Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Back to Reality

Back to work for Greg. Back to school for Jaidyn. Back to reality and deadlines for me. Such is life huh! We had a wonderful relaxing week last week. Greg, Eli and I headed up to Caloundra to laze around the apartment and pool area for 3 nights. We haven't really been away (other than visiting family) since our honeymoon, so it was really nice, and needed. We spoilt ourselves by eating out lots, doing nothing and a little bit more of nothing!

Greg took Eli for his FIRST SWIM in a big pool. It was really exciting to watch, as a goo-gaa mummy, so I took quite a few piccies, with my zoom lens. At first he was a little unsure about it, but thankfully it was heated, so he enjoyed himself soon enough. Little kids get so cold in the water so quickly though don't they. His poor little blue lips when I got him out!! Here's a couple of the pics, I'll have to get in and scrap them soon!

How CUTE is my little man! Wish I got a few more close-ups of his face, but he was intent on looking into the water...

These couple are from when we were strolling through the park at the end of Hastings St at Noosa. Its bee na while since I went there, and I forgot how gorgeous that street is - so many trees! And this park out onto the beach was just lovely.

OnFriday we had a family photo shoot with my friend Deb. OMGosh how annoying was Jaidyn! He will not stay still, so I hope you were able to get some that you like Deb.... very frustrating for this mum that just wants a nice photo... we are trying to get Eli's attention for most of them - can't Jai just keep looking so when we do, we're ALL looking?? Maybe not...

Saturday we headed down to Rozzy and Clint's for the night. Was soooo great to catch up with you guys Rozzy - to see you for a bit longer than just a few hours in the company of so many others too. So thankyou for having us! We had a really great time hanging out with you and hope to have you guys up here to stay with us one weekend when Jeremy moves out. Rozzy took some pics of Greg and I and Greg took some of Roz and I - it was waaaayyy windy so not great conditions, so there aren't many good ones, but I'll upload some of those next time.

So back to real life now. Got lots and lots to do, as it always seems I do. don't know how I'd cope if I had to work too... I don't really cope that well as it is. I know this computer is a real huge part of that problem, and one the I really need to stand up straight and tackle head on. Absolutel time waster. And the Devil has that hold on me right now. Gotta give it all to God I guess.

5 things I'm thankful for today:
1. My To-Do list on SOF which *helps* me organise my time a bit better and get things done.
2. WORD bookstore. Had a nice little shop there yesterday.
3. God's grace, faithfulness and forgiveness. No matter how many times I stuff up on the same thing, He is there with open arms.
4.That my Mum is getting much better each and every day.
5. my gorgeous sisters, who are both overseas now. Love you BOTH!

And a Happy Birthday to my little sis Shanyn who turned 18 on Friday. Love you xxx


lusi said...

You have such a gorgeous precious family Nat! What a blessing they each are including YOU!
Lus x

Lozzy said...

those photos are lovely... such a cute family.. i also seen debs pic.. how good did they come out.. Deb has great talent and you guys are so photogenic..


Jasmine said...

Oh Nat your little man sure is a cutie!!! So glad you had a nice time away :)
I soooo know what you're talking about with the computer - I have the same trouble atm :s I think I just need to leave it turned off for a couple of days to break the habit.

Take care
Jas xx

Roz said...

oh you guys are just so gorgeous!! Thanks for coming down- my jaw is still sore from laughing!!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Such sweet, sweet photos! Especially of the little on in the pool. Love em!

Deb said...

tee heehee, I thought Jaidyn (did i spell it right this time!? lol) was so funny & cute - I wish I had his engergy!!

Sorry I havent posted off the cd to you yet - been soooo busy i havent be able to get to the post office to buy a cd mailer and send it off!

Have a look here for my fav piccie of you guys that I took on friday.. http://fabfabfab.blogspot.com/2006/10/friday-adventures.html - Such a wonderful family that you have Natti, you are truly blessed! :)

Glad to hear you had a lovely time away... Sounds like you certainly deserved it! :)

Megan said...

What a couple of cuties in the pool there. Glad you had a good time away

I haven't sent your prize yet - am going to the Paperific expo this weekend and am hoping to pick you up a little something something!!

Deb said...

Re: your comment on my blog...
Natti I would LOVE it if you would be a part of my project - it wont be an assignment - just because its an important issue to me and I'd like to do something of my own to help highlight it. You are a GORGEOUS woman inside and out and I really want to show that... Thank you for for your interest!!

Ruthy said...

Matey, what a gorgeous family you have, and that little bub of yours is beautifulllllllllll!!!!!!
Thanks for all the encouragement and prayer support that you always send my way, I appreciate each and every moment of it. - ruthy x