Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fun Fun and sick little boys...

Well, I had a BALL yesterday at the Brissy Crop organised by Chris Millar. Thanks Chris for all your hard work!! It was great to see some girls I haven't in a while - Rozzy, Chris, Michelle, Ruthy and Diana, and to meet some new friends too - Karen, Sarah, Jo and Katrina ... and Sal, you're always a hoot girl!!

Sal and I - not crazy in the slightest...

The Scrap of Faith girls - Sal, Roz, Karen, Ruthy, myself and Diana

Karen and I
* not a good pic but I'm still fiddling with the camera and we left it til dark to take them all...

I hardly did ANY scrapping as usual... maybe I talk a *little* too much, hehe... and I was sitting next to Roz so I just drooled and drooled over her work and her yummy scrap tote! hehe... I did finish off a couple of pages on the sewing machine though. Tis a dark day here today so will have to photograph layouts later...

I even won two prizes yay! Won one round of 'heads and tails' and I think a lucky door prize too which was all the instructions to make Michelle Grant's yummy yummy doodling journal... excited to get a start on that... I even had a go at some of her doodles during the day and was surprised that they actually looked good! Yes, I can doodle too it seems!

My little man Elijah has been sick the last couple of days, but despite that was soooooo good yesterday at the crop. He had a few little whingly moments, but all in all, what an angel. Rozzy took some cute piccies of him too, so you'll have to email me them R!!

Actually both my boys are sick. However Eli is much easier to handle!! Jaidyn is having a right cranky little day today. Two sick cranky boys this morning and there was no way I was tackling getting out of the house again, so we skipped church again this week. I do hate missing it, but Eli really just needs to stay home and be able to sleep in his own bed today. And hopefully they'll both be well next week!

Ahh, can't remember what else I've done this week... so yeah! That will have to do today! Hope you're all having a nice Sunday... its raining here so I would like to get some scrapping done this arvo if the cranky sick boys will let me!

N xx

5 things I'm grateful for today:
1. My beautiful friends Roz, Sal and Karen
2. Meeting Sarah yesterday - you rock and we'll have to scrap again soon!
3. Rainy Sundays
4. Being blessed with such an angel baby - even when he's sick!
5. The love of Christ - for no particular reason other than how could I live without it!!


Chrissy said...

Oh Nat looks like such a fabulous time with the girls, I was so looking forward to going but it was my big boys birthday and the house yesterday was filled with balloons, food and just turned teenagers! Wouldn't have missed that for the world.
Hopefully the darling Miss Chris will organise another just so I can come too give some real life hugs instead of these cyber ones!

Hugs and prayers to your little sick ones, poor poppets! Hugs to ther mumma too. :-)
Love Chrissy xx

lusi said...

Hi sweetie - glad you had a ball (i'd love to come visit for one of those crops one of these days - lol!) Hope your boys get better :)
I went to church this morning, B stayed home with kids, Liji split his head open on the kitchen wall - all kiddies resting now. The fun and dramas huh! What would life be without such dramas!!!
Chat soon,
Lus x

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Sending lots of get well wishes to your beautiful boys. I hope they feel healthier and happier very soon. Take care and have a wonderful week Nat.

Roz said...

oh Natti, it was soooooo good seeing you again! And sitting next to you, and just spending some 'girlie' time with you. LOVED it :o)

And I loooved the many cuddles I got to have with Eli! He is just too sweet!

I haven't uploaded the pics yet, but I'll email them to you when I do!

Love you xx

Deb said...

ohhh i hope your little ones are feeling much better soon - poor tykes :(

Glad to hear you had some fun at your scrapmeet.

I think I will just have to post the photos to you, coz I dont know when we will get a chance to meet up! lol

Mel said...

Sorry I didn't make it to the crop day Nattie - miss seeing you and Rozzie, Ruthy, Diana (did I miss anyone?) again. David was playing golf in the morning and wouldn't be home till 2pm, so it wasn't worth me making the trip :( Do please let me know if you girls are all getting together again, though!

Hope your boys are well again soon :)

Sal :-) said...

Hey Nattie Girl, Hey you can crop anyday at home, but you don't get to chat and coffee everyday with these girls. Sat was such a fun day and I had heaps and heaps of fun pretending to crop with you gals. Ohhh when's the next one!!!

Karen (Scraper 25) said...

Hey Nat,
It was so good meeting you yesterday and getting to scrap with you Roz, Sal, and everyone else.

Your little man is just gorgeous and I hope he is feeling heaps better, Hope to catch up with you all when I am next down.


Cheryl Wray said...

Such fun, fun pictures!! Looks like a great time!!

Ruthy said...

Hi Nat it was so great to see you and the girls again and meet some new ones to from SOF. I truly pray that your little ones get better soon because I know just how they feel unfortunately, I just made it home and then bingo. I didn't work and missed church as well- Bummer!!!!
Take care my girl and get some rest!

Ruthy x

Lara said...

Hey Nat, pleased it was such a fun day (even if you did talk more than scrap LOL). Pleased Eli was OK for you to be there!