Thursday, March 30, 2006

Been a bit AWOL, sorry...

Hello blog,

I've been a bit AWOL, I know. Sorry. Guess I've been a bit of a busy girl. Between working lunch breaks most days and still trying to fit in all the other stuff I have to do, its a little harder when it breaks up my days. Only have a couple of hours in the mornings to do all the important stuff, then its fitting other things in when Jaidyn is home and not demanding too much attention in the afternoons.

Nothing too much to report I guess. Baby is growing well. Due date is getting closer and closer - good golly. Only a bit over 8 weeks now. Yikes! I am feeling really well - I think doing a few hours a day of work is really helping to not be so fat and lazy! Lol...

My beautiful friend Clare had a baby girl last Thursday. They also moved house yesterday - crazy huh! I'm just trying to be there to help out with whatever I can during this stressful time of not only adapting to being a new mum, but packing and unpacking a house too. Her baby girl, Tabitha Abigail is so tiny and so beautiful. She was born 7.5 lbs, only half a lb smaller than Jaidyn, and gosh, its hard to remember he was almost as small as she is! Babies are so beautiful, and such a wonderful miracle from God. Clare and her hubby Tasman are from our old church, but they live only 3 mins around the road, here on the northside... so I have invited Clare to come to our Mothers Group at church when she's ready - will be good for her to be around some other Mums during the week too, as being a SAHM can get a little lonely if you're used to working!

We are having a few friends around on Sunday for an afternoon tea to celebrate our coming bundle of joy. I'm having fun organising some games to play. There are so many that I found on the net - I just hope we get a chance to play all the ones I've picked out :)

We are heading off on our family holiday to Mt Gambier (with a couple of nights in Melbourne too) in only a few weeks.. so we've been busy trying to organise the rest of it, which is quite a lot coz we are a bit slack. We have priced hiring a car from Melb- Mt Gambier and its going to cost the same to fly, so yay, I won't be sitting in a car for 5 hours @ 35 weeks pregnant... only 1.5 hours in a small plane :)... unless Greg's parents decide to come and get us... has been a bit more confusing than I initially thought as I have to organise a medical certificate both times before I fly, as I will be 35 and 36 weeks at those times. I'm going to try and see if my doc will say that I'm not 36 weeks until the week I get home (only 3 days after I am) so I don't have to get one in Mt Gambier too... really, due dates are so vague, so what's a few days? I hope she will, save that hassle. We are really looking forward to it. I'm just having troubles finding any of my warm clothes that fit at the moment, so have to buy some maternity jeans (which I'll wear here anyway) and a couple of longer sleeved tops... hopefully the jackets I already have will do - just not be able to do them up!

I also want to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rozzie for Saturday too... I'm not sure if I'll be online before then, or if I'll have enough of a connection speed (although it seems to be getting a bit faster again)... so have a wonderful day Rozzie!!!

Well, today I have lots of housework to catch-up on, so better get cracking.

Nat xx


Nic Wood said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip Nat. It will be nice for you to get away as a family of thre for the last time before bubs arrives.
(you could always jump in a car in Mt Gambier for another five hours or so and come and visit me LOL)
Nic xxx

Brooke said...

What dates are you here again?! Yay! That snuck up so fast! You are looking totally gorgeous Natti, can't wait to see you!


Roz said...

ooh Nattie, it's getting oh so close!! I hope you're having a ncie afternnon with your friends today :o)

Have an awesome trip away, it sounds great!

Thanks for your b;day wishes too :O)

Love ya

Ruthy said...

Good good good, everything is still fine, great to hear. Have a safe trip, not long now before we'll be seeing photos of bubs. How about an update of the bump? LOL!


Madamx81 said...

glad to hear all is going well, this is such an exciting time for the three and a half of you ;)

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Wishing you safe travels and hope you all have a wonderful family holiday together.

Take care and have a great week ahead :)