snaps are AMAZING!!!!! Way to go Katie you legend!!!! And the family she had to work with are pretty cute i reckon!
Love the family shots too and your nappies are gorgeous!
All the best for monday honey will be prayin for you :)
All my love,
lus x

Melanie said...

All of your photos are gorgoeus Nat, love your nappies too. I use MCN for Lillee but only plain ones. Lol