Saturday, May 06, 2006

So much for a sleep-in...

Well, I was *meant* to get a nice long sleep-in this morning - Greg off to work early, and Jaidyn at his grandparents for a sleepover. Yes, I was looking forward to it... but alas, a phonecall at 6.45am - from Greg - he'd left his work keys at home and couldn't get into the store. MEN! Much to say I was a bit *peeved* that I had to go and take them to him (a 1-hour round trip).... ggrrrr, such is life huh.

So anyway, I'm home now and I guess I better make a start on what's to be a huge day of housework! Have started washing the baby's clothes now so I can pack my hospital bag - just in case! (BTW, according to Greg's dream I was meant to have the baby last night - didn't happen, bummer...)

So, 37 weeks down, 3 to go. And a frantic 3 at that... trust me to leave it all till the last minute... this week, among still working (and taking on more hours - call me crazy working at 37 weeks pregnant!), I have to:
(and this list is more for my own reference than your interest, sorry)
* Wash all babies things
* Set up babies wardrobe once Greg puts it together
* Transfer all our clothes into our new chest of drawers
* Buy maternity bras, pads and some newborn nappies
* Buy Mothers Day presents
* Get my hair done... and my eyebrows
* Make a doctors appointment
* Find a cot on ebay!
.... among other things no doubt... busy busy busy

Oh, and I'm spending the day with Roz and Erica on Thursday. Really looking forward to see you girls!! (hope its still a go-er!)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
Nat xx


Roz said...

ooh yeah, it's still a goer! And if you want any help with bubby stuff, I'm keen!

and lol @ your eyebrows! ;o)

kathie said...

Oooh not long now. You sound like you're in the throes of some serious nesting Missy! Just remember to only do what you can. You need to be conserving your energy and getting lots of sleep right now - early morning phone calls excepted, lol! A newborn baby can sleep anywhere and your clothes will get into the tallboy when you're ready.

Tam said...

LOL @ your big to-do list! Good luck!!!

Rach Axton said...

I love reading your blog.. you sooooo take me back to when I was pregnant.. Good luck with it all, hope you get through your to-do list and have a MOST wonderful day with Erica and Roz on Thursday!!

Rach xx

Ruth clarke said...

Anytime now how girl!
Hope you get it all done on time,
Getting very exciting! Have fun with Erica and Rozzy, say hi to them for me and take some photos!
Ruthy x