Thursday, May 11, 2006

A day off...

And will I enjoy myself today!

Well, to be truthful, I WAS really looking forward to having Roz and Erica over today, but we had to change plans as Matt might be getting transferred to Tweed Hospital today - fingers crossed for you Eck! Hope it all goes well and he's out of hospital before you know it... but I'll see you on Saturday Rozzie... :)

So, I have a whole day to myself... and I can't wait. What will I do?

For one, I think I'll have an afternoon nap.

I might do a little scrapbooking, as I've got some Thankyou cards to make.

I will watch Dr Phil.

I will do *some* housework... (gotta do some hey)

I might read.

Overall, I'll just enjoy the time to myself. I've been running around like a mad chook all week, and to say the least, I'm exhausted! I've also got a big weekend coming up, so won't get time off to do nothing again til next week, when I'm finally finished working, and can catch up on all things baby in preparation for our little munchkin's arrival.

Gosh, I still have my little 'pregnancy tin' to try and get finished. Shall buy some ink for the printer next week and try to get some done. Don't mind too if baby decides to come early - next week will suit us OK. We are getting soooo desparate to meet our little person :)

Well, hope you all have a good day. I will :)

Nat xx


Shazz said...

good luck with everything nat. make sure you DO take some time out to rest and relax.


Roz said...

yay, can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!