Friday, March 03, 2006

Beautiful rainy weather...

I just LOVE this weather! Perfect inside weather. Good for housework (even if I'm not really doing it, lol) GREAT for scrapping, curling up with a magazine and a coffee, and of course for SLEEPING..... I just love it!

And the heat is gone - yes! Which is MUCH MORE comfortable for this 'fat' lady :)

Last week, we had to put Greg's car in for a new motor. Ouch on the budget! I also misjudged how much money I had in my savings account, so we had to pretty much draw money from every-which-where to pay for it. The good thing about this though, is that I finally pulled my finger out and put my name down for relief work at local childcare centres. I didn't particularly want to work in childcare, but I've made most of my availability between school hours, and its only for the next 2 months, so it shouldn't be too bad. Now hopefully I'll just pick up some work each week to help a little with the finances. I already have two days next week (thursday and friday) so that will be good. I haven't worked for about 1.5 years, apart from my Crafty Kids parties, so I am looking forward to it, and especially because its working with kids again...

Hello Eck!! Its so good to have you back in blogging land again. I shall have to give you a call this week so we can arrange a time to get together and do maybe a spot of baby-shopping, even if its just browsing!!

My mind has been crazy about baby stuff this week. I had my first maternity appointment on Tuesday (and Eck, I didn't get in trouble for leaving it till week 28, hehe, lucky me - have you gone yet??), and they gave me my 'bounty' bag, which was full of samples, a baby diary to mark things in his/her first 5 years (I never got one of those at Ipswich hospital with Jaidyn!), plus a couple of magazines.... I've been pouring over the mags, so baby things are just running around in my mind - cots, prams, how to decorate, and all the little things we will still need to buy... I think its actually affected my sleep too! Been sleeping really crappy for the last week or so - restless, getting up to the loo every few hours... but I guess it will prepare me for the bubby hey?? Gosh, I've still got 3 months to wait, and I'm super excited about it all NOW!!

I've even been doing a little scrapping in this wonderful rainy weather. I've been working on my 'pregnancy album' which is not quite an album really, but will document all the little bits and pieces, and hopefully I'll display it in baby's room once he/she is born.... I even managed to find some papers with pink, blue and green so it will go with either sex... will share it when its all finished - so like next year maybe... lol, no I plan to have it done by baby's birth!

Have a good week all. Today I plan to socialise with the mothers from church then have a lovely sleep after lunch in the nice cool air. Maybe I'll get back to the scrapping I've been doing a bit of this week too.

Nat xx


mishell said...

hey Nat - glad you are well and bub is growing nicely - you sound so happy! :) good for you


Ruth clarke said...

Good to hear all is going well with you and bubs. Hope we get to see you IRL before you have bubs so we can check your prego belly out! LOL! I just seen last night that the new Basic Grey range is now out and they have a lovely Baby Boy and Baby Girl new range out. You should go check it out, that will get the scrappin jucies excited! I know Scrapboxx has them and SAM site too.