Monday, September 25, 2006

About time I know...

Gosh I've been so flat-out the last couple of weeks. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Meetings, meetings, meetings. Pheeewwww... enough to make my head spin! But the last meeting was over today (for a little while anyway) and I have some time to update my blog *properly*.

Firstly, I now have a 4 month old baby! Can you believe it, the time has gone by so darn fast! I can't beleive he's 4 months old already. I took some shots of him the other day and oh.... so so sooooo cute..... I just want to eat him all up!! Check out this cheeky little monkey:

He's now trying to roll over! Cheeky monkey...

Doesn't time just FLY by wit ha little one. You've gotta watch every little moment or you'll miss something!

What else? I have got a new bookmark. Not just *any* bookmark, but my 5kgs achievement bookmark from Weight Watchers, meaning, yes, I've lost my first 5kgs! I'm really excited about that. WW is actually working for me! I can actually do this!

Our church has been participating in a short seminar taught by a man named Stuart Gramenz, on 'How to heal the sick through the power of Jesus Christ'. Awesome awesome powerful powerful stuff! Unfortunately I missed the first two meetings - and am kicking myself for it now, but I went along Sunday night, which was #3 of 4. He is actually equipping US as christians to use the healing power of Christ, not just watching big evangelists like Benny Hinn do it. It is a privilegdge of Christ that all christians have the authority to do - praise God! Week 4 is going to be a night of healing, puuting all we've learnt into practice (good thing I bought the CDs to go back over what I missed). It's going to be awesome, a night of true healing and seeing the signs and wonders of my mighty God! Can't wait! I'm really praying that my Mum will come along. I have asked her, and I guess have to leave it up to God to bring her now.

Well, not really much else to mention. Been so long since I updated, I'm sure more has happened... oh well, next time if I remember. Just wanted to really get those pics of my handsome little man up there!


Oh, my 5 things to be thankful for today are:
1. The healing power of Jesus Christ.
2. My pastors Craig and Robyn - such awesome people of God!!
3. Heidi Swapp chipboard alphas! I have a new stash and its just sooo yummy!!
4. All the SOF girls - love yas!
5. Greg is having holidays in a couple of weeks, yay!


Nic Wood said...

Awww Nattie he is just beautiful. I know just what you mean about them growing up way to quickly though!

Nic xxx

Deb said...

First off - let me just say CONGRATS!!!!

5kg bookmark already?!! Thats wonderful!! I'm so glad that WW is working for you - how exciting!!

Yes, he is a cheeky little monkey - so gorgeous!!!

Hayley said...

oh wow i love thos pics, he is so cute, such a little boy!

Congrats on the 5kg bookmark! THAT'S SUCH A HUGE ACHIEVEMENT! Well done, Natt.

Sal :-) said...

Ohhhh Nattie all these photos are adorable !! :)

Praying for your Mum.

Hugs & Kisses

Sal xx

Cheryl Wray said...

Cutie, cutie pictures!!
Sounds like an AWESOME program at your church. Praying you will have a great healing service!!

Shannny Glover said...

hay natty. funny thing, i never knew about your webpage then i found it on google. i read most your blogs. about mum, eli etc. and right now uve got me in such tears. Im having such a good time over here and i feel so guitly, and that ive missed so much this year. but u should be proud of me natty, ive grown up so much this year and learnt so much about myself and everything in general. And mostly ive learnt how much i love love looovee all my family. i misss you all so much and cant wait to see u and be a part of your lives again. Say hello to your three boys for me. I miss you so much natty. and im proud to hear how well your doing with your weight loss.
All my love for ever and ever...
Your baby sissy shannny

Chrissy said...

Woohoo for you on the loss!! Good on you sweetie!! :-)

I am soooo in love with these pics of your darling little man! Oh Nat, treasure every single moment he is like this, my baby turned 10 today but it seems like just yesterday he was tiny too...

Love Chrissy xx

Evana said...

WOWSERS! Girl that boy is D D D D D DIVINE! Gosh the time Nat....where does it go? I mean it felt like yesterday I was celebrating in my little room at his arrival...another safe n sound boy i the arms of his mummy and daddy and now look what happened....he got all growd up!

Oh little guy is 7 weeks and I can hardly believe it myself....

anyhow...he is gorgeous, and wow I can see ihis big bro! So glad I found some blog surfing time and came on over. Well done.....

huge hugs


lusi said...

hi gorgeous girl :)
Those photos are sooooooooo special - he is just beautiful!
Congrats again on your 5kg loss- keep it up- you ARE doing this!
How lovely too that your darling sis has found your blog - such a buzz when family drops by hey!
Love ya!
Lus x