Saturday, September 16, 2006

Another week down...

... and yes I've been a lazy blogger. It comes for me in waves... some weeks I'll blog lots and others I just get caught up in something else or there's not much interesting happening.

This week I've been caught up in the Scrap of Faith forums. What a wonderful bunch of girls, all sharing our faith and the love of Jesus. Almost every post gives me the warm fuzzies. These girls are the best bunch and I love you all to bits!!

I did my first SOF class on Tuesday night. I'm glad it was an online class and the girls had instructions to follow rather than me as that night I was having a shocker with the baby and with time management!! Eli was whingy all through 'rush hour' and we finally got dinner on the table at about 7.20pm - needless to say I was still eating when I was saying hello in class at 7.30! But what an awesome forgiving bunch of girls - they gave me an extra 10 mins to fix myself up and it went off all good. The good thing about online classes hey - I even had baby on boob through some of it, and that still works!! Still haven't seen any of the layouts though girls - hope you get to finish them off this weekend!!

This week also marked a change in things with my little man. We decided finally, after a few weeks of fussing and waking for night feeds again, to complement with a bottle of formula at night for Elijah. It was really special for Greg too coz now he gets to feed the little man and have that special bonding time. Eli took to the bottle really well. At first he made a few funny looks, but then gulped it all down, and he's had almost a full 'small' bottle (150ml) on top of the boob each night. At the moment he's still waking at 4am, but I think it might be a 'body clock' problem, so I'm tring to let him cry himself back to sleep. So far it hasn't worked, but we've been letting him cry for a while - 10-20 mins, then I've bit the bullet and fed him. Had a mini breakthrough last night though and he woke at 5.45am instead for his feed. So maybe we'll just see slow progress towards sleeping through again! Praying for it!! I'd love a full night's sleep again!!

Hmm... what else... oh I did a class at my LSS on Thursday. It was great to scrap with some others and actually get something done coz I didn't have to think about it - classes are good in that way!! We made a cute little handbag-shaped accordion album. Mine is not finished yet, and I haven't decided what photos to use yet, but I'm going to give it to my Mum, so I did it in yummy white, lime green and blue tones as her lounge has a yummy lime green wall, and those colours will go wel with photos of my boys.... it will be a 'grandma's brag book'... I've been meaning to do something for her since she's been in hspital but never quite got around to it or had the perfect idea, so I'm really pleased with this one... I also want to make templates before I fut it all back together so I can reproduce it for myself!!

Had TWO chats with my girl Lusi yesterday/last night. Love you girl and love your chats. Always a humbling, blessed and inspiring experience chatting to you!!

Enjoying a lazy weekend - love em! Greg's got the weekend off and we don't really have a whole lot planned. Bacon and eggs for brekkie, a bit of scrapping, bit of a video maybe, Jaidyn is doing some *arrr* pirate crafts..... lovely day today!!

Have a great weekend!

My 5 things to be thankful for today are:
1. Rainy weekend
2. Hubby's weekend off and family time
3. Internet resources for kids!
4. Webcams so that our family can see our gorgeous little man
5. The SOF community and the love that Christ shows through all of us!


Tam said...

I'm loving SoF too, Nat. Such a positive forum to hang out at!

Well done on your class! Sounds like you had a busy night!

I will be praying for a full night's sleep for you all tonight. I can't wait to get to that stage, so i know how you feel.

Hope the rest of your weekend rocks :o)

Lisa Pate said...

Nat, your class was awesome! The perfect thing for a busy mum, even had my jammies and ugh boots on! Perfect!LOL

Praying for sleep for you and your bubby.


lusi said...

Hi sweetie :) Thanks for your chats the other night - God has taught me so much through our friendship.
So glad the feeding thing is working well hey - top stuff!
Glad you got more sleep too last night.
Have an awesome day at church and with your gorgeous fam!
Lus x

kathie said...

How old is Eli yet? He must be getting about ready for solids? Or have I totally lost track of time and he's already in high school, lol! I found that Jamie started needing a night feed for just a while when he was about to start on "real" food. Together with needing 2 hourly breastfeeds during the day. But it only lasted for a while.
Hoping you start to get a good night's sleep again soon.