Wednesday, May 17, 2006


My Mum is so special to me. She's such a wonderful woman, and I just wanted to dedicate this post to her.

As some of you may know, Mum went in for an operation on Monday. She's had to have a full hysterectomy, as they found some cancerous cells in her uterus. Unfortunately, this is the easy part, as the next few months will put us through some *follow-up* treatment.

This has really got me thinking how great my Mum is over the last few weeks. With Mothers Day on Sunday just gone, we spent a little extra money and spoilt her with a beautiful gold necklace and heart pendant. I wanted to give her something special that she can wear close to her heart all the time, even when we can't be there. She was really touched by it I think. I hope. I just hope she knows how much we all love her and will be supporting and praying for her over the next few months...

Anyway, just reminiscing on some reasons why my Mum is so great:

* When I found out I was pregnant at 17, she already had figured it out! (only Mum's can do that) She was also the most wonderful, most supportive thing in my life at that time. Dad was a little shocked, but Mum knew exactly how to deal with it. She was there when Jaidyn was born, talking me through it all, and just being a great Mum and support person. And she's always been there for us since. She even had us living with her for almost a year!

* She calls me most weeks to make a date to catch up or just to see how I'm going. My relationship with my Mum has definitely got so much better since I've become an adult.

* She'll do whatever it takes to give her kids what we need in life. She sacrificed her own home (and sanity) to have Jaidyn and I living with her for a year; she has done all she could to help me set up my own life - moving out, wedding plans, baby plans and money; she's had my sister's ex boyfriend living with them for about 6 months; and now she's sacrificed her own security to send my 17-yr old sister overseas for a year exchange. And she's been happy and loving about it all, never thinking how its going to change her life.

* Earlier this year, we found out she has Type 2 Diabetes. A big lifestyle change. A big diet change. I'm so proud of her. She has stuck to her new diet, and even lost about 10kgs to boot! And she's looking great now!

* She's been a real rock of Gibralter for the last few months. Even though she's the one that is sick, she's been nothing but positive and strong for everyone around her. She has been to visit her mother who is lonely, upset and rather negative and worried for Mum. I think this visit has meant a lot to Nana, and hopefully helps to see that Mum is going to be OK. Mum's never thought negatively about this ordeal, and even though I'm sure she's scared, she's thinking about her family and not herself.

She's just the best!! I think I need to do some scrapping for and/or about her just to remind myself how great she is!!

How about you all just give your Mum a call to tell her how much you love her!
I'm going to see my Mummy at the hospital this afternoon and I'm going to do just that!

Nat xx


Roz said...

What a wonderful and special lady :o) With an attitude to life like she has, she's going to come through all of this just fine Nat :o)

Enjoy your visit today, and take along an extra hug from me too :o)

Evana said...

OMG your really are trying to reduce an emotional preggers chick to tears huh! That is the nicest post ever. She sounds like a wonderfull lady and so are you for being such a great daughter!



Tam said...

Your mum is just gorgeous, sweetie, and she's lucky to have a daughter who so obviously loves and appreciates her.

You know I'm praying for her. Hope everything's going really well. xxx

Diana said...

Nat your Mum sounds wonderful and it is great that you have such a great relationship.

I hope your Mum recovers quickly.


kathie said...

Hugs to you both. I hope your Mum's treatment goes well and she makes a swift and full recovery.

Ruth clarke said...

Boy I'm a little behind in the posts. Your looking great Nat. I could be wrong but it looks a like you may be having a girl! Not long to wait to see now. Of course we could tell better IRL! Glad you have such a good and caring relationship with your mum. It's great to have such good support.
Lookin forward to your NEWS soon!
Ruthy x

Nic Wood said...

That was just beautiful to read Nat. You are both so lucky to have each other. Hope all goes well with your mums treatmant. She sounds like a really special lady.
Nic xxx

madasafish said...

My mum has that awful 'c' word that I can't bear to type - she is slipping away from me - she was only diagnosed this May - irinotecan didn't work so she's going to try oxaliplatin alongside the tablets capecitabine - I love her and my step-dad (we drop the word step) so very much - what am I going to do without her? This blogging helps me to unwind and to yell out but I've only just started this and am scared (as I always seem to be these days) that nobody will read my messages as I'm not sure what I'm doing - plse let me know and plse speak to me if anyone is going thru the hell I am right now.