Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bits and pieces

Just gonna do the random today...

* Got a new *toy* today. Have been wanting an 'elliptical' for a few months now, to get rid of some of this flab and fit in better with the unpredictable timetable of a baby and school age child! I looked on ebay a couple of times, most went for about $150. I saw this one in the KMart catalogue this morning - for $100!! - and went down and got it - yay! It will most probably be part of my Christmas present though... its not as smooth and flashy as the ones in the gyms, but it will do quite fine for me!! Can't wait for my workout tomorrow morning!!

* Have had a hectic couple of weeks over the school holidays! Feel like I've done nothing at all really - but I guess the house and such can wait till next week when Jai's back at school - its important to spend time with him hey. We have been to the movies (Barnyard - good stuff!), to a big cool park in Chermside for a picnic, to visit Sal and her kids, today he went to the Museum with his Grandma and tomorrow we're going to Maccas for lunch with an old friend of mine and then Jai is off to my Mum and Dads for the weekend.

* Am going to my girlfriend Erinna's wedding on Saturday. We've been friends for about 10 years now I think - since about grade 9 or 10 in highschool. She is the only other one of the school friends that will be married - they are slowly catching up with me hey!! Still a *bit* ahead though with a husband AND two kids :) Should be a nice evening. I'm spewing though coz I *had* my outfit all sorted out, then my black skirt has torn, so I don't really know what do wear now. My white skirt (had for a year, and worn a LOT) might have to do though, coz I even went shopping today and couldn't find anything that looked half decent on my fat guts!! I'm just a bit *scared* coz there will be heaps of ppl from school there (I get really nervous looking fat in front of them, IYKWIM) and I have to do a reading too... so that means going up in front of everyone. I'm really peeved about that skirt... don't really have the time to take it back to Toombul tomorrow either - maybe I should *make* the time...

Well, I'm sure thre were other things to talk about, but I'll have to leave it for next time, as I'm meant to be doing up my class instruction sheets.

Take care, Nat

My 5 things:
1. The blessing of finances so I can buy things I desire rather than *need*
2. The girls at SOF - just love that I can be so open with you all!
3. That school starts back next week ... heehee....
4. But also for time to do cool things with Jaidyn and as a family
5. That Greg is going to be on holidays in a week :)


Deb said...

COOL!!! I love my X-trainer!!! Seriously, Natti it is the coolest thing ever (especially now mine has stopped sqeaking) - you'll love the workouts you'll have with it. Yours looks a bit smaller than mine - have you checked the max weight limit? Mine has a limit of 85kgs (which i am not far off!!) but cause its in the lounge room im scared one of my big guy friends are going to hop on and break it!

Have fun at the wedding tomorrow!!!

(oh, btw, did you pick a date for the family portrait?)

Nat-Mardon said...

Yeah, it has a 100kg limit Deb, so I'm *just* OK :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Hey, just relax and enjoy yourself at the wedding. You'll look great!
Love your 5 blessings--as always!

lusi said...

Yay for you on getting such a bargain! Woohooo! I know how much you've been wanting one :)
Have a ball at the wedding too! And sounds like you guys have had a lot of lovely precious quality family time too which is just great!
Love ya!
Lus x

Ali said...

Hi Nat,
Thought I would pop in and say hi!!
Thanks for all your prayers and encouraging words on SOF. Really has helped us get through!!
Chat soon
Ali x